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Forum Post: my correspondence with adrian lamo concerning bradley manning

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 9, 2012, 6:49 p.m. EST by blackbloc (-19)
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December 19, 2011Adam Wxxxxxxx you should be ashamed of yourself trying to rationalize turning bradley manning in...... are you so disconnected from reality that you think you actually did the right thing?

SaturdayAdrian Lamo I have observed no information or cause to regret my action since the inception of this case, nor any grounds on which to apologize for my actions or those of the United States. I'm sorry that this doesn't meet your criteria for a proper response.

Have a fantastic day.

Warm Regards, Adrian

47 minutes agoAdam Wxxxxxxx so his torture and possible death sentence or life in prison is just fine? you feel no guilt for deceiving him? you feel no guilt for being a cog in a wheel of injustice spinning? did you ever consider that the american people deserve to know the truth about our government? why would you of all people support this treasonous government? do you support the ndaa bill as well and sopa? i used to admire you please help me to understand clearer your course of action. by the way thanks for responding i await your reply.

awaiting his reply



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