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Forum Post: My Concerns As An Individual Within In Regard to Our Collective Development

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 6:56 p.m. EST by Alithea (23) from Iowa City, IA
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Without ANY goals, or a spokesman group of individuals within the movement frustration will set in, as I think many individuals already are. They need to be reminded WHY they are here. The OWS rallys all over the world are all making desires (if not demands), that IMO, are loud and clear, primarily that of reformation through the cleansing of governmental corruption. This has been a global call to action... however, without action people will begin to lose steam and begin feeling aimless... a most vulnerable step in a movement's development. That moment of vulnerability is precisely when those with their own agenda can, fairly successfully, morph seamlessly into the movement grabbing one person's hope for outcome with a few well placed "carrots". A purely psychological takeover because these "memes" for lack of a better word, will grow from one mouth / mind to another. You are correct in that this generation are embarking on their first voyage into politics, that is what is so inspiring to me, a child of the 60's, to see. The sheer force and will of this maiden voyage, is tremendous in its global resonance, of the like never seen before. What politician wouldn't want to sneak into the (seemingly) unmanned helm of this and declare himself captain? The timing of this movement is pivotal in that it proceeds one of the most important campaigns for presidency in 100 years in that whatever happens now will set the sails for our country both sides claiming that the other will bring us to the same fate as the titanic. What better time for political action groups, utilizing the same stealthily orchestrated "buyout" tactics that silently took over the republicans, democrats and libertarian and tea parties.

Right now, this movement is at the most vulnerable point in its progression, the initial call has been globally heeded, people have taken to the streets in peaceful resistance, they have steadfast in the face of the initial reactionary tactics maintaining, mostly, peaceful. A badly timed winter is upon us which will, in time with wet, freezing conditions in combination with increase in efforts of the political and corporate machines via police brutality, litigation and media smearing / fear mongering campaigning and increased attempts at co-opting, will either make or break us.

The biggest danger we have as a movement at this point is co-opting. We have numbers, we have and will continue to receive, donations, so we have money. Combined, an irresistible scent to usurpers and enemies alike, who will spend money, to gain or destroy this collective power. There must be to be a plan of consensus in place, shared by all the differing locations, in how to watch out for and resist being dissolved, one individual at a time, into differing political and or social "action" groups, be it Dr, Paul, Moveon, move to action, adbusters, or others created for the purpose of luring us. We need to consider becoming our own organized action group with demands, or we must continue in the same vein as we have, with protective groups in place to negate attempts at media slandering, creating media of our own disclaiming that we support any group, party, candidate, We must maintain transparency, particularly financial, showing the world where our money comes from and where it is spent. Not buried amongst GA minutes, but with an open set of accounting books put where any member of the public can view it.

These are my concerns and my suggestions. I would very much like GA discussion in all locations of these larger matters as they are beginning to cause suspicion among us and the public who support us, planted no doubt by the opposition on our own forums, mainstream media and commentary to electronic media. We can't get caught up in just dealing with day to day survival issues and allowing these dissensions and vulnerabilities to grow.

I write this, straight from my head to this forum with no editing. Therefore, I may not be as articulate as I could be. I speak for myself as a staunch supporter, not for any group. However, I do not assume I am the first to have these concerns or the first to speak of them. I, as so many of us do, want to see us remain strong and cohesive throughout all of our stages of development and the vulnerabilities that inevitably come with them. Vulnerabilities which have the potential for becoming out of hand as a purely democratic group with no appointed leadership. As we grow we must be mindful of these issues as both individuals and as a whole.

We cannot ignore that the first, and largest OWS group is looked to as a natural model and serves, whether they wish it or not, the NYC GA is natural leader of this movement. Many of the decisions that are made and internal organization that is achieved is emulated. Many individuals and groups come here for advice and example. It is a burden to bear I have no doubt, but it is one that must be accepted.



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[-] 1 points by betsydoula (143) from Beverly Hills, FL 12 years ago

Althea, you spoke to my concerns as well, and did so eloquently. I too am a child of the 60's and have great hope for this movement, Co-opting is an imminent threat. I am not a tea partier but read a post on another thread about what happened to them. Many of the people who jumped on board that train had many of the same frustrations with the system as we do here. Then their plane was hijacked. I do believe though that the difference is that many people in OWS are concerned with way more than the political system in the United States. It is very difficult to narrow down the scope and turn the concerns into goals with actions to achieve them. I believe that the local GA's will come together and agree by consensus on a course of action. I don't know when but I do know that like you said many of us have the same concerns about the future of this movement. If we all do our part locally and continue to grow in numbers I have faith the right decisions will be made at the right time. We only have control over what we say and do.

[-] 1 points by LaBruja (8) from Larose, LA 12 years ago

OWS will do well with the likes of Alithea! Great post! I expressed some of your concerns in my post, "With Momentum comes the need for Direction", but not nearly as eloquintly! Bravo!

[-] 1 points by BreadLandPeace (359) 12 years ago

Hurray for Occupy Iowa City, my hometown.