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Forum Post: Must remain Non-Violent

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 18, 2011, 3:40 p.m. EST by BCDudney (0)
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The Revolution has started. We must do all we can to keep it a non-violent revolution, for there is no way the Military will not come in if physical violence begins.

Non-violent strikers and/or demonstrators refusal to play the 1% game of we know what is best for you, and we will control you is, the only way the 99% can win this battle.

The 1% have the strength and military might to destroy many, but they do not have the strength and they will back down if the people use their power of refusal to do what they know is wrong such as, crossing picket lines or just not feeling a part of the 99% and then not supporting them where ever they can.

Only by all of us helping each other, instead of letting them pit us against each other can the 99% have a chance against the control of the 1%. In the days ahead we will see stronger attempts to take back our country from the theft and ungodly control of that 1%.

Store as much food and water as you can as the grocery stores may be empty just any day. There is a strong force by other nations who we have taken advantage of in the past to stop the use the U.S. Dollar as the International reserve currency. If that happens and it could happen any day. Many nations have gotten together in secret meetings about it and may act at any time, if they do, it could mean the end of the U.S. dollar. So, try to have as much food, silver or even change as you can for bartering purposes, even nickels which are right now worth 7 cents a piece because of their copper content.

Too many people who feel they have been royally thrashed by Wall Street, the banks, and/or the 1%, know there are already internment camps that were built about 10 years ago out in the desert on US Military land. The squeeze the top brass knew then would come and pressure to use them would then come after the eventual economic turn down.

Too many people already know about the camps for those who will oppose a more and more repressive government. Yet, there will be efforts to try and control more and more wide spread demonstrations from both young people without a future, and those millions out of work and where there are not enough jobs. Additionally, it now includes the workers who are being squeezed harder and harder by the International corporations who are attempting to control wages worldwide.

The same corporations have already forced people to work harder with less compensation here, plus the constant fear of losing their job, knowing other jobs above minimum wage are few and far between.

Another issue to solve is coming soon. It is people know that the electronic election machines can be rigged. Thus, voting cannot be relied on without going back to paper ballots, which is unlikely in most places under the present rules. There is little likelihood the present injustices are going to voluntarily improve. If they don't change the people will continue to stick together as much as they can and demonstrate wherever they can-for a better world.



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[-] 1 points by wantfreedom (3) 10 years ago

nice post- thanks