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Forum Post: Much Love & Support from Jordan, Middle East

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 6:51 p.m. EST by Waseem (7) from Subaşı, Hatay
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I am from Jordan, middle east (could NOT add a pin in my country i don't know why) but i have just signed to up tell you that all of us Muslim Arabs in the middle east are with you all the way. as you might know already we have suffered for decades now from dictatorial governments and we have been in streets shouting for our right to live free for over 8 months. Of course we suffered too from the US governments wars around the middle east and its stealing of our resources but we know that you don't have anything to do with it and you are suffering as much as we are in your own way. Of course here our protests are full of threats as dead people and blood showers are everywhere. Please always remember to stay united, be patient, keep your faith, keep fighting and you will eventually get anything you want. I hope one day we could all live in freedom, justice and dignity. May GOD bless you all ...



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[-] 2 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 12 years ago

Thank you for recognizing that many of the American people DO NOT AGREE with what our government is doing, here or in the middle east!!!

I will speak for myself and say that I support bringing all of our troops home now and stopping ALL CONFLICT in the middle east and elsewhere. I do not have any reason to fight with the middle eastern people or with Islam, for that matter.

I am ashamed of our military to the extent that they have become the bullies of our world. It is morally WRONG for us to use force to take resources from other countries. It is also morally WRONG for us to use banks and transnational developers to put other nations in debt. And it is definitely WRONG to use drones to kill people, and to cut people off from basic necessities like water and electricity, which is what we are doing in Libya and other countries.

We are suffering too - but I'm not sure most Americans realize that the pain we feel here is only beginning to come home to roost. I fear we have visited much destruction in the world and lost our way as a nation.

[-] 2 points by dhyan (16) from Hilversum, NH 12 years ago

one world with 100% humans ;-)

[-] 1 points by kmanpdx (105) 12 years ago

Very cool post and thanks for your support, however, I can't say I believe it is God's job to bless us. This is something We the People need to do ourselves. If we left this in the hand of any religion or existing political party, we'd be in trouble. Religion, intolerance, and ignorance are a major factor in the division of the people of the world and are behind most of the world conflicts throughout time. Either directly, or hidden behind something else. Religion should stay out of politics as much as money should in my opinion.

Good luck over there, I know my post sounds negative, but I really hope things become more stable in the Middle East for the people. God and religion aside ;-)