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Forum Post: Movers, deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman

Posted 8 years ago on Dec. 3, 2011, 6:05 p.m. EST by fjolsvit (957) from Washington, DC
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A 103-year-old woman and her 83-year-old daughter were just moments from being evicted from their home Tuesday, when sheriff's deputies and the moving company hired by the bank decided not to go through with the action.

Channel 2's Ryan Young was there when the family started thanking God for the miracle. At just three weeks shy of her 104th birthday, Vinia Hall has shared her home on Penelope Road in Northwest Atlanta with her daughter for 53 years.

"I love it. It's a mansion," Hall said about her house.

Fulton County sheriff's deputies and movers showed up at Hall's home Tuesday after Deutsche Bank planned to kick the two women out. The moving company and the deputies took one look at Lee and decided that would not happen.

"I saw the sheriffs, who came to put them out, take off and leave. I gave all glory to God," community activist Michael Langford said.

"This family has been waging a war against Deutsche Bank," community activist Derrick Boezeman said.

Channel 2's Ryan Young asked Hall is she was worried about being kicked out of the home.

"No, I knew that they know what they were doing. God don't let them do wrong," Hall said. The house and case have been in the court system for years. Possible eviction seemed too much for Hall's daughter Tuesday. She was rushed to the hospital.

"Please don't come in and disturb me no more. When I'm gone you all can come back and do whatever they want to," Hall said.

For now, Hall remains in the home. State Senator Vincent Fort told Young on Wednesday that the loan is held by Deustche Bank but is being serviced locally by Chase. Family members said they had enough money to pay the loan, but were having a difficult time getting Chase to accept a payment.

Stay with Channel 2 Action News and WSBTV.com for updates on this developing story.



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[-] 1 points by RogerMckinley (1) from New York, NY 8 years ago

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[-] 1 points by alouis (1511) from New York, NY 8 years ago

Where are our libertarians ? That old lady has to go, right? (very right). This of course is why libertarians piss people off. They'd fire the deputies and the moving men.

[-] 0 points by fjolsvit (957) from Washington, DC 8 years ago

The philosophy would have it that such a situation would not even exist. I'm not sure why DB. I'm not sure of the Libritarian position on usury and fractional reserve banking. I know Congressman Paul wants to end the Fed. The Fed is the central bankster institution of the US.

[-] 0 points by alouis (1511) from New York, NY 8 years ago

Oh, I see now. End the Fed and end fractional banking and there would be no home evictions. Damn you guys should say that more often!

[-] 0 points by fjolsvit (957) from Washington, DC 8 years ago

I'm not a Librarian. I'm of the opinion that your chosen -ism matters far less than goodwill.

[-] 0 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 8 years ago

Good. Evicting a 30 or 40 year old being evicted is one thing. A 104 year old is different. There are ways for the bank to get its money.