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Forum Post: Most Institutions are Run by the Criminally Lazy, Sherlock Holmes

Posted 11 years ago on March 18, 2013, 11:32 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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History is the best source for Fiction. Uk Fiction is close to US Reality, of course....

Most Institutions are Run by the Criminally Lazy, Sherlock Holmes, PBS, Public television.

1) How can TBTF or Washington Politicians say it is only hyperbole to have problems with Enforcement of Regulations and Lobbies to Reduce Regulations for big Corporations in the USA?
2) When has TPTB ever pointed out weak or corrupt institutions or agencies to take responsiblitiy and fire the public executives? Never, unless it was after some national crisis.
3) Corruption is infinite and inevitable, it is not irradicated, it can only be controled through law and enforcement.
4) FTC was created to enforce anti-trust laws. It failed in 2008 Financial Crisis ... partly since the main responsibility the bank Trust ... was taken away from it's responsiblity by later laws through corruption of the US Congress.
5) If the FTC is not responsible for banking Oligopolies ... then it must be the Federal Reserve, the SEC, the US Treasury, or FDIC/NCUA, or ... OCC. But the fact is no one is asking who is responsible....
6) State Intitiatives can Restore banking powers to the FTC if this is the best course of action to get impartial parties to audit the US Banking Industry.
7) US Instititutions are subtile ... the corruption is not obvious, but the Result is obvious. We had the Savings and Loan Crisis in the 1990s ... and later we had the Dot.com Crisis ... and we had the Sub Prime Cirisis .. and we had the 2008 Financial Crisis followed by ... the 2009 Global Recession. ...But we got no Apology and No One was Fired at the Top. How about an apology to Foreign Countries that bought US Financial Derivatives.
8) Where are the Apologies for Vietnam War and the Iraqi War, where is the Responsibility from the Leaders who falsely started these wars, and Wrongly Continued these Wars, ..... Where are the Smart Public Executives that Got Fired or Retired?
9) Where are the FBI Investigations of Sub-Prime Mortgage Fraud and the Global FInancial Crisis of 2008, and Where is the DOJ, Eric Holder, and FBI Robert Mueller Apologies. USA stands for "No Apologies for Our Capitalism and Financial Schemes".



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[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 11 years ago

I'm sure most of you have seen 2-3 Rape cases this last month in India ... India is the source of Euopean culture if you look at the Language ... I think this is Cultural Anthropology. But the government is sluggish, corruption is the rule, social problems and poverty are not addressed ... Is this the Future?

Anyway beyond the Indus valley where some of the oldest civilizations were begun .....

A) Three Daughters were raped in India, the youngest 7 years old.
B) A 39 year old married Swiss woman traveling with her husband was Raped by 6-8 men in Northern India.
C) A Delhi student 23 years old with a companion was baited into a bus and beaten and Raped by 6 Men.

Clearly we can look at our own country in light of other countries crimes against women, civil rights, and individual rights. We have Worker RIghts, Safety Rights, Civlil RIghts, Womens Rights, Black Voter RIghts, Over time Pay, Holiday pay, the Right To Strike, and the Right to unionize ... all because of Protests and Activist in the USA.

There were no "Nice guys in Government" that gave us rights.

There were no "Nice guys in Congress" that made work safe, passed child labor laws, passed equal pay for women laws, passed overtime pay laws, or gave equal rights to black people in the USA.

Activism and Protests are the only real representation that passes good laws for the common man, woman, and worker. You have to force congress to pass Laws....

But after 40 Years of Corporate Organization against the US Worker:

1) We are losing the wages that Unions helped to bring.
2) We are losing Jobs to Off Shore Sweat Shops and Off shore Production.
3) Banks don't Lend to Small Businesses.
4) Federal Government is not Creating Projects for Research and Devleopment .... in Alternative Energy, in Waste management, in Recyclying, in materials for Batteries and solar pannels, in farming techniques, in organic farming, in hydoponic farming, in green house farming, in bio fuels, in alternative energy, in national Solar or Wind Energy Plants......

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 11 years ago

If good always wins, If Love always wins ... we have to look again at our police system, our Justice system, our congress, and the practice of allowing gifts to congress, lobbies to congress, and campaign contributions ... which have created Income tax and other tax Loopholes and Rebatements.

1) The corruption of the Tax System with loopholes and abatements

2) The Corruption of the Legislature, Senate & House

3) The power of corporations to influence workers, suduce workers, give workers incentive to careers, the revolveing door, the regulation capture .... must be recognized and curtailed.

4) The power of Money and Career to influence the Press and MSM must be addressed.

5) The power of Money and Career to influence the Politicians must be addresssed.

6) We all know that Wages are Declining and Good Full Time Jobs are Declining in the USA.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 11 years ago

Democratic Investigations = Transparency = Better democracy.