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Forum Post: Money Sucks

Posted 7 years ago on Feb. 2, 2013, 8:06 a.m. EST by peacehurricane (293)
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Focus on financial gain is a dead end. This includes the haves, have not and want it, and never had and never will. I would like to talk about the almighty buck because it is from outside that I view all aspects of money. I am a believer that we have lived other lives previous to this one and I was born with a karmic debt concerning money. As I have mentioned the ideal of occupy in 1975 was B.I.T.R I was 10 and it has been my life since, though at 20 reading handout that I saved since it became clear that the task was bigger than this place. " Media Refferendum" as termed by Ken Kesey I feel holds a clue for us now. Upon finding out about the past debt I figured well fine then it ($) certainly does not do kind for people, that was obvious. As long as peoples feelings come after thoughts about the cost and such it is goin no where. I experienced first hand the hurting and decided to continue with ideals learned at conference which was an experiment in direct democracy and I do not need any stinking money it causes pain and apparently already done me wrong. I went on refusing it to influence my thinking have none do not like what it does and already owe.Just look to future when all is well I will have my children and home life of my choosing that may also be when $ could buy stuff. So challenge continues decades pass and looking at all the detail and ways of this I have not the slightest conception of what life would be to have thoughts and money mattering together in my mind. It has at times pained me much because of the import dealing with people I know. And my karmic debt was paid because it felt all the time like I had money strange experience although using thought free of it continued thinking of all the people working together and helping each other in every area and the other and this assisting to help that and the other and all the points and combinations between. Time has not offered improvement and what is happening because of it and how it is used against people without and how it feels to be without for children. And killing and killing and killing because why oh why. Nothing is any better because of it. Money has not solved anything or helped humanity in my life time. Is it like if I had gold a plenty anyone would help to make it so, not in my alone place. It seems they are too busy. Conclusion recently our reasonable choice is to be done with it as we know it. Let all this corruption keep the damn blood tainted money, Why should all the good people drag around and try to make good with these choices not of them all we have done is go along trying to get more which is not happening. A better way is begin fresh with new trade even similar just not same. This one thing can change and for 1/2 the price right out the gate. It is not surprising defense cost 50% Fuck this torturing people children dying suffering all around when need be none and everyone have plenty and healing begin. Freedom worldwide is the reality in the place that has no tie to blood money here in me head.



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