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Forum Post: Money is the problem and the solution

Posted 11 years ago on March 18, 2013, 4:21 p.m. EST by faye27 (0)
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Getting to the root of the problem and the solution, Occupy WALL STREET is where it's at. All other problems stem from this. Essentially, this is the illegal privilege the US (and Canada) has given to private banks to print our currency. The issuance of our currency is a right and responsibility only of the government, as evidenced in the constitution of the country. Giving this right to private bankers, the government borrows money from the private banks (ie. federal reserve in the US), for its uses in running the country. The 'money' borrow is simply debit/credit entries in a ledger to the private bankers. They actually don't need to have money, per se, to lend. The federal reserve then charges interest which creates debt which is a never ending cycle that cannot be repaid, if this is not corrected. If the government issues its own currency and then uses its money (without interest as written in the constitution), to create its infrastructure, fund its healthcare, etc. it would create wealth without debt for all, also eliminating the need for most tax. These private corporations/bankers are attempting to create this scenario across the world using IMF, etc. The real focus of change first should be...RETURN THE ISSUANCE OF CURRENCY TO THE GOVERNMENT, where it is legally and responsibly supposed to reside. This has been an ongoing issue throughout history, only intentionally kept out of the public eye now for the longest period of time in history. It is also evidenced that with the government issuing its own currency, all debt and hardship on the people will be alleviated within a matter of months. Andrew Jackson did this when he was president, and others tried...



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