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Forum Post: Michael Moore?

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 20, 2011, 4:52 p.m. EST by everything (2)
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Hello. I am enjoying learning about OWS via your website and others. I am not here to polarize or demonize anyone, rather I like to hear honest opinions in order to form my own.

One person/topic I have not seen much discussion on here is Michael Moore. What do you guys & gals really think about him and his OWS involvement? Here are my own opinions that I have formulated from reading, watching, hearing and thus inferring. Hopefully I have provided equal pros and cons to remain as objective as possible:


1.he seems to bring mainstream attention to the movement (perhaps this is a good or bad thing based on your own opinion, see #3 con)

2.he seems to care about the movement and its progression and wants to help

3.he brings attention to atrocities towards the movement, particularly the UC Davis incident


  1. While he may bring mainstream attention to the movement, I cant help but wonder if he is doing it only for personal gain (eg exploiting the OWS for himself, under the guise of "caring")...after all he is selling a book right now. Then again, perhaps selling a book and getting rich isn't considered anti-OWS as it has nothing to do with Corporate/Government collusion et. al. but in my opinion using your cause to make more money for himself, which he has plenty of, seems like something a 1 percenter would do. Note- this is my own opinion based on what I have read and not entirely based on the Breitbart article. I actually did not realize he was selling a book until I visited his own website.

  2. He calls for the 1% to donate $1 mil. to OWS, however does not donate the same amount himself. He is clearly as rich as many in the 1%, whether or not he is considered 1% is of course another matter. I read that he intends to donate some of the proceeds from his book to OWS, but I ask you, with wealth as enormous as his, is he not being hypocritical? IF not, why? If so, how? I am undecided and curious to hear what you have to say.

  3. He seems (in my own perception) to insinuate that he is the self proclaimed leader of OWS (though he has not specifically stated this). Perhaps this is completely untrue and it seems this way if nothing more for the mainstream attention that he receives.

Discuss! I am curious to hear your replies and educate myself about MM.



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[-] 4 points by bre0001 (50) from Brooklyn, NY 12 years ago

He's a fake, a hypocrite. He is worth 50 or 60 million dollars. He goes from place to place in private jets. He's phony just like Al Gore. They are both doing it just to make more money.

[-] 3 points by ToShrug (7) 12 years ago

Michael Moore Net Worth – $50 million He is the 1% If he wasn’t a hypocrite he would share $10 Million with OWS. He'd still have $40 Million, he wouldn't miss the $10

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

50 mill though a lot of money isn't really touching the one percent. You may have enough money to influence some politics but not like billion dollar corporations. And if he used it to do that he would be broke. His last book is a nice one it is really just an autobiography about events that shaped his political views. I'm from his area and he is truly a nice guy. But iv also met Rush Limbaugh and hd is a nice guy too( hate his stupid views but he is nice)I don't think he does it for just the money because he was pushing the same agenda when he was broke. I am sure he enjoys the money but he is genuine.

[-] 1 points by ToShrug (7) 12 years ago

Sorry RantCasey, Scholoars & the IRS show Michael Moore's Net Worth – $50 million to be WAY ABOVE the threshold ($9M) for the 1%. (see here: http://www.joshuakennon.com/how-much-money-does-it-take-to-be-in-the-top-1-of-wealth-and-net-worth-in-the-united-states/)

Like I said, Michael Moore would NOT miss the $10M he could give to OWS.That is why Michael Moore is a hypocrite.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

Ok if he gave that money he would derail the movement because he is completly funding it right??? I don't think it would help him or the movement to put that big of a donation. I think it is more than enough to promote it on his site. Geesh give me a break OWS isn't a pro Moore movement anyway. If you don't like his views just say so I don't care you still have a right to be a conservative. But to call him a hypocrite is just goofy. He don't try to influence or buy off govt with his money so how is he a hypocrite. He tries to influence people with books and movies.

[-] 1 points by ToShrug (7) 12 years ago

I will spell it out. You see how he presents himself: Crummy clothes, baseball cap, fat slob looks. He tries to pose as a 99%er.

He has a mansion in which 10 families cold live comfortably. Wastes resources enough for 100-500 familes with the private jet flights & entourage. & pretends to be for the OWS cause.

He is what is called a Mercedes Marxist. A TOTAL HYPOCRITE pocketing the cash he makes from the RED MEAT Fraudumentories he films.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

Have you read any of his books or know what he comes from??? I'm from his area my dad worked in the same AC delco plant his dad does. He is who he is.How does flying in a private jet mean anything??? He travels to promote his books. It's called capitalism he is trying to make money. So he is successful and where's scrubby clothes.

[-] 1 points by ToShrug (7) 12 years ago

I used to work at GM. I have worked in several of GM's Michigan plants for close to a decade.

That is NO EXCUSE for him spewing failed Marxist "From each according to his ability, To each according to his need" platitudes & promoting redistribution of OTHER PEOPLES' property while lounging in his $995,000.00 mansion and selfishly using more oil in 1 (ONE !!!) private jet flight than a family size SUV uses in 1 YEAR !!!

It is my personal knowledge of him from Michigan that I know him to be a vile, contemptible fraud.

Please stop with the star struck boot licking apologies & excuses for a 1%er.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

Are you serious? He uses his influence, money, and power to try and enact political change. Though I doubt he is registered as one, he is nothing more than another lobbyist.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

Of course he does that's his right ??? He isn't buying offices he is influencing voters. Wall st literally buys candidates. He promotes liberal ideas so he is evil??? Are you going to create a post about Rush L next cuz if you don't you are a hypocrite. He is a fat overweight druggy who promotes his political views?( who is an actual nice guy) sorry Rush whose ideas I don't agree with.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

Rush does the same thing. So does Glen Beck. It all starts with the voters. Wall st gives money to candidates and that money is used to influence voters. Moore, Rush, and Beck all use their wealth and power to also influence voters.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

They are getting wealthy from spreading influence not using wealth. Michael Moore got wealthy from Michael and me film that he produced mostly on his own and according to his autobiography and a Bush family member who produced documentaries. After that we all know how he got his money

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

And you don't think his ever increasing wealth does not lead to ever increasing influence? Don' you think he is donating tons of money to politicians of his liking while simultaneously giving them free advertising in the form of his endorsements. And yes, Rush and Beck do the same thing I'm sure.

[-] 0 points by RonPaulisWINNING (36) 12 years ago

"50 mill though a lot of money isn't really touching the one percent" ROFL Just proving the 99% vs 1% idea is false. BTW Michael Morre works for DISNEY, and is in the 99 percentile for wealth and works for one of the largest corporations in the world. The catch phrase is a good way of gaining support from the ignorant but it is simply not true. The problem stems from monopolies becoming so big they own the Law and Government.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

Why do you think Ron wont win??? Because he don't drink the corporate Kool aid. He may not be exactly what I want in a politician but I don't think he is corrupt or bought. And he was one of the few from either the republican or democratic parties. I just may fundamentally disagree with his ideas.

[-] 0 points by RonPaulisWINNING (36) 12 years ago

are you responding to me?


[-] 1 points by Innervision (180) 12 years ago

What is all this ranting against Michael Moore? As far as I am concerned he has put his life on the line to investigate the wrongdoing of bankers and corporations. I would trust him a lot more than a movement like OWS who "says" it has no leaders but isn't transparent with where the money they have received for donations is going.

Who at OWS controls the bank account? Find this out, and you will see who controls this movement.

[-] 1 points by trueindependent (4) 12 years ago

you are not one of us. do not return to oakland, ca. stand on your soapbox ,hypocrite. come here again, and you will not leave. we are not stupid, you lie.

[-] 1 points by SupremeOccupyLeader (17) 12 years ago

Moore is a shill for corrupt unions. Not all unions are corrupt but many are and actually play good cop/bad cop with corporate criminals against the 99%.

[-] 1 points by trueindependent (4) 12 years ago

moore, you are not us, you are not welcome here. come to oakland again and i will make sure that it will be your last phony soapbox media photo opp. you are not welcome here.

[-] 1 points by KnaveDave (357) 12 years ago

Michael Moore makes many interesting points, but he seems overall to be an anti-Capitalist who makes a TON of money as a Capitalist!

--Knave Dave

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 12 years ago

I like Michael Moore. He has continuously brought attention to issues. When Wendell Potter apologized to Michael Moore for his participation in smearing him, it was the best.

I think that the majority of the slams that people are taking at Michael Moore are just more smear tactics.

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

This isn't directed at the person who started the post. It Is hilarious that many of you can't find a leader of the OWS so you find something as close as you can to poke at. Lol keep trying you silly buggers. You are arguing against values you can't win give up. It's like arguing against the bible it makes no sense.

[-] 1 points by saged (33) 12 years ago

did Michael Moore knockout Bert Cooper to win the WBO heavtwight title before after doing Roger and me ?

[-] 1 points by owstag (508) 12 years ago

He's an ass, the ultimate limousine liberal. The whole bit with him denying he's in the wealthiest 1% was ridiculous; disturbingly immature.

His melodramatic claim at the end of his movie about capitalism that he wasn't going to make any more movies unless 'somebody did something' was incredibly arrogant, but then when he later suggested that OWS was a direct response to his egotistical 'threat' to deprive the world of his movies was too much to take. The guy's ego is bigger than his belly.

The bottom line is making millions selling books and movies via capitalism and simultaneously slamming it makes him look really, really hypocritical.

[-] 1 points by thezencarpenter (131) 12 years ago

"I am not here to polarize or demonize anyone" Unfortunately that is exactly what you end up trying to do based on the last part of your post. This one successful man is not part of the problem, in fact he has been part of the solution. He has drawn attention to the excesses in our country by these selfish, ruthless bastards. You are missing the point, money, in itself, is not the root of all evil, it's the LOVE of money. It would be wise to not discourage people that succeed and want to give back, better to shame the ones that don't.


[-] 0 points by RonPaulisWINNING (36) 12 years ago

IFC had a documentary made by a former Michael Morre supporter, in it they showed how morre uses editing to misrepresent and flat out lie to his audience. To call what he does documentaries is to disregard the proof that his movies are works of fiction, he is not credible.

[-] -2 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

Most of what you say is contrary to the facts and part of the campaign to slander Michael Moore.

See post on Michael Moore:


And also this excellent Steve Pond interview:


[-] 2 points by everything (2) 12 years ago

Thank you TIOUAISE, this is exactly the reason I posted. My views on MM are only limited to what I have been able to read and see thus far, quite possibly as you stated a slander campaign. I am eager to read the two links you posted. I notice that one is on this forum, my apologies if MM has already been discussed ad infinitum and i am late on the discussion.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 12 years ago

Okay, here's my two cents, which, coincidentally, is just about what I have in my bank account (just kidding). Personally, I like Moore although I don't know a whole lot about him. He seems sincere in the handful of interviews I've seen him on recently. And he seems sincere about his feelings toward OWS. As far as insinuating he's the leader, you probably get that impression because when talking about OWS he says 'We.' I caught that too. But I think it's more he wants to be one of us, or considers he is one of us, more than trying to come off as some kind of leader. And I hope you are correct in stating he plans on donating some money to the cause because that's been my only complaint about him so far, although technically he doesn't have to wait until the book sells to do so. Lastly, pay no attention to those on this site that claim he's one of the '1%' because they misunderstand the true meaning of the term. OWS has nothing against wealth or the accumulation thereof. It's what you do with it that matters.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

Michael Moore has been slandered to the point of being dubbed "the most hated man in America". And why is that? Because of the many movies in which HE DARED TELL THE TRUTH.

[-] 0 points by RonPaulisWINNING (36) 12 years ago

IFC had a documentary made by a former Michael Morre supporter, in it they showed how morre uses editing to misrepresent and flat out lie to his audience. To call what he does documentaries is to disregard the proof that his movies are works of fiction, he is not credible.