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Forum Post: MF Global: How to Embezzle and Get Away With It

Posted 6 years ago on April 25, 2012, 9:16 a.m. EST by enough (587)
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[-] 1 points by MachineShopHippie (216) from Louisville, KY 6 years ago

Corporations don't go to jail. They're like people, but free.

[-] 1 points by enough (587) 6 years ago

You're right, but Jon Corzine is a person. He's not much of a person but a person nonetheless. He has Obama running interference for him and the other banksters who ripped us off and continue to rip us off. That's why Corzine and the other Wall Street creeps walk around with shit-eating grins on their faces.

[-] 2 points by MachineShopHippie (216) from Louisville, KY 6 years ago

I couldn't agree with you more. But you have to realize, these are all long-view players. They knew that a day of reckoning was on the horizon, and planned for it. Some of them have even changed laws in advance of doing illegal nonsense to create the exact loopholes they would need to get away with it. ALL of them have 'plausible deniability' built into the way these transactions are carried out.

Kind of like how all the FBI agents who got caught doing warrantless wiretapping (back when that was actually illegal) were characterized as 'rogue agents'. You're about to find out that all of the fraud committed by all these banks and investment firms can only ever be directly traced back to the 'little people'. In fact, several of these companies specifically employ metaphors in their internal communication so that nothing is ever spelled out in a form that could become court evidence.

In fact, from this exact article: Who do we want to be after the storm? How quickly do we want to send cash back to clients, what is the message if we do not send immediately, what is the strategy if we want to keep the customer and wait until the storm passes?

WHAT STORM? It's not like banks are closed because of a hurricane. Money is missing. There is no storm. What they really meant was 'What should we do when our clients realize we have gone under and taken their money with us? How long can we possibly keep from giving it back or explaining that we don't have it?'

Personally, I think they should either leave the country or face justice as soon as possible. If these guys are still on the street on SHTF Day, somebody is going to be hunting them down with a crossbow.

For these guys, justice in the courts would be a LOT nicer than justice in the streets. Not that they could ever repay the pain that they have caused in lost pensions, lost homes, lost healthcare and lost lives. I don't have a millionth of their money and power, but I wouldn't trade places with any one of them. Not on your life.

[-] 1 points by enough (587) 6 years ago

Well said. I couldn't agree more. Everyone on Main Street is growing restless for justice. There will be no rest until the wise guys, sheltered by the president and the so-called Justice Department, pay for their crimes. They think it will all blow over if and when the economy recovers. They are dead wrong. They can snicker all the want at their high-society parties about how they suckered investors and taxpayers but it is never a good idea to screw over the masses. Never.