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Forum Post: MayDay MayDay

Posted 6 years ago on May 1, 2012, 8:21 p.m. EST by mayday3600 (0)
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Funny, MAYDAY is my stage name and when I saw MAYDAY MAYDAY on the Cover Of The New York Post, It was like a sign, like someone calling out my name. Ok, so Hi There, you can call me MAYDAY if you'd like and I've been "Tryna Save The World" For the Past 10 Years Like and obviously the objective is incomplete however, here's some material I've come up with. Guidelines of Good. We can save the world by saving the way people think. Guidelines of Good=With every bad way to obtain a goal, there's a good way to obtain the same exact goal. What else, you can say anything is possible and not be wrong because possible is not fact, its maybes and maybe nots. Just by saying something is possible leaves the mind open to that possibility and therefore it finds it. One More, yeah we're living in somebodies resort property, they make the rules in their playland. Duh, we know that already. So what do we do. Simple, whatever it is we do, follow 1 root and we might be able to keep this inhumaness from happening again, Guidelines of good, follow the good way to get to your same exact goal. What is the goal? talking extreme, almost starting over, Following the guidelines of good. Money is our motivating factor and getting more of it. That's Bad if guidelines of good are not followed, very bad. So, if we did start over my thoughts whirled around this: Our pay is inputed on data in records of hours and tasks like. 8 hours welding steel. The other guy 8 hours popping screen on IPAD. The 3rd guy figuring out how a robot can pop screen on IPAD 8 hours. No work, no way. Wanna work and make hours, walk through the work doors and get paid. It'll be someone's job to put u to work moving forward. More people the better, more hands to get us moving forward. Overpopulation, not an issue anymore. The universe is huge, where not running out of space.. Just follow the guidlines of good and figure it out. The goal is not to make senseless work like ripping up asphalt every year(roadwork) just to keep busy working. The goal is to make things better, moving forward. People are hungry in this world? All I can say for now is with every bad way to obtain a goal, there is a good way to obtain the same exact goal. Guidelines of good, Amen... mayday3600@hotmail.com ...Just a thought...



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[-] 2 points by Puzzlin (2898) 6 years ago

Welcome to vastness of the OWS forum that has words snapping off the page into lighted infinite minds.

PMA - Positive Mental Attitude - this will serve you well as a strong trait it seems. You will need that motivation as you transverse the mud puddles and offers of mud pies from our troll buddies here.

Good Luck! We can find the evident truth sometimes, it just takes a little more time digging and putting aside biases.

Welcome MayDay (0)

The Puzzler