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Forum Post: Maybe USA can´t ever change. Or investigate 9-11.

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 4:07 p.m. EST by soloenbarcelona (199) from Barcelona, CT
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Just a relexion, don´t take this message too serious and don´t take it the wrong way. Keep the protest going!

Over the last few weeks I´ve been looking at all the stories that prove your government doesn´t tell the reall story around the attacks USA suffered in 2001. It doesn´t make sence your own representatives takes you for fools. (I even liked Obama at the beginning)

I can only find one explanation and this might also involve this movement.

USA and maybe many more countries are in a checkmate situation.

Maybe those who planned and executed the attacks, only wanted to make a statement. The idear of: "if you do anything against us, USA will disappear of the surface of the earth." sounds horrible, but might explain a lot.

Now imagine this is true, and your army and institutions are being used by a powerfull group that has maybe some nukes or can unleach a virus on your territory and uses your, and maybe many other institutions like their puppits?

I personly dont like the idear and I imagine this as a worst case scenario, but maybe some explanation for what is going on.

If New York city can investigate 9-11 and prove we are not in a checkmate situation, the future we want, makes more sence.

So I would really like to know why the true story around 9 11 stays a secret.

If we are in checkmate, we can still change the world (whomever they are will need us). Just don´t expect we can accoplish the same as when you are just fighting for changes in a corrupt economy.

I think this theory is not true, but still don´t understand the mistery around 9-11.



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[-] 1 points by JackieS (9) 6 years ago

Two planes, two buildings.

Accept the impossible.

You can't explain that.

[-] 1 points by soloenbarcelona (199) from Barcelona, CT 6 years ago

2 planes 3 building to start with and proven by 1500 architects and ingenieers that the official story is not possible.