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Forum Post: Marxist Obamanites will take over OWS in Spring 2012

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 11, 2012, 2:16 p.m. EST by lonespectator (106)
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Occupy Wall Street will be a big part of that movement. The Workers World Party and several other Marxist organizations involved will not allow it to die. They see the world on the verge of huge revolutionary change. The anarchists and malcontents who started the movement will remain, but leadership will increasingly fall into the hands of labor unions and highly organized and disciplined Marxist-Leninist elements



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[-] 4 points by francismjenkins (3713) 12 years ago

I think this may be an exaggeration. I mean, if Marxists-Leninists were so highly organized and disciplined, you'd think they wouldn't have become marginalized by our society so easily.

I also wouldn't depict labor unions as Marxist-Leninist elements (for the most part, at least US labor unions, cannot be fairly characterized this way). Traditional American liberals are, for the most part, not Marxist or Leninist (btw, two words with very different meanings, as Lenin was a Marxist in name only).

Group think can be a destructive influence (one of the potentially darker aspects of human nature). We have a propensity to see patterns, which often do not exist (another attribute nature selected for). When combined, these two aspects of our nature can be extremely destructive (and this case is a perfect example of what's I've been saying elsewhere, we need to understand human nature for what it is, not what we wish it was, or else we'll be venerable to this sort of infighting, which can lead to scapegoating, and ultimately disintegration).

Most of the liberals whom I've heard talk about OWS, agree with pretty much every single grievance held by OWS. It's probably true that they're not very familiar with anarchist intellectual tradition, but I don't think anyone seriously expects the rapid implementation of anarchism (many anarchist thinkers don't even think it's attainable, it represents a higher ideal, and maybe having as an ideal something that's very hard to attain--maybe impossible--is a good thing, because it always gives us something better to strive towards). Nevertheless, I do not think the differences between OWS and convention liberals is very wide (I'm not speaking of democrats necessarily, I'm speaking of liberals, who are perhaps more disillusioned with the democrats than anyone else).

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 12 years ago

I have to admire you for your restraint, Francis.

I was about to let loose, but your clarity and restraint, stopped me in my tracks!

Thank you................:)

I've become a bit calloused at times, after 3 months of the repetition.


[-] 1 points by Courtney (111) from New York, NY 12 years ago

I seriously doubt it. That would alienate a lot of liberal democrats, the libertarian right, and all the anarchists. Also, there is very little love for Obama at OWS.

[-] 1 points by lonespectator (106) 12 years ago

That's not entirely true. Here in DC, Many who represent outside interests like Unions aOWS/ DNC supporters talk all the time about the fear of going after Obama as the source for fear that the election is just a formality and the outcome will bring 4 more years that will then confidently bring the Occupy movement under Obama's wing. It is fear of the truth, and confusion and fear ....

[-] 1 points by Courtney (111) from New York, NY 12 years ago

I'm not entirely clear on what you're suggesting here, but I've heard very little of that in New York. Most of the people I've talked to are indifferent about the election. They want to see real changes, and many of us have very little faith that Obama is going to deliver on any of his promises. I know the Right is trying to make it sound like OWS is just getting in line behind the Obama campaign, but most of us are doing our best to resist that.

[-] 0 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

Perhaps true about the love, but, this forum sure appears Obama's Re-election Campaign Headquarters.

[-] 0 points by lonespectator (106) 12 years ago

Try doing a little research..."Key Wiki" and see if you can see a pattern you have ignored..Good luck in your search for truth!! :-)



[-] -2 points by headlesscross (67) 12 years ago

Great post,dead on analysis.

[-] -2 points by Jarek (-3) from Zielona Góra, Lubuskie 12 years ago

On this OWS being taken over issue, I wonder why does neither of the presidents to be want to harness the OWS clout and power and then fight the 1% through the routine political process. Why does neigher of the presidential canditates use and subsribe to the OWS ideas?

[-] 4 points by pumpkin (43) 12 years ago

Because both parties have been bought and paid for by the 1%. Usually one votes for the lesser of two evils- today both parties are equally evil. Vote for the corrupted, rich, greedy person of your choice. and vote for the person who spends the most on his election campaign. The money was received as a bribe for favors once elected.

[-] -2 points by pumpkin (43) 12 years ago

Noam Chomsky- ANRCHISM.pdf (4.54 MB)


Chomsky is regularly identified by the media as a prominent anarchisrllibertarian communist/anarcho-syndicalisr {pick as many as you like}. More importantly he places himself within this political spectrum. Regardless of whether any of these labels fits him perfecrly, there can be no doubt that his ideas on social change and the re-srmcnlfing of society are worthy of consideration and discussion. We have selected a variety for the reader [Q consider and, through which, to hopefully gauge both Chomsky's contribution (Q anarchism and anarchism's contemporary relevance as a means of interpreting and changing the world.

[+] -4 points by lonespectator (106) 12 years ago

THis is the proof why OWS is afraid to "Occupy the White House" OWS is and has been controlled by the DNC and the DSA

[+] -4 points by headlesscross (67) 12 years ago

Exactly correct. These are the dirty little secrets that Drones on this Forum don't want to talk about.