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Forum Post: Marine Scott Olson, Iraq War veteran, suffers fractured skull when Oakland police at the behest of the 1% fired tear gas canister which hit Olson in the head. This fractured his skull.

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 26, 2011, 6:52 p.m. EST by therising (6643)
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From home page of www.occupywallst.org

Oakland park where citizens were peacefully protesting wa raided in a violent manner by police.

Among those injured is Scott Olson, a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq. Olsen is in the hospital with a fractured skull.

“Scott is in stable but serious condition as the neurologists decide whether to take him into surgery or the ICU,” said Joshua Shepherd, a friend of Olsen’s. “Oakland Police Department fired a tear gas canister at his head, fracturing his skull.”

Video of the incident with Scott Olsen: http://tinyurl.com/3vqlsv3



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[-] 4 points by SisterRay (554) 11 years ago

Clearer video can be found here:


Olson can be seen going down at 0:23 (he's right behind the girl in orange).

Even more insidious than the initial attack on Olsen was the attack on those who tried to help him, as seen in the rest of the video.

May Olson have a speedy recovery from his injuries and may the Oakland Police have a speedy trial for their crimes.

[-] 2 points by JGriff99mph (507) 9 years ago

Lawsuit is settled, state still made it's point. Money is meaningless to the state, they will just print more.


[-] 2 points by Justice4All (285) 11 years ago

Unbelievable! I was wondering since I was reading my "Administrative & Regularly Law News" publication by the American Bar Association article on The Homeland Security Deputization Dilemma by Jon D. Michaels whether we were entering a police state.

Now I know.

[-] 1 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Clear as a bell. But we can bet it with. Onviolent tactics

[-] 2 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 11 years ago

There will be more incidents like these.

DO NOT take the bait.

Remain nonviolent.

These are intentional provocations by the police. Think about it. Attacking women, the disabled, a war veteran...

[-] 2 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Provocateurs are absolutely involved from private security forces and we can't stop them. Don't even try. What we CAN do is choose and practice our reaction when the when provocateurs act (and they will), we have a natural inclination to sit down and say "I'm nonviolent". That way the provocateur looks silly standing there by himself. Good image on evening news.

[-] 2 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 11 years ago

YES. Sitting down is the best way to deal with provocateurs and with police brutality.

It is a lot harder to escalate against an unarmed, nonviolent, seated protestor. Especially if there are 100s or 1000s of them.

[-] 2 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

We must remain non-violent.

[-] 0 points by Jonas541 (72) 11 years ago

Why? They crossed that line? When is it time to fight?

[-] 1 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Non-violence is the ultimate power. Gandhi beat the Briitish wearing a bed sheet. No weapons except the clever tools of active non-violent resistance. King followed his led and millions won civil rights. Note: it was never an accident that king and Gandhi had press around when opposition reacted violently...

Time to wield that power again.

[-] 1 points by Socrates469bc (608) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Please Call the Oakland Gadhaffi Police Dept to express your displeasure:


Email Them: Media/Press/Public Relations: opdmedia@oaklandnet.com

General Inquiries/Comments: ocop@oaklandnet.com

Website Inquiries/Comments: smcdaniel@oaklandnet.com

[-] 1 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 11 years ago

SHAME on these policemen and especially on the "higher-ups" giving them IMMORAL, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL orders. They must be brought to justice because they are NOT above the law!

The police OFTEN behave like out-of-control armed gangs operating on the streets of the U.S.A. They are supposed to "keep the peace", but often initiate violence! Racism is rampant in their ranks and I hear that many are antisemitic and even white supremacist neonazis. WHAT do they teach them in police academies???

WE THE PEOPLE must take back the power that is OURS according to the Constitution and that DEFINITELY includes stricter control of police behavior AND class-action lawsuits to bring them into line. Right now, they often behave like bullies, like common thugs or even criminals. The Police are PUBLIC SERVANTS of the 100%, NOT instruments of the 1% who oppress us.

[-] 1 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 11 years ago

Tiouaise, this is not about racism. This is about money and power.

This is about America being a police state. We have become a police state. The police have become an extension of the U.S. military.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 11 years ago

Agree 100%! I'm just pointing out that there are MANY GRAVE problems with our police and with the type of training they receive.

[-] 1 points by MJMorrow (419) 11 years ago

Do report abuses to the FBI and your State police. I went to the FBI over criminal Police activity and the New York State police and FBI came to my side. The police looking to violate my rights are now prisioners. Amen! Turn over all evidence of Police brutality to the FBI and to your State Police.

[-] 2 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

Good point

[-] 1 points by MJMorrow (419) 11 years ago

Definitely, the worst thing you can do when crooked cops try to vilolate your rights is to keep it to yourself. The State Police and the FBI are happy to help and are very professional.

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 11 years ago

Welcome to the war on people.

[-] 1 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 11 years ago

You got it. They knew this was coming. They're the ones who imploded the economy.

[-] 0 points by justhefacts (1275) 11 years ago

Please read post at the bottom of this thread or check out http://www.insidebayarea.com/top-stories/ci_19188125

The Oakland Tribune live blogged the entire day and night's events and it shows the police warned, explained that the campers were illegally staying, cleared the camps out and THEN the UNION got involved, stirred things up, and a larger group showed up to face off with police. They threw paint and bottles at the police and smashed a police cruiser window in.

Scott Olson was injured because he joined a crowd that returned that evening to defy police AFTER the "peaceful protest" was ended and the camp cleared out earlier in the morning.

Why must you lie about what actually transpired?

[-] 3 points by therising (6643) 11 years ago

It's your lie pal. Tell it however you like. The facts remain. The police shot a U.S. Marine in the head with a tear gas canister fracturing his skull while he was peacefully protesting in a park. You also notice in the video that police fired tear gas at a disabled man in a wheelchair.

Good luck defending these actions, especially when a clear majority of Americans support the Occupy Wall Street movement and middle America now sees their sons and daughters out there.

What you have here is blowback pal. And it just increased support for the movement exponentially. Your people blew it. You fired on one of America's young people, a marine who did two tours defending this country in Iraq. The 1% and the police who defend them completely blew it.

You may want to watch this video and explain to me, if you have the courage, why this particular officer fired into a a small group of U.S. citizens who were helping a wounded man. Your officers may have even violated the Geneva convention. Man, y'all are fuck ups. Can you tell my why THIS happened?????? ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL5Nq9tK0iw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

[-] 2 points by mgiddin1 (1057) from Linthicum, MD 11 years ago

Thank you! With you 100%.

Every time they lash out at peaceful protestors, it will only win more and more Americans over to OWS, who will lend their support and sympathy, and join the movement.

[-] -2 points by justhefacts (1275) 11 years ago

I'm sorry. Can someone show we video footage of the "peaceful protest" that was taking place PRIOR to the police arriving....and then warning protesters to leave....and then warning them that they had tear gas and would take action?

The courts are going to demand evidence to support the claims that the protesters were indeed peaceful and submissive when they returned to the park after being evicted. All the video evidence I have found shows a very unpeaceful and retaliatory crowd defying police orders. Anyone?

[-] 1 points by NoBendedKnee (2) 11 years ago

I watched the live news feed. I saw peopel standing peacefully in the street, not doing ANYTHING, just hanging out.....then the police shot tear gas

[-] 0 points by justhefacts (1275) 11 years ago

The Oakland Tribune Live Blog- If you go to the bottom of the page and read to the top you can see the events unfolding. The police warned that the encampment was going to be closed and anyone remaining would be arrested.

4:40 a.m. Police arrive

Several police cars have arrived. The protesters are running around, throwing things at the police. Riot police with batons full riot gear have assembled on the corner of 14th and Broadway.

4:50 a.m. Police surround camp

Police are now moving in from the street into the plaza, telling media to move. Police have set up security corridor, placing media behind them. Police are telling the protesters via bullhorn that "chemical agents" will be used and are repeating that they are illegally camped.

Using a bullhorn, police are announcing their intention to remove anyone from the plaza, repeating instructions over and over again. Taking out billy clubs, they are starting to move in. So far, police have not entered the actual encampment. A lot of television truck are parked nearby and media are assembling as well.

5 AM police move in- Protesters are sitting down, and police are now leading them away, handcuffed. Police in masks are moving into the camps

6:15 police move on Snow Park-making announcements and warning protesters to vacate.

7:15 AM-Several protesters ran around into the nearby streets upending trash cans and Dumpsters, throwing trash into the streets.

9:30 a.m. City press briefing- At a press briefing at City Hall, Police Chief Howard Jordan said 75 arrests were made and the police operation went smoothly, without injuries to police or protesters. No children were found at the camp. Dogs and their owners were allowed to leave.

Then the UNION gets involved, stirs things up, and reinforcements show up for the protesters. They throw paint at the police and continue to march AND declare they are going to retake the park. Police warn them. They ignore them. The police deploy tear gas, they smash in the window of a police cruiser. It escalates. The protesters throw bottles at police officers. Things get really ugly.

Michael Porter, 24, works full time selling DirectTV, has camped at the Occupy Oakland site for the last 8 days. He was disheartened to see everyone disperse last night-- down to 30 people after 3 a.m. "We lost a lot of them because of the tear gas. And it was because of stupid people who were provoking the cops. It's random people who see a big group and are like, 'let's start a riot.' All it takes is one thing and it's like let's gas everyone. And I kind of understand where the cops are coming from as far as responding to signs of aggression. That's why we've got to keep those people out."