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Forum Post: Manifesto

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 28, 2012, 1:41 p.m. EST by alebaiocchi (0)
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My solidarity to all who protest! May we all be one in the fight against corruption, capitalism system, dictatorship and mismanagement of banks, war industry, individualism, loneliness, lack of love, the media and cultural industry, the betrayal of the majority of leftist political parties. In my country, for example, which is Brazil, we face a serious problem of systematic corruption as the recent episode called mensalão. Half of the Brazilian Supreme Court is simpathy with the government, no interest in condemnation of the corrupt and the working population is passive, bewildered and resigned facing another episode of probable impunity. I emphasize that Brazilian impunity and corruption are historic, independent of the governing parties. This is terrible for democracy, especially because we live recently 21 years of a brutal military dictatorship. My solidarity to african, gypsies and syrian people. The world potencies like USA, Russia, China, German, United Kingdon and others doesn't care about them and about us, except if it have economical interest. Thanks to all for the oportunity to share with you my inconformism and political point of view. I also conclude with a poem of Victor Jara (1932-1973) a chilean poet, songwriter, singer and activist who is murdered by infamous Augusto Pinochet' s dictadorship. The poem called Manifesto in original in spanish is about the fight against the opression and social unequal:


Yo no canto por cantar ni por tener buena voz, canto porque la guitarra tiene sentido y razón.

Tiene corazón de tierra y alas de palomita, es como el agua bendita santigua glorias y penas.

Aquí se encajó mi canto como dijera Violeta guitarra trabajadora con olor a primavera.

Que no es guitarra de ricos ni cosa que se parezca mi canto es de los andamios para alcanzar las estrellas, que el canto tiene sentido cuando palpita en las venas del que morirá cantando las verdades verdaderas, no las lisonjas fugaces ni las famas extranjeras sino el canto de una lonja hasta el fondo de la tierra.

Ahí donde llega todo y donde todo comienza canto que ha sido valiente siempre será canción nueva.



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[-] 0 points by ogoj11 (263) 11 years ago

Excuse the poor manners of Occupy. These fools are busy arguing over the US elections. I'm curious whether you support Hugo Chavez or do you think he's merely another military caudillo? Can he lead a Latin American turn to the left?