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Forum Post: Managerial Job Opening

Posted 6 years ago on June 14, 2014, 2:36 p.m. EST by turbocharger (1756)
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Looking for qualified manager to steer company in right direction. Currently grossing 16Trillion a year, netting 2.3 Trillion with 3.1 Trillion in expenses.

Accepting applications until November 2014.

All are welcome to apply.



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[-] -1 points by HCabret2014 (-11) 6 years ago

Government is not a business and goal of government is not to turn a profit. The goal of the government is to provide for the general welfare of its citizens, whatever that entails.

[-] -1 points by turbocharger (1756) 6 years ago

Its taking in over 2 trillion and spending over 3 trillion.

Its a business whether you want it to be or not, not all businesses are there to turn a profit.

[-] 1 points by flip (7101) 6 years ago

it can print all it needs - no??

[-] 1 points by turbocharger (1756) 6 years ago


[-] 2 points by flip (7101) 6 years ago

and do you see terrible consequences from this printing - like all good "mainstream" economists said there would be

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 6 years ago

Not exactly, but that being said, we are just in the beginning phases of it. Usually when these things start, they start small, and snowball. We will see how the next recession is handled, being that stimulus is already happening and the same exact people that caused the last one are all still in control.

[-] 2 points by flip (7101) 6 years ago

all true but inflation is usually wage driven - median wages for men are lower than 40 years ago! now resource scarcity may drive inflation - oil is in every aspect of our daily life and oil will spike sooner or later. i do not buy the money printing theory but as you say - we will see

[-] 0 points by HCabret2014 (-11) 6 years ago

ALL money should ideally be removed from government.