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Forum Post: Malaysian Airplanes

Posted 3 years ago on July 18, 2014, 8:39 a.m. EST by turbocharger (1756)
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So we just lose an airliner a while back. You cant take a shit without the government knowing what you are doing, but we lost a fuckin jumbo jet?

Anyways, as we were reinvading Iraq, everyone was wondering what happened to this mystery jet. Well, our attention span of a squirrel took over, and onto the next thing.

Now we have another Malaysian jet, that apparently was shot out of the sky for some random reason. Because nothing shows Ukraine who is boss like shooting down a Malaysian jet on the Russian border.

Personally I know that if I'm in the middle of a war, and find a land to air missile, Im not using it for anything besides random target practice. Hey, why be thrifty when you can just go to the nearest gas station and buy another on the cheap, right?

For an extensive list of governments around the world using false flags to get their way (and then people wonder why I distrust government so)




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[-] 2 points by turbocharger (1756) 3 years ago

There is no bigger slap to the West than this:


If you think things in this country are rough now, wait until the precious dollar is no longer needed. Of course, they wont be "rough" on a global perspective, but rough according to what we are used to.

But, the people will show again in November that they like the globalist agenda, and have zero desire to be involved in the decision making in this country, so sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow.