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Forum Post: Making the Occupy Movement a Sucess

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 30, 2011, 4:12 p.m. EST by ToastmasterGeneral (0)
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Much of what has been seen, and criticized over, in the Occupy Movement is lack of a coherent message. There are many things wrong with our country, our government and the status quo.

When any movement has many viewpoints and many objectives rolled into a smorgasbord of frustration, government can't handle it. Our constitutional system was designed to make incremental change, so that the government is not radically altered on the whim of the moment. When this isn't followed, such as the PATRIOT Act being signed in the wake of the 9/11 Attacks, it can have dire, or unforeseen consequences when the mindset of the country changes.

In order to engage the government to take positive steps, and in keeping with the incremental nature of a system that our forefathers deliberately put into place, we must have specific goals that can be acted upon.

I am merely one voice in many. But I have a few points that you can consider. And realize that every action we want comes at a cost to us.

  1. Globalized trade has made it more economical to outsource labor to China and third-world countries. This has decimated our manufacturing base, and eroded our abilities to keep those "life-time jobs." Globalized Trade needed to come after Globalized Labor Standards and Globalized Environmental Standards, and the lack of this proper order has led to the problems we face in this area. We have to reach a state in this country where, if we don't manufacture it, we don't need it. The down-side to this is that, if my computer was made in America, using a living wage, it wouldn't have cost $400; rather, it would've cost $4,000. Our standard of living has to be slimmed down to allow American manufacturing to compete with import-manufacturing. We, as Americans need to do the boycott, identify local businesses that are trying to manufacture high-end goods, and "pre-order" these high-end goods, giving that business the capital it needs to fill the orders.

  2. We need campaign finance reform. But if we leave it up to politicians, without doing our part of informed, educated civilian review and consent, these measures will be diluted and filled with loopholes.

  3. It's time for direct election of Supreme Court Justices. Eight- to ten-year terms. This will encourage Americans to look at Supreme Court rulings, who rules in favor, who dissents, and holds the Supreme Court accountable to the people that sign their checks.

  4. We also need to have direct elections of Attorney Generals. They are the "Top Cop," yet their position is dependent on the President. This ties their hands in investigating corruption at the top.

Just using those four ideas, one of which relies on the day-to-day activities of citizens (#1) can give the government a mandate to change, and a clear path to do it. In any case, the Occupy Movement needs a real platform. Taxing the rich is fine, so long as you know where you want the extra revenue to go. Ending corporate control of government assumes that Corporation and Government are actually distinct from each other (they are not) - but ending our dependence on multinational corporations is within our control, and if we're not paying them, they can't afford to pay politicians.



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[-] 0 points by The1capitalist (87) 12 years ago

All you lefties want to help the poor Do you not realize that globalization has done more to help the poor in third world countries than any aid ever has