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Forum Post: Major General Smedley Bulter

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 14, 2011, 4:35 a.m. EST by Fred1981 (0)
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I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class thug for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.[13]



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 months ago

"Debt, Coups & Colonialism in Haiti - France & U.S. Urged to Pay Reparations for Destroying Nation"!

Never Pretend to yourself that we understand Anything of Haiti, USA or France, without seeing this!

The Parasitism of Private Profit & Usury over the penury of people of The 99%, was never as clear!

respice; adspice; prospice .. et fiat justitia!

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23679) 6 months ago

Haiti had to pay France enormous sums and has enormous debt from this which has kept the country in extreme poverty. Few know this.

"It (Haiti) had to pay France for the freedom of its citizens who had been slaves -- and was pitched into impossibly heavy repayments, rapid defaults and toxic loans from France.

"The way in which over the course of 150 years Haiti had to pay France for having wanted to be free... compromised Haiti's very insertion on the international scene," French economist Thomas Piketty said in 2019 as he promoted his book "Capital and Ideology" in which he tackled how Haiti incurred colossal debt."


So, extreme punishment for being the first to score freedom from slavery in 1804 and still paying to this day.


[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 months ago

Please consider: "When Haiti began to overthrow the French colonial masters and were seizing that country for themselves -- when Blacks were seizing that country for themselves, the violence of the Haitian Revolution, the existence of the Haitian Revolution, just sent basically an earthquake of fear throughout the United States.

As - "You had George Washington lamenting the violence. You had Thomas Jefferson talking about [how] he was fearful that those ideas over there, if they get here, it's going to be fire. You had James Madison worried.

While - "Whites ... were fleeing Haiti and were bringing their enslaved populations with them, their enslaved people with them. ... [There was a fear that] the ideas that these Black Haitians would have, that somehow those ideas of revolution, those ideas of racial justice, those ideas of freedom and democracy would just metastasize throughout Virginia's Black enslaved population and cause a revolt. You had that same fear coming out of Baltimore that then began to open up the public armory to whites, saying, "You are justified in being armed because they're bringing too many of these Black Haitians, these enslaved Haitians, up here who have these ideas that Black people can be free." - from:

respice - et veritas vos liberabit!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 6 months ago

Russia's so-called "special military operation" in Ukraine has started destroying nations, not only in Sri Lanka but with protests and riots on multiple continents: Argentina, Chile, Greece, Iran, Sudan... Lebanon, Egypt, Türkiye, and Red China are also on the line/in the queue to act up or blow up. The oil market typically reacts extremely quickly to geopolitical upheavals such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The grain markets have also followed recently as Russia has partly stolen some of Ukraine's grains and blockaded Ukraine's grain exports.

People, if you can't afford fuels to get to where you need to go or foods to avoid hunger, remember that since February 24th, 2022, the high prices have probably been due to Z Vaterland Russia creating new European Aleppos to avenge European Colonialism for the poor peoples of the World to achieve "the equality of the jellyfish" with rubble characteristics.

It dawns on me that maybe U.S. Senators tend to be lousy U.S. Presidents because of the legalistic deliberative style practiced in law-making. On the international stage, they are often incompetent dealing with rogues, killers, murderers, robbers, rapists, thieves, backstabbers, swindlers, fraudsters, zombies, etc. who are their counterparts representing other countries. They usually have less executive experience than U.S. state governors who can field more equal and opposite forces than the wishy-washy "leading from behind" former senators or the full-stomach sleepy dopey ones simply being inattentive just dozing off.

An older-in-age custodian complained of the "lazy in the afternoon after lunch" young Red-Guard students from Red China. They told him that they had learnt this good and healthy snoozing habit from the most highly regarded steering one of Red China, Uncle Mao, who [taught them to emulate him] takes a nap in the afternoon. The students were probably trying to aggravate the custodian. The older Chinese in Hong Kong scorned the deadly "Big-Wok Rice" social reorganizing into communes policy of the Cage-of-Crabs Party because it led to mass famine and the starving to death of tens of millions of Chinese [mostly] peasants. My Mom took newly born-baby me to Shanghai to attend my paternal Grandma's funeral while those crazy policies had been and were being enforced. She felt mercy towards our huddling-and-shivering-in-the-cold masses and left all our money and clothing (she regretted leaving her sweater behind the most) except for the single-layer-cloth clothing on her and what was on me.

On our very long unheated train ride in -7C(19.4°F) weather from Shanghai back to Hong Kong, she shivered and tugged me so tightly in her arm to keep warm that my skull was clamped, squished, and partially flattened in her arm. I as an inquisitive child asked my Mom why my head had such a weird shape which differed from the other kids' so she told me of the transit-across-half-of-China-in-subzero-freeze ~20 hours of train ride, adding sheepishly that she only discovered what had happened to my head upon finishing the trip and she had caressed my head back to a more rounded shape so it was "improved." She vowed that she would never go back to Red China. She kept her words. It's why she so readily seconded my Big Brother's de facto suggestion that we emigrate. The Reds were coming to take over Hong Kong so we had to get away somehow to somewhere else, regardless of what material possessions we had to give up. I gave up the remainder of the five-year-all-tuition-covered EFS scholarship 《which incidentally helped with family finance, another reason for what my Big Brother called my Mom's favoritism towards me》for secondary school education { the best 160 or so high scorers on the widely taken Secondary School Entrance Examination received such a scholarship in that year when 80,000+ public primary school pupils took it to get a shot at getting an admission slot of a public secondary school or that from a private one's quota yielded to the government as mandated; it's why some private school pupils transferred to a public school a few years before the year of their examination in order to gain access to those government-reserved highly sought-after slots of very selective private secondary schools }. Everyone in the family restarted: new occupations, new workplaces, new schools, new home.. and much more. My Dad made a pretty good decision to immigrate to the U.S.A. We all became U.S. citizens although it was tougher and much later for my largely illiterate ( my Mom went to night school under the Communist government so she could read a little bit of Chinese, unlike under Old patriarchic China when females often couldn't even get an education -- discrimination depriving females of an education is absolutely wrong on multiple levels; nor is the discrimination depriving children of class enemies an education as children didn't choose the class they had been born into; Communism's and Socialism's guilt by family, political, class.. associations is wrong and has contributed to extremely oppressive societal structures such as patriarchy, state's atheistic monarchy, neighbors lying about and informing the secret police leading to detrimental life outcomes without any possibility of confronting the accusers in a court of law, etc.) parents as they needed to learn some English first.

Powerful people caused unnecessary sufferings far and wide in order to regain lost power (Mao emulated Stool-in to dispose of the poor peasants through mass starvation and political purges in order to achieve rapid industrialization which didn't happen anyway -- the Soviet Union had a far deeper Western intellectual root than Red China did although South China's diaspora was indeed already very widespread and had global trading relationship and attained cultural knowledge of the West since at least as early as the First Opium War starting around 1842 -- Hong Kong showed that an amalgam of South-Chinese and Western culture was indeed functional and possible; recall the time of Peter the Great's efforts towards europeanizing Russia; South China didn't command China -- the phenomenal rapid development of Red China only happened with diaspora's help { e.g. it's the technical Chinese Americans who had solved the linkage challenge between alphabets-based English and characters-based Chinese, two extremely different languages; do you wonder or know how Red Chinese communicate via texting if Chinese has so many picture-like characters with identical sounds ? } after Red China's casting off South China to a success-plausible-around-Hong-Kong Ching/Qing-dynasty-treaty-ports-like economic experiment after Mao had died.)

It's really true that people tend to be sleepy after lunch. My secondary school in Hong Kong, Queen Elizabeth/Elisabeth School, had 1.5 hours for lunch. It was enough to take a nap after lunch before resuming school learning. The British-style schedules were more stretched out and thus less hectic than American-style ones. Saturdays were sometimes workdays but often with reduced hours so it made the schedules irregular -- e.g. in my primary school, there were long weeks (each with 6 school days) and short weeks (each with 5 school days). The British had teatime but my Big Brother drank sweetened milk-tea, a Hong Kong specialty that he picked up from his coworkers after he had become a civil servant. I got that cultural infusion from him and like that drink, too. Coffee can be addictive and dangerous to first-time drinkers ( as I know a few people including myself who have initially abused coffee, by drinking too much; I drank six cups after a great filét mignon dinner ! a bachelor like me having started working and got much money to splurge did stupid things such as drinking too much free-refill after-meal coffee; my next stop was the toilet as liquids are nearly incompressible; my Mom was correct about coffee being unsuitable for children to drink; yeah, she also considered my putting sugar into plain tea almost sacrilegious but it's actually purer than milk-tea because it lacks milk; sugar in excess is horrible for health so we shouldn't eat much of it but it does taste good so I use sugar as a flavoring as I use spices, knowing that a little bit of it wouldn't matter much but livens up the taste or sugar+salt+water can work as oral rehydration therapy's solution to diarrhea; moderation is important for happiness -- I won't drink six cups of coffee in a sitting ever again in order to avoid entering "deposition" phase or conducting persistent and frequent toilet-"discoveries" ) but Americans of the U.S.A. mostly drink coffee instead of tea. In the U.S., we don't all only get along with a little tea and just rice for all. There was much more for the "Fe-Ni meteorites" to learn and take on. It's why the jellyfish take much longer than the shrimp to "see" the gleaming bright streak of a star.

The low-tech sustainable ( of course, it may not beat getting exceptionally high yields using imported chemical fertilizers but importing may present more of a problem than keeping water buffaloes ) way to high-calorie grain-production yield is to get nitrogen-fixation fertilizer nearly for free in an anaerobic reducing waterlogged environment. Organic debris plowed under water and decomposed by anaerobic microbes(nitrogen) generates the ammonia fertilizer made from nitrogen in the atmosphere in the root nodules of the pea plants plowed under before they flower, hydrogen from the water, and the energy from organic debris. Southeast Asia has got this highly integrated water buffalo dung(phosphorus) plowed-under-pea-plant(potassium) water-logged rice-paddy agrotechnology working since millennia ago. This water-buffalo-dung-pee-pea-plants agrotechnology is China's shitty power source. Note how water is essential so a drought can kill this path to high rice yield. Freshwater conservation is vital. Southeast Asia used terraced rice paddies. Fish, frogs & toads can keep mosquito larvae in check.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 6 months ago

So re. Haiti and as "France & U.S. Urged to Pay Reparations for Destroying Nation" - consider:

And did your vomited reply HAVE ANY RELEVANCE - WHATSOEVER, TO THE SUBJECT OF THE POSTED VIDEO, TO WHICH YOU ARE REPLYING ABOVE -- U stupid shit-spewing, self-absorbed moron?!!! Why are U even replying here U narcissistic bastard?!! Go soil your own posts and replies, with your irrelevant nonsense, U $H!T spewing reactionary fkwit! And furthermore, as per post & OP:

ad iudicium?!

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 5 months ago

It's because if Haiti had the intelligence to comprehend the knowledge about the millennia-old shitty power source of China and the will to carry out reforms, it wouldn't have fallen so deeply into such a post-population-boom environmental collapse.

French Colonialism in Haiti was obviously a problem. I (& violent Christ) abhorred money lenders who wanted to conjure up wealth by preying upon people's greed, get something for nothing, via compound interest rates. U.S.A. in its adolescence ( I peg it as starting with Teddy Roosevelt's administration ) naturally emulated its European cultural forebears & sought to become a great colonial power ( much like Imperial Japan did after decades of rapid industrialization post-U.S.-gunboat-diplomacy Meiji Restoration ) by taking over old colonial empires' colonies such as those of the French and Spanish Empire. Teddy Roosevelt actually believed that the U.S.A. could do a better job than the old European "decaying empires" could in governing well their colonies. The U.S.A. was obviously naïve about taking up "the White Man's Burden." The Great War ( WWI ) and its continuation into the bloodiest rematch in WWII while the U.S. was initially isolationist and just kept on making money showed the U.S. that Colonialism was unworkable and had to be destroyed. In the post-WWII world order largely institutionally constructed by the U.S.A., the World enjoyed unprecedented growth in prosperity under the global security auspice of the U.S. Navy protecting global trade using the most cost-effective form of transportation -- shipping. Virtually all seafaring nations which traded profusely prospered. Hong Kong got its container port in the late 1960s or early 1970s ( I remember visiting it but not quite which year ). Ningpo/Ningbo got its container port on nearby offshore islands. These two economic areas made coastal Red China wealthy. The northerners in Beijing, much like Moscow-based Russians vacuuming Ukraine's culture and pretending that it was its own while destroying traces of the theft, were using its coercive political and military power to get "a piece of the action."

The U.S.A.'s total withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated that "White Man's Burden" was just too heavy for Whites to bear. The U.S. spent quite a fortune trying to rebuild Afghanistan. When all is said and done, it's about 90 billion U.S. dollars for Afghanistan's post-U.S.-policing-action reconstruction. The U.S. spent far more than 90 billion dollars in Afghanistan because the policing action cost yet another great bundle of U.S. dollars so the actual bill was trillions of U.S. dollars. Here's the truth: "true reform must come from the locals and their change of hearts." The U.S. could have left a few thousand troops in Afghanistan to stabilize Afghan transition to local grassroots' governance but it's a former U.S. Senator in charge adhering as best as he could to the excluding-Afghan-government-in-peace-talks deal made by Herr Narcissus the toe-sucking Neonate ( guess who tried to hold up Javelin missiles shipment to Ukraine for personal political gain; what would our world be like if he had succeeded ? We'll all see his Art of "the Deal 《屌你老母 -- pronounced as 'delay no more' for 'air' defense of HIMARS/Hi老母 and heavy 'tanking' when the English-speaking teacher sternly said that to my Kowloon-neighbor boy [who understood Cantonese !] as he arrived late in his teacher's class》" play out in Afghanistan.) Afghan Taliban controls Afghanistan without the now-crumbled Afghan government hindering their post-U.S.-reconstruction Allah's Reconstruction so we'll all see Allah demonstrate the power and glory of Juché. ( I donated money to Haiti after that terrible earthquake in 2010 and Red China's rural folks but maybe Juché would have worked out better for "avoiding undue foreign influences." My donations to Red China had probably touched a sensitive political nerve because they became banned later on by Beijing government, probably due to their having gone through a religious organization. I'm not Commie who felt threatened by a millennia-old-in-China-already religion: I welcome any other country's donations to help feed our hungry, house our homeless, heal our sick, walk our dogs, and satiate our pigs.)

If Haiti generated ample food and reduced its population growth, it might have escaped the environmental collapse into poverty. As for why I replied with my bachelor experience, I made enough money to generate ample food and deferred having children for years. I grew rapidly out of poverty with the help of neighbors, mostly White and some Asian (of Chinese diaspora) colleagues who helped with getting me started working professionally by overcoming my lack of transportation ( I didn't even get to use my left-over funds after graduating college to put a down payment on a car because my Big Brother borrowed much from my parents to buy real estate; it's why I sympathize with the have-nots who have a piggy Big Brother running too quickly along a curved path, falling into a pigs' feeding trove, and splashing hoggyswasch all over his Chinese-New-Year-celebration brand-new clothes and shoes; when I arrived to "suck up some hoggyswasch myself," 白皮豬 GOOPy pigs were all in a grunting snorting uproar over how little meal left-over was left over; I may not control what others do but I control what I do. Having a good income solves a lot of problems. "A barren rock with pirates nearby" like Hong Kong grew its volume of trade to more than its own GDP and owned roughly the wealth of the Russian Federation; Hong Kong, a Red Chinese city, probably alone owns more overseas investments than the rest of Red China all combined; anti-Juché 富可敵國香港有: 黃皮狗, 白皮豬。)

To satisfy your race-and-color-filtered worldview: yes, I got help mostly from the Whites and the rest from Yellows ( who are "minorities" in the U.S.A. but excluded from being admitted in full upon their "own merits" under the Whites' system of "standardized testing" to the likes of Harvard, and other Ivies, UC Berkeley and other near-Ivies due to limited space originating from making room for the Browns and the Blacks who didn't quite measure up in the rigged-for-parental-income Whites' system -- i.e. admission policies with poisoned-ivy characteristics are used for admitting Whites-system-deemed-less-qualified Browns and Blacks ) but neither from the Browns nor the Blacks ( because they were extremely rare { or nonexistent as I recollect no one } in my [capitalist-for-profits] working environment -- there's really no surprise there ! )

As for how racial Whiteness saves one from other Whites, just take a look at Ukraine-Russia Conflict. "We are one people," so said Poo-tin. Race is an artificially created phenotype notion which has no valid genetic basis. I got as dark-skinned as a Gurkha soldier because of my many summer days of going to the beaches without any suntan protection but after molting, my skin color returned to the same old color before the sun exposure. Race's light-dark skin-color association with superiority changed over time. There were White slaves in the Ottoman and Roman Empire. I do agree though that unhealthy bodily conditions are hard to hide on white skin so flawless white skin without any cosmetics is a very good indication of good health and thus beauty. Physical beauty is largely skin-deep and associated with good health. After going through molting, my skin was certainly not as healthy as before sun exposure despite returning to the same color. Race is a mental construct. All who hold fast to the notion of race are delusional unless they know its fakeness. Of course, we should "right the past wrongs" as our justice system seeks to do. What do we do after someone has been murdered by a racist ? Do we just say that the person is dead and will not come back alive ( until, for Christians, the ¿ Final Judgment ? when all the dead people's buried remains will gather themselves into their living forms and become alive again in order to receive their judgment by Jesus Christ who would come again to condemn the World ) so we should let the murderer go free ? No !!!

We must never allow crimes to go without punishments unless they're forgiven by the wronged parties. There's no need to negotiate with any party showing bad faith: from time immemorial, war settles.

As the U.S. Civil War proved, God was indeed on both sides which prayed to the same God. God not only plays dice all the time. God is on all sides.

How many rubles will Poo-tin pay to rebuild eastern Ukraine ? Russia doesn't even have the rubles to tear down the old Soviet abandoned remains after more than thirty years. Even if Russia wins after massive bombardment, it will just be piles of rubbles for Russia as if Russia hasn't got enough of its own rubbles from Soviet times. How much did the build-up of Crimea cost ? It's still not enough if Crimea lacks freshwater. Poo-tin shouldn't have played with a cement truck. He should have played with a water truck or wanked his own pussy tail if a filled water truck is unavailable -- there's gold... Afghanistan cost the U.S. ~90,000,000,000 dollars to rebuild to the level that the Afghan Taliban has finally accepted. Afghanistan is now a major superpower in U.S. military equipment so Afghanistan may sell them to Ukraine if they still work, once Ukrainians have learnt to use Afghan military equipment. "Guns for Russia-held-up Ukrainian grains" can work if the Afghan guns are given to food-distressed Lebanese, Sri-Lankans, etc. to shoot for food at Russia.

Saudi Arabia has bought a lot of U.S. military equipment in recent years so there's a goodly amount of arms in the Middle East available to sustain Ukraine. It looks like a poor-peoples' jihad against Russia ( via a flotilla of starving people championed by Türkiye's NGO which had tried to break Israel's blockade against Gaza City -- yeah, Gazans may also join the jihad for food and cooking oil ) can have soldiers, grains, and arms. Dinner at Odesa. Viva Mujahideen !

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 months ago

So, "When Haiti began to overthrow the French Colonial masters, and were seizing that country for themselves - when Blacks were seizing that country for themselves ... the Very Existence of the Haitian Revolution ---- just sent basically an Earthquake of Fear throughout the United States. You had George Washington, lamenting the violence. You had Thomas Jefferson, talking about [how] he was fearful that those ideas over there, if they get here, it's going to be fire. You had James Madison worried ..."

As "Whites ... were fleeing Haiti and were bringing their enslaved populations with them - their enslaved people with them, [There was a fear that] the ideas that these Black Haitians would have, that somehow those ideas of revolution;those ideas of racial justice; those ideas of freedom and democracy would just metastasize throughout Virginia's Black enslaved population, and cause a revolt.You had that same fear coming out of Baltimore that then began to open up the public armory to whites, saying: "You're justified in being armed because they're bringing too many of these Black Haitians - these enslaved Haitians, up here who have these ideas that Black people can be free." - from:

All I had to do above - is hold my nose and just read the first line of each b-s, RW reactionary paragraph in order to smell your Incorrigible Racism gropes --- you disgusting, ignorant, bigoted, stinking piece of human garbage!!! Sounding off with unsubstantiated & deeply prejudiced opinion yet with no recourse to anything, other than the sewer that is your mind - tells us ALL we ever need to now about your racist RW ass!! You DO NOT even get to have a fkn opinion on Haiti -- without recourse to listening to and reading that^link AND watching and reading this one:

Watch, listen, read and then think - AND THEN see how utterly and disgustingly wrong U fkn are; then go read the following links - U human-hating, dumb bastard; to prove just how ignorant and wrong U are!

et temet nosce!!!

[-] 1 points by PublicCurrency (1387) 11 years ago

Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in history, has written several books which are available on Amazon. "War is a Racket" is on my short list for reading.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 5 months ago

"War is a Racket!"

fiat lux et fiat pax!