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Forum Post: Londons Occupation now Illegal ;-(

Posted 7 years ago on Aug. 28, 2011, 4:39 a.m. EST by anonymous ()
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Sorry for an out of place post - just wanted to give a heads up, and discuss the following...

Just a heads-up for anyone thinking of protesting, marching or 'gathering' in London in September - legally you cannot now do so. The ban is for 1 month, and is a response (supposedly) to a number of events, including a proposed EDL march through Tower Hamlets, and of course, the recent riots across the country.

September, for some reason, is a climatic point in planned protest seeing protests against the DSEi Arms Fair (13th September), marches to defend libraries and other public services, East Londont LGBT, the September 11th planned peaceful occupation of London Centre (End of Fear), and the world-wide occupation of financial districts (Londons Threadneedle Street in the City) on September 17th. These are just the ones I know of.

Government will no doubt be aware of the potential disruption of the last two in particular (I could see these gatherings attracting a similar vibe to the Madrid/Barcelona occupations) and to just cite an EDL march as reasons for the blanket ban is a stinker (at the very least).

But it's OK. If you want to protest, march or gather, you can still do so at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, but I imagine it'll be a tad cramped this month! x



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