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Forum Post: liveUSB stick that might be helpful

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 12:51 a.m. EST by mleon (53) from New York, NY
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http://www.seedpeer.com/details/3818404/arch-party-mix-0-4-1.html SHA1: 3209606f735753aaa6db4b730fee6554c9bf110c SHA512: ef66a353537ed1ce288a1082d464451df836995d75dac03c71c8430205d6e26a WHIRLPOOL: d2c711c10f8433b8fca589b1dcfd1f6fedf4e3897882960783c5fd3a5f9e0c671262c6c7bad89e42522a7658e5f92f7c87168f4fd406989a310b4f559815cabf

I sweat over this for months. a arch linux based LiveUSB stick for securely communicating via internets. Truecrypt and entire TOR stack included (firefox + torbutton, tor, vidalia, torsocks, polipo). Clients for just about everything, to include IRC(xchat), also included is networkmanager, that will easily manager, wired and wireless ethernet, DSL, VPNs, and will even let you connect to the internet via your cell phone(bring a cable).

Then there is privacy mode which starts TOR on boot, and scrambles all your ethernet addresses.

Then the media apps, feature are audacity(audio editor), openshot(video editor), gimp(photo editor), the entire gstreamer codec set to back up transmageddon(video transcoder), and totem(movie player), sound converter. Lots and Lots of tools. Like tails, but with more tools, and is directed at activists.

It should plug and play with just about any flash drive, camera, cell phone, you name it. GUI and intuitive to use.

You need a blank or unused usb stick(2 gb or larger, the bigger the better, just don't spend too much money on it) you don't mind formating. delete all partitions and make two, the first exactly 1.024 GB, unformated. the rest, make the rest of the disk. now using dd copy the disk image you downloaded.

now, in linux or a unix like OS, where X is the letter corresponding to the drive(like sdb, sdc, etc..) http://www.chrysocome.net/dd - dd for windows(for those of you stuck with it)

dd if=arch_party_mix_0.4.1.img of=/dev/sdX1 bs=32768

now make the partition bootable, and it will boot. the second partition is for data.. format as FAT, or use truecrypt(included on the CD), to make a TC partition. Don't understand google "live USB stick". There are a lot of great tools on here, take the time to learn them, and google. I made this all as easy to use as I could and you shouldn't need too much computer experience to make operate this (hard part is making the damn thing, sorry, I have yet to find an easier way to do this.)

So here is the idea, make one for yourself, and make one for all your friends, make sure everyone has one, this can be used to make sure the cops cannot shut down documentation of the event.

  1. get video/photos off your camera ASAP to an encrypted partition.
  2. get video to the cloud(internet) ASAP somewhere where it can't easily be tracked or deleted.
  3. communicate with fellow protestors without being tracked. POST, CHAT, SPEAK OUT!
  4. like it seed it.

any comments or requests, post here. or private messenge me.



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[-] 1 points by HoustonSupporter (3) 6 years ago

Very useful!