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Forum Post: Letters From An International Banker To His Son

Posted 7 years ago on March 24, 2012, 3:28 p.m. EST by Wondrous (37)
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The letters answer many questions casual observers and researchers alike have had concerning the continuation of the bloodlines, methods and agenda. It is easy for anyone to see how the imposing of the mental conditioning of arrogance, superiority and birthright were impressed on the sons. It is extremely important to note the complete lack of regard for fellow human beings. Growing up in such an environment would cultivate a lack of conscience which is needed for a person to treat others with any respect or compassion. Although it is not gone into in depth, it apparently was sufficient to be effective in the continuation of the bloodlines and their control.

As you can see, the mental condition of these self proclaimed “rulers” is one of a disease filled with inner conflict and lacking a well rounded character. They actually are psychotic.

At times the father in these letters recognizes how evil he is and evil the methods used. But then demands the same for his son. This must lead to a very distorted view of affection and love even within the family.





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[-] 0 points by occutard (2) 7 years ago

Ok, these are phony stuff dude. Seriously man. You are another of those stupid conspiracy buffs. Sad

[-] 0 points by Secretariat (33) 7 years ago

""NATO is staging "Massacre of Christians in Syria by Muslims", by bringing Al Qaida and other radical Islamists to Syria, in order to initiate a war, where they can nuke Iran, give a lesson to rising China, control Middle East oil resources, and allow some people to print as much money as they wish by using petrodollars, so they can control the society and the world through their wealth and power. This will also allow capitalism to continue by breaking the Eastern and the Socialist spirituality which is growing around the world and which is the biggest threat to capitalist ruling elite. ""