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Letter to The People: Two Principles of Our War

Posted 6 years ago on June 24, 2013, 4:02 p.m. EST by emile (10)

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Dear friends, allies and revolutionaries worldwide,

As we head toward the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, I am no longer with Adbusters. Occupy opened my eyes to a new truth and a new path. I am a free radical now; my allegiance is with The People alone.

I believe we are less than four years away from a decisive people's victory in one or more nations. If our leaderless revolution can survive through mutation, innovation and escalation then we stand a good chance of flanking the dinosaurs and taking legislative control of a State after a period of sustained unrest.

“An invincible force lives in the people, which nothing and no one can withstand. And if that force has not yet liberated the people it is because it is powerful only when it is concentrated and acts simultaneously, everywhere, jointly, in concert, and until now it has not done so.” — Mikhail Bakunin

Our people’s war is asymmetric. And it is to our advantage that we are the weaker side. In How the Weak Win Wars: A Theory of Asymmetric Conflict, military historian Ivan Arreguín-Toft does a statistical analysis of conflicts since 1800 in which one side had 10 times or more resources. As a result, he discovered two fundamental principles of people’s war.

The first principle is that over time the weaker adversary is winning more frequently and that since 1950, the weaker side has won more often than not. This trend will continue; the advantages of being weaker, smaller, nimbler are growing.

The second principle is the most important of all: the weaker adversary tends to win conflicts when they act innovatively. If the weaker refused to mimic the stronger adversary’s actions then they won 63% of the time. In essence, we innovate; we win.

To sustain innovation in the long term, we must heed the warnings of Snowden and migrate from the clearnet (the monitored commercial Internet) to the darkweb (the anonymous and encrypted parallel Internet of Tor, i2p and Freenet). The Snowden revelations, the Brazil Uprising and the lockdown of the Internet in Turkey are already increasing the number of political militants on the darkweb looking to get organized.

Learning to navigate the darkweb is not just for techies anymore. It is a survival skill for everyday people and activists who are dreaming of democracy. Download the TorBrowser and let’s learn to use these emergent anonymous spaces as a safehaven for candid strategic and tactical discussions. Right now the darkweb is dominated by unsavory elements, let's reclaim it for the good instead. Until we found our own darkweb communities, here are two places where militants are congregating:

(These sites are accessible via TorBrowser only)



In solidarity from the north coast of Oregon,

Micah White American creator of #OWS meme // ex-Adbusters editor web: http://micahmwhite.com/ twitter: http://twitter.com/LeaderlesRevolt

Share link: http://micahmwhite.com/leaderless-revolution/letter-to-the-people-two-principles-of-our-war



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[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 6 years ago

Revolutions truly start when revolutionaries get beyond the internet, and get into the streets..

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 6 years ago

Basic tenets of geurrilla warfare.

Hacktivists need to be working on drone controls now.

[-] 1 points by TikiJ (-38) 6 years ago

Interesting post. How did you arrive at the number four in terms of years?

[-] 1 points by emile (10) 6 years ago

4 years is roughly the average length of an asymmetric conflict in which the weaker side wins. See the pdf I uploaded here: http://micahmwhite.com/s/Arreguin-Toft-IS-2001.pdf

[-] 0 points by Theeighthpieceuv8 (-32) from Seven Sisters, Wales 6 years ago

I think Washington said very similar things.