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Forum Post: Letter To Occupy Wall Street

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 6:13 p.m. EST by commonsolutions (2)
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There are many problems the American citizen faces. Corrupt bankers, the biased and systematically censored mass-media, resource robbing and profit seeking mega-corporations, the environment, the health care system, the prison system, the education system, the political system, and the list goes on and on. Yet, none of these systems are at the root of the problem. The overall system that controls these sub-systems is drastically failing and this is what mainstream media hides from you. That system is called “The Monetary System”. Private bankers and the elites control it; the people scream “give me justice” in agony and rage. Yet, these bankers are just like you and I - they are fallible human beings. Uncounted atrocities have been committed at the hands of these people and when one is deposed of another will step up to fill the space and the profiteering money machine marches on. Do not waste your time demanding justice... become a collective voice of real world solutions that are centered at the root of the problem.

Creating lasting solutions will only be possible when we understand what the root of the problem is. The problem isn’t money, but the monetary system itself. This system creates greed, fear and anxiety. It robs our natural resources, creates a profits over people mentality and for-profit prison systems. The social effects of the current monetary system discourages empathy and encourages separatism fueling the status quo. It sponsors the censorship of our mainstream media and gradually erodes our unalienable rights such as freedom of speech, right to assembly, affordable health-care, a quality education and so on. The issue is not the people whom control the system but the monetary system itself. If there are to be real and lasting effects the monetary system has to be radically changed.

In order to understand the problem, it’s important to have a basic overview of how the monetary system works.

First, we must understand that the monetary system is not operated by The Federal Government, but is privately owned and operated without regulation. This is critical for the agenda of the bankers, elite and mega corporations. This monetary system must radically change to serve humanity.

Second, we must understand how money works in the private sector. For example, let’s say you and I were the only two people in the world and there is only $100 in the economy. I have $80 and you have $20, and you want to buy something that costs $40. So, you borrow $20 and you have to pay me back $30 after interest. That would mean that there needs to be $110 in the economy, but...there isn’t. Where are you going to get that extra $10? You can’t and that makes you indebted to me. To put it simply, that is a form of slavery and oppression. Take a moment and view that on a global scale.

Third, we must understand the true purpose of money, which is to make the trading of goods and services easier and more efficient. That is how we clothe and feed ourselves, build homes, get educations and so on. However, due to extreme hoarding by the powerful elite and their anxiety to maintain power, the 99% find themselves controlled. Wars, oppression and tyranny are the inevitable results of the current monetary system’s psychological manipulation. Understanding this anxiety over loss of power is difficult because most of us don’t have that kind of money and power, but it is important to recognize.

Fourth, we must realize that the amount of money in the system is the most important factor in determining the health of an economy. If there is too much money there will be inflation/rising prices to allow that money into the system, and it also creates a less productive society because the need for productivity diminishes with increased wealth. If there is not enough money there will be deflation, recessions and depressions because there is not enough money to facilitate the trading of goods and services. This also leads to a decline in productivity and creates a psychological oppression on the individual attacking their purpose in society by taking away their jobs. The control of the amount of money in the system is critical to the success of an economy and ultimately society itself. Clearly, whomever controls the amount of money in the system controls society. In our current monetary system, humanity serves money when money should be a servant of humanity - not it’s master.

How can this change?

Of critical importance to the protection of liberty and our inalienable rights, is to remove control from the private sector. Abolish The Federal Reserve and set up a new monetary system that is truly democratic with it’s sole purpose being to serve The Republic of The United States of America.

How do we do that?

Put the control of money into the hands of Congress - our elected representatives. Make our monetary policy an open forum discussed on the floor of Congress. This would create a transparent monetary policy ridding itself of backroom secret meetings. We need to build a framework for monetary policy around the amount of money in the system. This framework should include the proportional relationship between the amount of money in the system and the size of the population, and inflation would represent the increase in the size of the population. For example, if the population grew 2.5% in one year, the amount of money would grow 2.5% to facilitate the continued trading of goods and services. There would never be a depression or recession like ones we have experienced in the past with this new monetary system because the amount of money in the system would be controlled by the people for the people. The role of Congress in managing the monetary policy would be one of their most treasured responsibilities to the American citizen who voted them into office. Politicians would now be elected because they truly represented the American people, not the bankers, elites, or mega corporations. Also, within this framework the government would issue debt free money with reasonable administrative fees attached, rather than skyrocketing interest that can never be repaid. This new process would be utilized to create a “Democratic Debt-Free Monetary System” - transparent, healthy and most importantly serving humanity.

This would only be the first - albeit giant - step forward in the march to a truly sustainable world. The continuation of a for-profit corporate system rapes the planet of it’s natural resources. Company Whomever manufactures whatevers and they will make more profits by building cheaper whatevers that need to be replaced more often. These materials then end up in waste dumps at an alarmingly increasing rate, therefore putting an increased demand on our natural resources. This system holds profits over sustainability and has spread throughout all industries. This produces cheap goods and unnecessary use of finite resources. We need to understand that there really are only a finite amount of natural resources on the planet, and we should use them wisely. We must build better and longer lasting products, develop new energy technologies, and manage our resources on a global scale - this is critical to the survival of humanity. How do we mange our finite natural resources? What an enormous question. I suggest a collective search for solutions. There is an idea called a “Resource Based Economy” and I encourage you to research it. We must protect our natural resources; using them wisely to produce the best, most durable goods the market will bear.

I challenge you to become Common Solutionists. A collective movement with all solutions admitted allowing the strongest ideas to rise to the top of the agenda list. This truly embodies what a Republic is all about.

Remember, The United States of America is a Republic...which means by our constitutional rights we the people have supreme control over our government. We have been given the “responsibility” to oversee our government. Each of us plays a vital role not only in the future of America but in the future of the world. America represents a nation of liberty and the world watches our example. The world hopes for us - even hopes for you the individual because each of us symbolizes hope for everyone. I encourage every American to assume their true responsibility to protect the Constitution and their Bill of Rights which our forefathers gave their lives for. There is a root to the problems that America and the entire world encounters. It is not the bankers, the political system, the mass media and the mega corporations. It is the monetary system. If you seek real and lasting change, you must root out the source of the issues. Do not waste your time attacking the symptoms the current monetary system creates. Change the source of the problem to create the conditions you want. Inalienable rights such as fresh water, air, freedom of speech, the right to assemble, uncensored media and affordable health care would be protected and flourishing under a Democratic Debt-Free Monetary System.

Here is what you can do to help restore democracy and your inalienable rights.

Spread the word. Let others know about this in your community and how it affects everyone. Reach out to celebrities, bloggers and other media outlets.

Stop watching mainstream media. They do not have your interests at heart. They are owned and operated by the system. If viewership were to drop drastically it would put tons of ad sponsorship pressure on these outlets to begin coverage of this demonstration.

Remove your money from the big banks and place it in your local credit union. This will protect your money and place pressure on new legislation for the banking system. Such as radical changes to the fractional reserve lending system which creates astronomically gross inflation.

Occupy your homes. Stay. Get your local government involved.

Write your representative of Congress. Get together petitions. A few honorable representatives speaking on the floor of Congress will grow the governments awareness.

Recognize your responsibility as a citizen of The United States of America. You are responsible for the conduct of your government. Choose your elected officials wisely not through mainstream smoke and mirrors. Demand transparency from your government. Become active.




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[-] 2 points by AlanO (52) 12 years ago

This is a ridiculous post.

If you truly believe this nonsense, then you clearly have no understanding of what's going on. Or why.

The problem isn't the monetary system. The problem is the policy that regulates the monetary system (and a million other things), once the money is in the economy. And your suggestion is to hand ALL monetary policy decisions over to the do-nothing congress that can't seem to get its act together, to do the right and obvious things, in support of the people they're constitutionally obligated to support?

The same congress that gets incessantly lobbied to hell and back to support bad, counterproductive policy? The same congress that accepts unlimited campaign funds through back-channel "superpacs", and then uses that money to slander and trash their opponents, while painting themselves as the saviours of the "common folk"?

That congress?

You know there are something like 12,000 corporate/special interest sponsored lobbyists, who live in Washington FULLTIME, just to determine how shitty YOUR life will be as a "commoner", right?

The bottom line is this:

Get Wall Street's money out of Washington in EVERY form, and THEN you can talk legitimately about other policies. THAT is the root of every economic problem we're having right now. And setting it right should be the SOLE GOAL of this movement.

Overturn the SCOTUS Citizens United decision, restore Glass-Steagall, and you've won most of the fight. The rest can get cleaned up by holding elected officials accountable to clean up the garbage policies that came out as a result of that.

If you REALLY want to hammer the point home, amend the constitution to expressly forbid excessive money in the political system, placing statutory caps on permissible campaign funds, and by mandating the lobbying of politicians (at EVERY level of government) as a criminal act, punishable as an act of treason against the people of the United States, carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

[-] 1 points by baxtonblues22 (13) 12 years ago

The CEO of starbucks started a group that does not fund politicians. He started it long before OWS.

[-] 1 points by solutions (4) 12 years ago

I do agree that lobbying on the behalf of corporations is treason and should be severely punished. Public guillotine

[-] 1 points by solutions (4) 12 years ago

I appreciate your post.There is an enormous amount of complexity in all of these issues we face together. "Control of the amount of money in the system" is a huge factor in creating all of these issues. Who controls this literally controls societies and whole nations. This has been going on for hundreds of years through monetary control, whether it was gold, silver, sticks, whatever. As far as the regulations go, they are basically non-existant.

I know everyone is fed up with the current condition of our government. I don't try to illuminate myself as the purveyor of all the answers. But I... do know a thing or two about monetary systems and their policies. The policies will never work until there is transparency put into place. Could you agree on that? By taking the monetary system out of the private sector and somehow putting into a transparent public policy of some form... I don't know maybe a public trust, Congress, an elected monetary committee, help? Would this greatly effect the current conditions that deprive us? The ace card that the bankers/elite hold is thier control over the amount of money in the system. They can bring down nation and how about the entire continent of Africa. My point is make it transparent and democratic. The policies would change in an open public forum. That alone would force politicians to view the general public as a force. In other word, politicians would be voted in due to public consensus.

I am upset with Congress as well. I hate the lobbyists. There should be campaign financing caps. The GS act should be reinstated. Wall street needs to be put out of Washington. I agree with all of that.

To say that everything I say is ridiculous... and it bums me out. I am here to help. Help this movement focus on the root of the problem. 6 times before in this very nation money was controlled by Congress and it worked. They weren't afforded the complexities of economic policy that we have today. They simply did not understand controlling the amount of money in the system. That is why at the end of the civil war people wallpaered their houses with greenbacks. It is also important to note that the civil war was cause by the bank of England putting tariffs on cotton thus wiping out the south's money supply and forcing them into increased slavery.

These are all basic overviews. So, brother I want to help spawn the debate. I am on your side. So please open your views up to suggestions and other solutions. I promise that I will as well.

Again, thank you for your post. Btw, had to change username... sorry about that.

[-] 1 points by AlanO (52) 12 years ago

You HAVE to start at the source.

But what you suggested is much further down the list of top tier issues. That's what I meant by "ridiculous". The reason there were 6 attempts at congress controlling the FED, is because 6 times, the congress wasn't up to the task. They simply made matters worse, when inflation was the outcome of their every action.

The "source" of our economic woes, is directly linked to Wall Street money dictating bad policy. Pick ANY issue, and I'll show you a direct link to some corporate sponsored "thinktank" writing bad policy, and then presenting that through a team of lobbyists to some pushover congressman to drive it into law.

If these protesters don't latch onto and run with that reality, and soon, they may as well pack up and go home. I keep hearing this "they ask what our demands are, and we tell them it should be obvious, so we shouldn't have to tell them", and that's going to get them nowhere fast. People don't want to hear nonsense. They want to know the issues, and what your viable alternatives are.

Just standing around screaming "we are the 99%", and saying "fix it", is going to do little more than get on peoples nerves after a while, and then support will dwindle. Fast.

I've been behind this whole idea since day one. And I still support it. But I can see the writing on the wall that if these protesters don't latch onto the source of the big picture problem, and present a viable solution that a majority consensus of people can get behind, then there will be no majority support for this protest.

After 10 days, there should at least be a strong platform, that outlines a primary issue and puts forth a viable solution, but there isn't. After 10 days of mainstream media blackout, MSNBC today, dedicated at least a few minutes to the Wall Street protesters in many of the daytime shows, and did so in a very "pro-protester" kind of way. Lawrence O'Donnell even called out what he saw as "blatant police brutality against peaceful protesters" on his show tonight:


Clearly, the mainstream media has realized that they can no longer turn a blind eye to this. And now, its time for the protesters to speak out in specifics. And if they don't, the media blackout will return, and this won't be taken seriously until they do.

[-] 1 points by baxtonblues22 (13) 12 years ago

So what is the demand of OWS?. If you want followers it better be business oriented and not some Marxist BS where farmers and doctors work for free so a bum can sit on the couch and smoke pot never having to worry about getting a job.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

John Bassist i think its time for us to write a more eloquent document gentlemen i was thinking something along the lines of "Declaration of Independence 2.0"

23 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist

‎1. We the people, of these United States of America, Hereby invoke our right and our powers and hereby do proclaim that our government, of by and for the people, shall again and immediately be of by and for the people, instead of of by and...See More

21 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist

‎2. It is hereby a criminal offence equal to treason to knowingly lie to the public and this shall from this moment in time forward be extended to any and all possible pasts in which government interacted with corporations or their represen...See More

20 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist ‎3. It is hereby a criminal offence to wage class warfare of any kind, and specific to this it is thus criminal to do any of the following.

19 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist A. Collect taxes. period. Taxes are merely part of the caste system and one of the bubbles that they ride. Our government was founded on the sound principle of havin gthe government itself both print and distribute its own money. The old banking system infiltrated and took over the USA and so the USA is still more or less owned lock stock and barel and controlled by the British Crown.

17 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist

B. Incarcerate persons for non violent non victim offenses. If you are going to put a person in Jail you must make the case that you are doing them less harm than they would do to society otherwise. Currently, they just put people in jail r...See More

16 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist C. Create any federal boundaries or laws regarding the creation of unions, which rightly should take precendence over corporations in government because they represent PEOPLE not Corporations. Thus Government shall not restrict the right of people to form unions and to seek just compensation for employment.

14 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist D. Own property for rent. Either you sell the property or you keep it vacant. Renting is in essence a form of masked slavery to prevent people from owning their own home. Every person in America should own their own home and probably to start, own it by virtue of inhabiting it.

12 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist

E. Lie in any kind of contract or make or create any kind of contract that is knowingly misleading. Contracts should be up front and there should be no "fine print" phenomenon because everything important should be said up front. business a...See More

10 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist F. Restrict the Right of the people to convene esp upon a political problem or to solve an issue with any meta entity that the population deems to have crossed the line. If 10001 people show up at some meta entities door step thats a citizens arrest and the police darn well had best enforce the will the people and arrest those folks to make sure that it all goes to propper and fair trials.

8 minutes ago · Like


8 minutes ago · Like

John Bassist

‎4. The legal notion that a corporation is a legal person or may be is hereby rescinded. Corporations are not legal persons, and their actions are the actions in fact of assorted persons who make those decisions. Legal Representation is also now hereby restored, and ancillatory to this (part B) It shall be the job of the legal representative to run an open source forum and wiki on which the public can work through problems and make its views known. This direct communication via the internet shall replace all of the back door secret secret lies and spies against the public games that have been going on. From now on we the people demand direct access to our representatives, the right to tell them what to do, and the right to keep corporations and meta entities out of it. If a CEO of company X wants to talk about his company he can do so on the forum with everyone else and in full view of the public. All gifts and all donations to any public representative (congress, senate, mayor, city council, etc...) are hereby illegal. You get payed a flat rate by the government to do the job, and its a nice high wage because otherwise your not legally allowed to accept gifts while in office or because of favors after or any of that . Government by secret favors is now over.
[-] 1 points by DusanfromSerbia (34) from Београд, Централна Србија 12 years ago

It's too naive to assume that any monetary system would be made for the sake of humanity. The essence of it lays in fact that those who have the money or gold, need to get more of it, or at least to keep it safe. It is the mankind in the stake, either you are human or you are not, or you are not enough.

So the main thing about this protests should be awareness, everything sad on this site people should become aware of. We know plenty of things and facts, but the truth is that magority dont, because they dont search for the truth on internet , in books like we do, they just know what they need them to know. Spread the word oc, that is the thing, but also we must suppress the mainstream media or take it over, using the masses before their entries, blowing trumpets or something like that.

[-] 1 points by solutions (4) 12 years ago

Thank you for the comment. I would like to address that for the sake of humanity and serving humanity are two different things. You can definitely call me an idealists my friends, family and co-workers have been trying to live up to them for my whole life. We need to "design" a system that is controlled and operated by the public. Putting the service of money to work for us. Greed will exist and so will fear... it is a part of human nature and I get it. So many issues... that volumes of booksd could be written about how the control of the amount of money has grossly undermined the potential of humanity. We need democracy and transparency in our monetary system. Rothschild famously quoted "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws". That is over 200 years ago. These people are smarter and have access to the best technology that exists in the world. They understand that by the general public focusing on celebrity gossip, football teams and whatever bullshit the idiot box throws yourway; they will never see what they are up to. Here is the difference when it comes to an educated person. They change their tactics by manipulating just about everything. Do you vote? It doesnt matter these candidates are bought and paid for. So you get that part.... then they throw out issues, wars, policy changes... keeps you thinking. But gueswhat it is really doing? It keeps your eye off of their ace card. Their control of the amount of money in the system and they have been doing this for hundreds of years.

I dont want to come across as anything than spawning focus on "root" problems that will bring about lasting change.

Thank you for your post.

[-] 1 points by DusanfromSerbia (34) from Београд, Централна Србија 12 years ago

Well yes, its true (exept its not in human nature to be greed or feard, its indoktrine, human nature is devine but not actualized). I just wonder if its possible to achieve such a system. I mean maybe the solution is in changing the people not the system (any system even that controled by public can be manipulate), people should be more aware about, first of all themselves, their real needs and abilities, not what media sad, and that s what Roths most feard from, people to become selfconscience.. Salute.

[-] 1 points by theOnlineGovernmentDotcom (97) 12 years ago

This is damn good writing and a damn good idea. What you say is true - every dollar starts out as debt that can never be repaid. That's how I first coined 'debt is slavery' in my blogging although I'm obviously not the only person to realize this. This would be double beneficial because the people could inject the money into the economy in those areas that need the most help or something similar. Imagine if instead of debt, there was a huge lottery where people would win that money instead. It would be a different world right?

I would like to amend that this should not be all in the hands of congress - it gives one branch too much control. It would be important to think of possible sources of corruption and create a lot of checks and balances on this system. I once tried to talk to bitCoin to align with theOnlineGovernment to do something similar to this idea - I wanted to add democracy to their currency - right now I think it's secretly administered by a czar / system administrator. The genius thing here is that it's totally legal and you don't have to scrap anything at all - there would just be two currencies to choose from.

I do agree with the below that scrapping the entire monetary system would be a giant starting goal.

[-] 1 points by solutions (4) 12 years ago

Thank you for the comment. I would like to note that I do not propose a scrapping of the monetary system. I simply propose putting it into a democratic governing body such as Congress. I also propose mandating complete transparency to whichever elected body controls the monetary policy. The root of the problem is surprisingly simple compared to the complex conditions the root causes. The root is the control of the amount of money. This has happened in societies throught humankind. These past societies and ours has never had a democratic monetary policy with transparency... ever. So I propose going after the root and replacing the current monetary system with a "Democratic Debt-Free Monetary System", with complete transparency. We have done this in our country 6 times before just not with the transparency to keep it in place. Thank you for your comment. I wish this movement the best in find a voice that will create lasting solutions.

[-] 1 points by theOnlineGovernmentDotcom (97) 12 years ago

What would be great at this moment in time is if some branch of the government could also bring in money from this - all the government debt problems would vanish. Did you know when the fed was created that (I think it was Jefferson) said the people would eventually rebel against it? I also get pissed off that I can't buy stock in the fed. Why should it be private?

[-] 1 points by Leigh (11) 12 years ago

That's the one, riethc. If this protest accomplishes ONLY this, it'll be a huge success.

[-] 1 points by Leigh (11) 12 years ago

I think scrapping the entire US monetary system is probably too lofty a goal for the time being. How about we concentrate on the achievable? Like getting congress to repeal corporations' personhood? Like meaningful campaign reform? Like real oversight of the banks? Like an end to lobbying?

But I do like the way you think.

[-] 2 points by riethc (1149) 12 years ago

How about restoring the Glass-Steagall Act? It's in Congressional committee.

[-] 1 points by commonsolutions (2) 12 years ago

Please feel free to leave your comments.

[-] 1 points by commonsolutions (2) 12 years ago

Please feel free to leave your comments.

[-] 1 points by chancetraveler (1) 12 years ago

For more information about developing a monetary system that could more accurately reflect the common goals of humankind living on our planet of finite resources, check out Charles Eisenstein's work, including "Sacred Economics:" http://www.realitysandwich.com/homepage_sacred_economics