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Forum Post: Let's Talk Money!!!

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 6, 2011, 6:09 p.m. EST by BarbaraNH (35)
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Everything that's wrong with society comes down, in the end, to MONEY.

Democratize the money system and you fundamentally change the world.

The current money system -- privately-owned, debt-based bank credit -- has reached the end of its natural life. The planet can no longer support it, and people are tired of being hoodwinked into maintaining it. It's past time that people understood how it works, because when they do, there will be no holding them down.

This is not a crank, or fringe, notion -- it’s an undeniable fact, and many prominent, well-respected, honorable people have known it and said so since the system gained a foothold in the 1600’s. At this point, four hundred years later, it’s just “how things have always been.” At least that’s how it seems to us.

But it isn’t how it’s always been, even here in America. Thomas Jefferson was against it. So were James Madison and John Adams. But the monied interests were too powerful even then to stop it. They’re even more powerful now. But they’re at a disadvantage now, too. There are more people, better communication, greater knowledge transfer, less tolerance for abuse. And the corporate financial interests have just brought the world’s economy to the brink of disaster, ruining millions of people’s lives in the process, with their insatiable appetite for profit at any cost. People are paying attention.

The best and most understandable explanation I’ve come across of how our debt-based credit system works is a series of videos by Paul Grignon, called “Money As Debt.” Here’s a Youtube link to the videos:


Once you understand how our current system works, you may agree that it needs to be changed, now. So here’s another link, this one a copy of a bill that Congressman Kucinich has introduced in the House this September, H.R. 2990.


It would change the money system in one stroke, by removing private banks’ ability to create debt-based money. It would return the sole privilege of creating money to the government, where the Constitution intended it to be in the first place. It would democratize the money system.

Please watch the videos and read the bill, and let’s get this conversation going.



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