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Forum Post: Let's remember this country's history and fight injustice.

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 16, 2012, 2:58 p.m. EST by shield (222)
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This country (America/the Republic of the States united/The United States of America) was founded as a republic (NOT a democracy, though the method of choosing the delegates was democratic) on the authority of the sovereign people who constituted it. They elected delegates from each of the 13 original colonies to form a congress. This congress, during the revolutionary war, adopted the Declaration of Independence as its official declaration of intent to break from English rule and institute a government for its own people according to the principles espoused in that document. It was able to do this because the people of this country, acting as sovereign entities with no subjects save for themselves, granted to the delegates the authority to make such a decision.

This flow of power (people with rights -> delegates -> government action) is the nature of a republic. The people, who's rights are the foundation, may (or may not) grant to a group of "representatives" (who do not represent the people, but the specific powers or privileges which they have been granted by the people who have a legitimate right to such powers) the authority to act on their behalf. The representatives elected to carry out the functions of the government, thus, may never legitimately possess privileges which the people from whom their power is derived do not possess. That is the meaning of 'government by the consent of the governed'. One cannot consent to the use or exercise of something by others that one does not own.

Why people think that democracy is the best method of preserving people's rights is beyond me. A strictly democratic society which places no bounds on the power of democratic decisions may (and will eventually) vote itself into a dictatorship. Long before it does that, however, it will necessarily violate the rights of those who are not in the majority and likely those who are as well. The acceptance of these violations as the consequences of a democracy (which, for whatever reason, is still held to be good even after these violations occur) paves the way to authoritarian government (as we are seeing today) and soon after all-out tyranny. A society which is not founded on the principle of individual rights (such as a republic) cannot stand for long before its rulers turn to despotism.

In my view, the founding fathers had the right idea in adopting the Declaration of Independence as their list of reasons for freeing their country from foreign rule and instituting a new form of government. Though the many camps and factions within the early nation crafted documents (such as the articles of confederation and the constitution) which at times contradicted the stated purpose for forming this country, their dedication to liberty and the supremacy of right was what made this nation great in its early years. The idea of the supremacy of right has all but been demolished by an obsession with democracy. This is largely the fault of the United States' agenda to brainwash the people of this country (and every other country) into accepting 'the consequences of democracy' (as espoused above) on the route to the 'New World Order'. It is also the fault of the citizens of this country and those of the countries of the rest of the world who have failed to realize what it was that America had done that was different from anything that had come before. It was this difference that made America what it was in its early days. This difference was the idea that every human being had rights and that no government action could be considered legitimate which violated these rights UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

As evidence of the effect of the attempted erasure of the unique aspect of America, I put forth the fact that most if not all of the specific complaints against the king of England enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are now being practiced by the United States. Notice that the military power has now been rendered superior to the civil power and that this is an overt step in securing dictatorial rule over a country.



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[-] 1 points by ChristopherABrown (550) from Santa Barbara, CA 6 years ago

Article 5 convention NOW!

What happened, why we have this problem with government. http://algoxy.com/poly/emergency_powers_statutes.html

What Article 5 is. History of violations of the Constitution. http://algoxy.com/poly/article_v_convention.html

Strategy for Article 5. Note step 3.5 and preparatory amendment preventing runaway. http://algoxy.com/ows/strategyofamerica.html

Lessig power point on article V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gpbfY-atMk

Article V conference, Lawrence Lessig at harvard 9/25/11-other attendee video comments http://vimeo.com/31464745

[-] 1 points by shield (222) 6 years ago

Interesting page, though it seems a little ranty. Re-affirms things I have read elsewhere. Have you been to teamlaw.org? That was my first coherent introduction to these concepts. There are conflicting reports amongst the several sources of advocacy of this information though. Such as whether or not the original jurisdiction governors have or have not reconvened and re-established the political machinery of America.

[-] 1 points by ChristopherABrown (550) from Santa Barbara, CA 6 years ago

Rants are good if they are coherent and evidenced. Here is a less "ranty" site that has more, well evidenced history. The "ranty" page is a consolidation or summary fitting into actual legal strategy.


With the use of "ranty" to typify, you adhere to social structures of perceptions which create auto-marginalization socially engineered into American society by the uses of semiotics in TV. If, ever in your life, you have sat and idly understanding television, then you are conditioned to think such terms are functional.

In you case I realize that your use is a default, unconscious reaction (long term memory is in the unconscious realm, but selective access) rather than an intentional use, which mixes in easily without people knowing and only those aware of cognitive distortions, or how a cognitive infiltration uses them to control group thinking, can fully avoid the dysfunction of them.

This list was compiled by behavioral therapists to help patients discover how they were packaging perceptions with distortions, then taking action on the distorted perceptions, obviously having an undesired result. The cognitive infiltration had the cooperation of; sitcoms, soap operas, game shows, cartoons, reality shows, society shows, etc.; in conditioning at least 2 generations of Americans quite completely to use these distortions an not really be aware of it. To see them as normal because every one is doing them.


  1. All or nothing thinking: Things are placed in black or white categories. If things are less than perfect self is viewed as failure.
  2. Over generalization: Single event is viewed as continuous failure.
  3. Mental filter: Details in life (positive or negative) are amplified in importance while opposite is rejected.
  4. Minimizing: Perceiving one or opposite experiences (positive or negative) as absolute and maintaining singularity of belief to one or the other.
  5. Mind reading: One absolutely concludes that others are reacting positively or negatively without investigating reality.
  6. Fortune Telling: Based on previous 5 distortions, anticipation of negative or positive outcome of situations is established
  7. Catastrophizing: Exaggerated importance of self's failures and others successes.
  8. Emotional reasoning: One feels as though emotional state IS reality of situation
  9. "Should" statements: Self imposed rules about behavior creating guilt at self inability to adhere and anger at others in their inability to conform to self's rules.
  10. Labeling: Instead of understanding errors over generalization is applied.
  11. Personalization: Thinking that the actions or statements of others are a reaction to you.
  12. Entitlement: Believing that you deserve things you have not earned.

My opinion on your question, in answer. They have not reconvened. Their presence, qualities character and intentions, both qual and opposite to the same status of the current infiltration of the government, is mostly unknown.

Without knowing what has happened, it cannot be known to be undone.