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Forum Post: Let's make a list of all the things that we can't choose

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 14, 2011, 5:40 p.m. EST by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague
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I am so sick and tired of people saying that your life is totally up to your own choices. Really? that's a load of BULL. This post is an invitation to everyone to post what things we cannot and did not CHOOSE. I'll start off: I did not choose to be born.



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[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 12 years ago

I did not choose to have the 4th amendment deleted by the government.

[-] 3 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 12 years ago

The detention bill; Patriot act; seatbelt law; healthcare reform; tax rates; audit the fed; where did the bailout money go; cannot choose woodland retreat as said here; nudity ;) ok; birth, but that doesn't count; choice of losing my job; choice of gas prices; choice of laws that allowed energy/food deregulation, glass stegall act revocation; the fact I was born into a system engineered around me that I had no say in its creation; what school i went to; the car accident i got in where I was rear-ended.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

good one!

[-] 3 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

In capitalism, you can choose to screw everyone over to get on top or stay at the bottom.

[-] -3 points by bigbangbilly (594) 12 years ago

In totalitarianism and authoritarianism, the government will screw everyone period.

[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

Good luck with Straw man arguments like this...

Edit: As can be seen from the rest of the conversation, that was an agreement with which I also agree, totalitarianism or authoritarianism is even worse as it always gets corrupted and then everyone is screwed.

[-] 1 points by bigbangbilly (594) 12 years ago

Edited my post. And how did you make your link look like a word? Besides I am not defending capitalism in that post.

[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

Like this: [Straw man]**(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man)**

Looking at the rating of your post, I'm not the only one who "misunderstand" what you mean.

[-] 2 points by bigbangbilly (594) 12 years ago

Now I disliked my own post and regretted posting that. I am very sorry for offending you.

[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

No offense taken, since you didn't mean to use straw man to defend capitalism. :)

[-] 2 points by bigbangbilly (594) 12 years ago

I did not meant to argue with you. That was actually a post of agreement with you. Any advice on avoid making my post of agreement look like an invitation to an argument?

[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

You just did, with your last posts ;) I don't think there is another way to put it in response so I edited mine. :)

[-] 2 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 12 years ago

I did not choose to go to war with Iraq based on lies fabricated by the Bush administration nor did I choose for the the USA to bomb a bunch of countries and declare the world as a battlefield and for the government to say stuff like this,

"the threats posed by alQaeda cells in Yemen and Africa underscore the evolving and continuing nature of the terrorist threat to the United States. The Conference Report ensures the United States will have the ability to meet this threat and neutralize terrorists from these groups and conduct effective interrogations"


I'm 100% against terrorism... but what the fuck did Africa and Yemen ever to do us?

[-] 2 points by KillerInstinctGold (43) 12 years ago

I dont get to choose wether I wear a helmet wile riding a bike. I cant choose to live in the woods and grow my own food. I cant choose not to wear a seat belt. I didnt choose to goto an incompitant school system that hated me. i cant choose to use drugs evasn though it is my body.I cant choose to walk around naked.I didnt choose to be diabetic.

[-] 1 points by jk1234 (257) 12 years ago

Interesting question and reminds me of another question by Denninger:


Here is the text:

First Principles And Politics

Let's have a simple conversation folks.

It's going to be focused on just one thing: First Principles.

Just one of them, in fact. It's this: Who owns your physical person as a legal adult of 18 or more years age?

No weasel words, no ifs, ands, buts or maybes.

There are two broad possibilities, one of which is an absolute and the second leaves us to have a different discussion. They are:

You, personally.

Someone else. If your position is the second, then please so admit and we'll discuss that in the comment section. Be prepared to explain how this is not tantamount to slavery (for openers.)

If your position is the first then I challenge you to examine whatever grant of authority over your personal sovereignty you claim the government has a right to assert.

We can go into any level of detail you wish on this, but my posting of this Ticker isn't intended to focus in any one particular area. Rather, it is to challenge you to examine your first principles and then place against them the policies you support as pertain to the political party and government actors who you support and are willing to submit to in whole or part, and the conditions under which you are willing to do so.

If you can't square your position on First Principles with your political affiliations, I would argue that it is time for you to re-think those affiliations, and that it is impossible to take the first position as a matter of First Principle and still call yourself either Republican or Democrat.

[-] 1 points by leavethecities (318) 12 years ago

I thought deeply and wisely about choice. A child will stay away from a hot stove when burned unless he has no legs or is slow on the otherhand a tornado will always find a trailer park, unless the trailers are uninhabited.

[-] 1 points by orz (83) 12 years ago

No one brought a social contract to my door.

[-] 1 points by REALamerican (241) 12 years ago

ok to assume you have control over every single thing in your life is completely ignorant... but i agree the government has too much involvement in telling me and everyone and ESPECIALLY businesses what to do.

[-] 0 points by MVSN (768) from Stockton, CA 12 years ago

Did not choose to be born? That is your answer? Ya know whatZ. You could rectify that...

[-] 0 points by avery724 (60) 12 years ago

Does anyone choose to be born?

[-] 0 points by stuartchase (861) 12 years ago

The Revolution has a new theme song!



The Revolution starts here!

[-] 0 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 12 years ago

I did not choose an environment of neural linguistic nonsense,

or skitological madness -

surrounded by networks of nitwits

networks of networks

all of them nitwits

all pulling my ear

I did not choose that.

I was selected.

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 12 years ago

fukin scumbags

[-] 0 points by kingscrossection (1203) 12 years ago

Would you prefer the alternative?

[-] -1 points by MASTERdBATER (15) 12 years ago

Yet another afraid to reflect inwardly.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

why not try looking outwards? away from your own self. to those around you?

[-] 0 points by MASTERdBATER (15) 12 years ago

And continue to blame others for my problems? I think OWS does enough outward reflection for everyone. Inward reflection is asking yourself "what could I have done differently to improve my situation" outward thinker; "what could THEY have done differently to improve my situation"

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

uh, no, look around at those around you who need help, and help them. my god, you are totally self-centered. so, the only person you need to be concerned about is yourself? really? I guess you aren't Christian then.

[-] -3 points by betuadollar (-313) 12 years ago

You obviously did not chose your level of intellect either.

[-] -2 points by avery724 (60) 12 years ago

great response .