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Forum Post: Let's keep it up!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 10:31 a.m. EST by sfeldman69 (2)
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Fellow OWSers - You are amazing! Let's keep up the hard work. Yesterday at the march I perceived a restiveness amongst a minority of us, an urgency to do something big fast. I want to urge us to have faith and patience. It takes time to build a movement. My spiritual teacher uses the analogy of building stairs to get over a wall to freedom. We can jump up and down to try to see over to the other side, all the time standing in place. Or we can do the hard work of building up stairs stone by stone, so that we can ultimately scale the wall and meet the other side - truth, liberation. Our cause is too important to rush the process. Nor do I think we should use the tools of those that oppress us - violence and coercion, to make the change we are seeking. If we lose heart and become cynical, they have already won. We have truth and justice on our side. The process whereby we act is the model for the type of society we are trying to build. Let's continue to organize on the basis of collective empowerment, consciousness raising, and loving commitment to the well-being of all people and all beings. We are interdependent and need every one of us and this beautiful, living planet we reside on to be well to have a healthy, well-functioning society. Peace and blessings be with all of you!



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