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Forum Post: lets demand work programs (solar)

Posted 8 years ago on July 9, 2012, 9:13 a.m. EST by know1 (210)
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Lets demand work programs. Something like, solar hot water heaters on every house in the US

Paid for by money created interest free by US tresury.

I think thats a reasonable demand.

I mean, do we have any plan at all for global warming.

This whole, so called, financial crisis is just on paper. Well fix it on the same paper

How do you think they financed the great wars. They know money can be created at will



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[-] 1 points by MoshehThezion (98) 8 years ago

YES... perfect demand.. and i can show you how to make it work. see --- http://mosheh.org/people-and-jobs.html

1) I do not propose a socialist style system, where the government provides good jobs for all... NO.... I propose to allow the government to provide 'basic' labor jobs for any American who needs one to survive, and to provide real assistance programs, such as housing, training and easy job interviewing, so that those who find themselves in this government program can have REAL HOPE of finding something BETTER in the free market, and PRESSURE those Americans to do so.

2) The laid off workers from the Free Market, would be allowed the same limited un-employment insurance as it exists today, except instead of free money, they would be required to work for it, and PRESSURED and helped in their search for BETTER employment in the Free Market, and if their un-employment benefits run out, they can still gain minimum wage work, from those same E.D.D. programs described.

3) To make this function properly, the Federal government under my leadership, would develop my New Deal for 2012 policies of economic expansion with national and local projects of great value, such as large scale river diversion, infrastructure improvement, energy development, mining and resource management, and technological R & D. So as to provide a consistent need for trained, and skilled laborers to accomplish these long term goals for our nation, thus maintaining that these E.D.D. programs be as small as possible, and mainly serving the poorest of the poor, to prevent them from failing into the gutter as homeless people.

(A longer description)

Benefits for the People as JOBS : As our current economic crisis shows clearly, the most major factor which can depress our economy, is first of all, a lack of jobs, and with it a serious drop in consumer confidence, and consumer spending, which directly results in a further depression of the economy. And what we need, is a security system, which keeps people employed, without creating a socialist state, or damaging the ability of the free market to find and hire employees, and most importantly, we must be able to end, what has become a welfare state.

Proposals for the people as Jobs : a) Anyone who has ever been laid off, is familiar with the E.D.D. the Employment Development Department, and they would also know how very limited is its ability to actually develop employment, and how little resources are provided for that function, and more often than not, it is used simply as a cash cow source of free money, and the people are left to fend for themselves in their employment seeking effort, and I would propose that we improve upon this. b) These improvements would come by re-organizing the E.D.D. to truly fulfill its goals of Employment Development, by adhering to the following actions,...

1) All American citizens (Not work permit aliens, or illegal aliens.) should be provided the social guarantee of employment, or the equivalent of, through the assistance of the E.D.D. programs, under all circumstances, as a benefit for being U.S. citizens. In this way, mothers, who may presently feel compelled to kill their un-born children via abortion, can have a serious option, in the form of detailed assistance in housing, employment, training, and life development, so as to allow them to keep their babies instead of killing them for economic reasons.

2) However, unlike today, since the E.D.D. will be providing the money (just as it does now), such as 50% of a citizens previous salary, those citizens, should be forced to actually go to a local E.D.D. work center, for no less than 20 hours a week, being 50% of a normal work week. And if they do not, then they get no money.

3) And there they shall spend 10 hrs/ week being put to work, by the E.D.D, to do various functions, there or through out the city, and are provided the assistance in resume writing, and with it, must engage for 10 hrs/ week in the effort of a job search using improved and fully expanded job search functions, incorporating all sources of employment advertising, at, the E.D.D. As it is well known, the rate at which a person can find a job, is directly proportional to the amount of effort applied in doing so, and as such, it should be required, and made easy for them to do so. As any American can tell you, finding a job, can be one of the most stressful and disappointing things to do in our free society, and the purpose of the E.D.D. should be to make it as easy as possible.

4) The assistance program could include the offering of temporary work programs for local businesses, where by businesses can contract with the E.D.D, to hire temporary workers, with limited liability and no demands to hire them as permanent workers, allowing them to pick and choose those they would like to offer full time permanent work unto, based on performance, and still allowing the worker the security of E.D.D. assistance guarantees, if it does not work out. However such programs would come with limits and restrictions, to prevent abuse by the business sector from dumping workers without cause, or avoiding the costs of full time workers, as such abuse would further degrade the free market employment effort of the E.D.D. Also, local E.D.D. offices could easily furnish the space to allow businesses, via schedules, the means to interview large numbers of applicants, all from the same location, and possibly on the same day, relieving the challenge in human resources development. This would also reduce the burden on workers, in having to travel to 100 different locations to go on 100 different interviews, which is honestly, the most difficult part of looking for a job..

5) The E.D.D. via the Federal government, could also provide zero interest loans, for training programs to re-train workers, into fields of personal interest to the worker, allowing for the expansion of their work potential, and allowing those citizens, to train either at the E.D.D, or from public and private schools, during the day, and fulfill their work obligation to the E.D.D. during off hours, as the E.D.D. could be operated 24 hours a day, to fit the schedules of all American citizens.

6) And perhaps most importantly, the E.D.D. could and should provide a large scale assistant program, to provide adequate schooling and day care functions, allowing the abundance of single mothers and fathers, and those present Welfare recipients, to be put to work, trained, educated, and or otherwise made to become a benefit to society, instead of a drain. It does little good to provide food stamps and welfare money to a single mother of three children, as such only locks her and her children into poverty, and they would be better served by training, and employment development services which can truly make a difference in their lives, and the only way it can be done is if it is mandatory, by a new fully functional E.D.D. 7) If we are to have an income tax in this nation, then it should be used to provide the security of income for the people, via the provision of work and transition programs to keep people working, find them better work, and facilitate training, all of which serves the best interest of the entire free market, because without trained workers, and the ease in finding them, the business sector suffers, and growth potential is slowed. Each of us, is in danger of un-employment, as even a rich man, can find himself with nothing, and if that man be forced to pay an income tax, he must be offered some form of benefit in return, and it should be something more than a bloated fat government.

Some would say this is un-fair, but the truth is, you are all paying income taxes now, and I suggest that some of that money should be used to provide the means to prevent the economic landslide we are suffering here in 2009 with the loss of work, and the loss of consumer confidence and consumer spending.

We must keep people working, and provide the support structure to uphold the economy. And the back bone of our economy has always been JOBS!

My proposed New Deal for 2012, economic policies, would make it possible to provide this Job Security, and yet also greatly lower taxation.

-Mosheh Thezion

[-] 1 points by know1 (210) 8 years ago

I really dont know shit about OWS, can any body tell me how it works

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 8 years ago

You find out where your local General Assembly is being held, and when, and then you rock up and hopefully have your say.

On the fiat economy issue you raised, the banksters have been manipulating the economy/inflation/deflation for so long now, to actually have to admit that they've been doing it would probably end up in them being lynched in public.

Apparently the Fed Reserve tenure comes up for renewal next year, which is probably why they just printed up several trillion dollars and handed it out to their criminal cohorts.

You and I get to pay interest if we want some. You'd think they'd just send some planes flying around the country dropping wads of greenbacks so everyone would vote to let them control the printing press again for 99 years.