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Forum Post: legalized fascism ...the data you are if it is you

Posted 5 years ago on March 12, 2015, 6:53 p.m. EST by elf3 (4187)
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what the fuck is happening to our freedom? Look at the sheer amount of data breaches...equifax leaked over 200 million identities of Americans (there are about 320 million total Americans to put this number in perspective - for just this one breach): scroll to http://m.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/nc-ag-joins-other-states-probing-massive-data-brea/nfWxj/ meaning social security numbers are no longer valid. Our credit system can't be trusted anymore. Meaning why is equifax, trans union, or experian still allowed to pretend they can hold the credentials to an id that can't be validated? These three companies are holding our freedom in their hands ( thanks to ws bribing government) finances are now what we construe as freedom..(financial mobility)...and imprisoning people in their scoring system. We are not data...we are humans...we are not the number we wear. It is a legalized caste system. Banishing those who have faltered and now those who are compromised which is apparently now all of us...to a dust pile on the back burner of freedom. NPR did a story on big data recently ...yes we are being broken down into numbers while at the same time wallstreet is being flagged as human beings with more rights than us. And street greed is laughing while Cashing our checks at the wallstreet bank...thugs of the same cloth. And you know who is caught in the middle...working people. Whatever color they are...bail out the banks ...bail out a street thug courtesy of your taxes and now your credit cards...which when bank takes a tax loss you pay for again. Crooks get a shopping spree, stores get a boost, bankster thugs file the loss. They are all business partners and we foot the bill. What a scam they are all running together. And we say...ok sir let me get the notarized police reports, paperwork, make 3000 phone calls, try to track down the thieves while the police shrug at you and say it happens as you try to prove your innocence...and yes sir...may I have another? What kind of patsies are we? What the fuck?!!!!!!!!

And yes millenials once upon a time your forefathers didn't have to live in this kind of world and by forefathers I mean as recently as gen-exers. We remember some freedom. I'm sorry we couldn't preserve it.

Apologies this almost sounds like a miss usa fuck up answer ...but the notifications box still blocks my entire screen and I can't see it while I type? Errr



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[-] 4 points by elf3 (4187) 5 years ago

And yes I do conceed that when you throw people mainly poor people in the dust bin and remove all ability to move through the world by casting them as not worthy to live like society according to FICO they will need to take measures to be able to live ie steal an identity...but um motherfucks you aren't stealing from banks you are stealing from other poor people, or perhaps an elderly or terminally ill or disabled person...but yeah you don't give two shits on account of being greedy motherfuckers who would rather purchase a flat screen while grandma starves or steal the id of a child. That can't be justified. Maybe you are just dumb and dont think but i would wager you are clever enough to do what you do you are clever enough to realize the hurt. Protest...make change...don't do more damage. Hell id actually have some respect for you if you were robbing the actual banks...but taxpayers foot the bill. And the victims lives get put on lockdown while they must perform intensive labor and backbends to clear themselves. Hardworking people...workin two and three jobs, perhaps bereaving a husband or wife...now caught up dealing with corpirate thugs within the corporate bureaucracy. The banks don't suffer...the victims do.

[-] 3 points by elf3 (4187) 5 years ago

Relying on three companies that either validate or invalidate your worth: landlords, employers, car dealerships, student lending, mortgages: the very fundamental needs of human beings rely on three private corporations to track and grade us while at the same token telling us it is our responsibility to guard a government issued number which has been breached and exploited by nearly every company with which we must deal ...how many people have accessed this "secret" key into your life over the years? One can't protect something which is used for every financial transaction and every employer even job application undertaken. One pays the price of higher interest when one has a lower score ...and the banks who are in business with the credit bureaus now make out ....total conflict of interest as well as a reason and investment in actually leaking the data with which they are charged to oversee as they bribe government to deregulate that process. If we all had to save for a house the price of a house would come down...as would college, bread, all goods. What has made things so expensive is credit...so yes we could function quite fine much better than we do with ammortized loans and interest. They haven't made home ownership affordable rather they have made it more and more expensive...while making us reliant on their lending. And underneath all of this is the burgeoning new industry of credit insurance...you must pay to guard your information...the information someone else decided to keep...the information created by the government that allowed it to become one's financial passport . It is a toll to be sure. Your fico ...papers please.