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Forum Post: Leave Wall Street Alone / Look At Yourself

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 8, 2011, 7:51 p.m. EST by GetADamnJob (1)
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If you want real change it starts with YOU! You don't run around screaming, chanting and crying about the way things are when you haven't done a single damn thing to help yourself or your country. Take a look inside yourself and find the reason why you are so angry about the way things are. Chances are; it's because you suffer from low self esteem and you are seeking to pride yourself by tearing others down. What you're doing is abusive and our brother's and sisters who go to work every day on Wall Street with hopes of bettering our financial crisis are the subject of your scrutiny without cause! Leave Wall Street Alone and Look at YOURSELF!



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[-] 2 points by radical22 (113) 11 years ago

Oh they guys that created toxic CDO's and the ratings companies are real contributors to this country. With patriots like the scumbags at AIG, GS, BAC and Countrywide, who needs enemies?

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 11 years ago

Amazing that AIG is suing BOA for 10 billion dollars due to fraud - takes one to know one but these people like the OP think the bankers are SAINTS!

[-] 2 points by jph (2652) 11 years ago

Wow, why not just post that you are a slave and love it?

Actually GetADamnJob you expose yourself as a weak minded fool,. but you know that don't you.

Lol,. you think the people working for Wall St. are "bettering our financial crisis"? Ha! if you mean stealing more of the wealth from America to take to their off shore numbered accounts, then perhaps you are more perceptive than I thought.

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 11 years ago

Like 2

[-] 1 points by BadAss0830 (68) 11 years ago

BadAss0830 likes this. :)

[-] 2 points by QuestionIStheAnswer (3) 11 years ago

If you calculate out how much it costs to feed, cloth, and educate 2 children until 18 years of age, the cost of living a modest lifestyle, and having a modest retirement from age 70 to 90, without going into debt, the total comes to $120K a year per couple. Average John and Jane Doe are lucking to be making half that. Do the math. Our species doesn't deal well with too large of a concentration of wealth. Just ask the French. We are a social species. If you look throughout history, any time there is too much economic disparity between people in a system, revolution or war results.

[-] 2 points by BadAss0830 (68) 11 years ago

You know what, I was gonna let this go because I thought your comment was so incredibly ignorant it didn't deserve my time. But I'd like to set the record straight. OWS are not a bunch of bums. I would venture to say a majority of them are more educated than you (my opinion). I believe most are like me...

I was told that if I worked hard I could achieve anything. Do good in school, go to college, find a job, work hard and you'll achieve the American dream. I did good in school (I'm very bright), I went to college, did outstanding, did my internships, got a job out of college, watched upper management buy super expensive cars and go on super expensive trips while I worked my ass off for the company, company goes bankrupt, foreign company buys it, I lose my job. No worries. I'll get back in the saddle. Find a better job. Bigger company. Work my ass off trying to get ahead and "make a difference". Executives are more worried about looking good so they can collect they're huge salaries than actually discussing how to move forward. Company gets acquired. Parent company sees how stupid everyone is and they all get let go including my boss. Parent company decides it's easier for my duties to be handled in another country. I LOSE MY JOB AGAIN!

I did what I was told. I've done much more than many and have worked my fingers to the bone and wasted years of my life chasing an impossible dream. It got me on unemployment with tens of thousands of dollars left on my student loans.

The American dream was stolen from us and we want it back!

[-] 2 points by fantastic (74) from Boston, MA 11 years ago

our brothers and sisters on wall street are the reason were out there they fk us in every aspect and now we are letting them know exactly who they fk alalalalala

[-] 2 points by Participate (4) from Biggs, CA 11 years ago

YOU are seeking to tear them down because they are dissenting from what you believe. I am a licensed psychotherapist and I disagree that this movement needs to be psychologized or pathologized for the great work they are doing. Psychologizing dissent has a long and ugly history and has kept people down for too long. This movement should not be reduced to psychological issues. Try debating the movements' demands instead of pathologizing the activists.

[-] 1 points by sudoname (1001) from Berkeley, CA 11 years ago

Whenever someone starts out a post with "get a job", my ears turn off. Cause I have a job, and so do many of OWS supporters.

[-] 1 points by Bootsw (39) 11 years ago

I have a few questions for you:

  1. Do you think the bail out of wall st was necessary??
  2. Do you think corporations should be involved in lobbying?
  3. What in your estimation caused the housing crisis??
  4. What might have prevented the housing crisis??

The reason I support this movement is because of the answer to those four questions. Please take the time to read the 'About' tab of this site. Thanks.


[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 11 years ago

love the using name

I've proposed name a sub forum after the name

[-] 1 points by steve005 (256) from Cincinnati, OH 11 years ago

This is the truth, if you, look at for example, the food your eating, and where it comes from, you'll realize you're hurting the planet!

[-] 1 points by cananwill (2) 11 years ago

real change does not happen with out people like those who are out there fighting for a better world. Don't be a drone.

[-] 1 points by twkincaid (4) 11 years ago

It certainly does start with the individual. We all need an overhaul in our thinking and way of life. But to think that Wall Street should be left alone kinda contradicts the fact that we need some changes. After all "leaving Wall Street alone" is what got us all in this mess. You're not thinking clearly if you think this doesn't affect you. Unless you are a multi-millionaire you are one of us'''like it or not. If you feel fine dressing up everyday and pretending you're not than good for you. Don't worry Corpramerica will bend you over soon enough! Good luck.

[-] 1 points by diborah (16) 11 years ago

song of the revolution...thanks hip hop!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WBHic2Ea_8

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 11 years ago

Leave those bankers alone you big meanies! BOO HOO Stop picking on your superiors, you dirty hippies!

[-] 1 points by bjkahuna (40) 11 years ago

We will walk over you.

[-] 1 points by SMARTGIRL (32) 11 years ago

In your stiletto heels sipping your Dom Perignon no doubt. Well La Dee Da. Won't it be a pretty sight when the meltdown comes. No more Dom Perignon.

[-] 1 points by bjkahuna (40) 11 years ago

Uh...I was speaking to the greedbot that posted.

[-] 1 points by Awakened (2) 11 years ago

Let's see, we have an unemployment problem, because there aren't enough jobs. So the answer is that everyone protesting should just get jobs. But the jobs aren't there to begin with, hence the protests. If it's that easy, then by all means, quit your job and go look for another.

My last employer gave raises - in 1999 - for the last time. The 99% have little left to give for themselves, but they are protesting to give their country - and their children - a brighter future.

If you begrudge others for fighting for a better future, perhaps you should look at yourself.

"Experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can think of no milder term to apply to ... the general prey of the rich on the poor." -- Thomas Jefferson

"I hope [that] we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength and [to] bid defiance to the laws of our country." -- Thomas Jefferson

[-] 1 points by SMARTGIRL (32) 11 years ago

I GO TO WORK....the system is rigged. Wall Street is a den of vipers.

[-] 1 points by Aspireto1Percent (10) 11 years ago

The "Bailout" to Wall Street were loans, not free money. The loans had to be paid back. Just pay back your student loans you lazy a-holes!

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 11 years ago

See this guys user name? Aspire to 1 percent. That is the problem we have in America.

They don't see what they really are, they just keep dreaming of the day they will become billionaires. Cuz yanno, it is gunna happen! Jesus told me so!

"in America the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

[-] 1 points by pgaul (11) 11 years ago

Oh thank you, so great to have an internet psychiatric professional aboard. All any of these people need is a good dose of personal responsibility and maybe some especially salient Republican talking points. Right?

Please go back to your country ass suburb and watch your re runs of Hee Haw. The Tea Party has had its 18 months of fame and it's time to get on with history.

[-] 1 points by Vincenzo (47) 11 years ago

AHHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

[-] 1 points by peaches49 (18) 11 years ago

We are running around, screaming, chanting and crying about the way things are. That's the point. We are helping ourselves and our country. We are angry, not at ourselves for we have tried for too long to live our lives in peace, without being lied to, stolen from and forced to abide by the banks rules, and been deceived by our politicians who don't have OUR (The 99%) best interests at heart. We are doing something about it, and our self esteem is higher than it has ever been. It feels so much better than sitting on a couch with a remote control in your hand. You should try it sometime.

[-] 1 points by hotdoghenry (268) 11 years ago

and when was the last time you voted?

[-] 1 points by peaches49 (18) 11 years ago

I've been voting since I was 18. I have a full time job, a car, medical insurance and I live on Maui in a nice condo across the street from the beach. I've raised 2 sons who are having a HELL of a time out there getting work while going to school, and getting deeper and deeper into debt. I think you all need to realize that the majority of the people in the streets are just like me. And you. Trust that they are doing the right thing for all of us... ; )

[-] 1 points by BadAss0830 (68) 11 years ago

Well said!

[-] 0 points by hotdoghenry (268) 11 years ago

ROFL, you live in Maui? try Brooklyn for a while.

So keep on voting for the socialists you nitwits in Hawaii put into office. The only reason your economy in Hawaii is somewhat vibrant is due to FOREIGN tourism!

Your entire economy is based on the tax revenue generated from the very wealthy people that can afford to visit and live in your state.

So in effect you want to bight the hand that feeds you.


[-] 1 points by peaches49 (18) 11 years ago

No, I don't mind that they tax the tourists. I'm not talking about taxes. we here also have corruption, any government is corrupt in almost all states because it has been almost expected of them to be when they were elected. If they and the police were not when the got into office, they usually end up that way.

I am supportive of the movement in Wall Street because, it is time for transparency in everything. We the people want the truth about what's really going on. The media is the biggest liar. And we know who owns them. And by the way our state tax is only 4.166%, and the majority of tourists still come from the good ole USA. Peace Out. ; )

[-] 1 points by peaches49 (18) 11 years ago

Once a man or woman get's into the Oval office, he is no longer his owm spokesperson and has little power. Don't you see that. Obama wanted to do the right for the people, but he is being contolled and cannot speak his own voice or do the things he promised to do. Look at congress and all the wars going on between the two parties. Our system is no longer able to function and it no longer is working to help and meet the needs of the people. It is self serving. It does not care about you or me or our children. It only cares about the powerful and greedy. This is what brought Rome down. This has happened before and it wiped out an entire civilization. It is broken, and so are our people. BUT, finally we are standing up against a broken system and we are not going to allow it to take us down. Period! We are intelligent enough to stop this madness once and for all and make this world a better more peaceful and productive planet for the good of the people. Hallelujah! Just go with the flow...as it will come to pass and our world will be better in the end because of the 99% who will bring about necessary change.

[-] 1 points by hotdoghenry (268) 11 years ago

Transparency? That's what Obama promised..... remember? Did we get that? No we got just the opposite. He along with the Senate and Congress up until the last election behind closed doors.

We had transparency and thu it away when elect all these left wing radicals!

[-] 1 points by smate1 (72) 11 years ago

Washington corruption is the true cancer behind wall street. Let's unite left and right against any public money in politics while we have the chance. Together we stand.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Wall street is the true cancer behind washington.

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

Why do we still think they aren't the same thing?

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

They are. That doesn't mean you throw out the government. We need to take the government back.

[-] 1 points by smate1 (72) 11 years ago

Do you believe that we the people can unite against money in elections?

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

No, not at this point. As long as people even listen to what the two parties have to say it's hopeless. I hope this movement can help open peoples' eyes. I think our goal should not only be to fight corporate influence in government, but to wake the public up. There can be no democracy without an educated populace.

[-] 1 points by smate1 (72) 11 years ago

Neither party wants to remove pulbic money from elections, thats the point. They are supposed to listen to whant we have to say and they can't.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago


[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

We need to make the government smaller. We need to make corporations smaller.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Then corporations grow and control the government. It's a recipe for disaster.

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

You just need to create a common understanding in the people that corporations are bad. We need to create an environment where the individual trumps the corporation.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

I think that certain businesses will inevitably grow, consolidate, and dominate. Without state power that can't be stopped.

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

If you created a society of individuals that thought about the effects of their purchases, and the morality of their buying options, then businesses would never be a problem.

Just create a responsible citizenry.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Do you believe that this is possible?

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

Yes. I do.

I admit it's an irrational belief. But I must admit I believe that the best in people is there, but is lying dormant.

Everyone is capable of greatness. We all just need a little bit of help.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

I too am optimistic about human potential, but I don't think that a free market would stay free. I think that corporatism and fascism are the ultimate end. I think that people need an apparatus (state) to protect themselves from this.

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

I never understand the logic that these big, greedy CEOs are so evil and out to destroy everyone, so we need an even bigger, more powerful entity on the other side, controlled by EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF PEOPLE (politicians are exactly the same type of person as CEOs, after money and power), and somehow that'll fix it.

There's some kind of weird logical flop in people who abhor big religion, big corporations, but not big government. Everyone with money and power is corrupt, except the state, which has your best interest in mind. I don't see any evidence for this.

I also find it strange that everyone is mad at CEOs and corporations for "buying" the government, but nobody seems halfway irate about politicians allowing themselves to be bought? If we don't create an environment in which people DO as they SAY, all the fancy rules don't matter. Write whatever ones you want. People won't obey em.

Real change would start with integrity. The integrity of the individuals.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

The whole point is that I support DEMOCRATIC government. If the people are in control I see no problem. We are in agreement that the current government does not represent us, trust me.

[-] 1 points by MiMi1026 (937) from Springfield, VA 11 years ago

Here Here!

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

Rule by the majority? An equal say for everyone?

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Yes democracy in a two party system would be a dictatorship of the majority, but there are simple, common sense changes we can make that would allow more voices. You get a certain percentage of the vote, you get a certain percentage of the congress. Not this plurality crap where you can be the sole voice of a community with 30% of the vote.

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

I think dumbocracy is a horrible system of governance, so we can agree to disagree. I did have a thought somewhere in this line which was interesting last night. In some sort of democratic representative govt, what if the representatives were chosen at random. Then citizens would file to actually back a particular representative, and the amount who backed each rep would be that representatives voting power. So each representative wouldn't each have one vote, but XX,XXX votes. People would be free to move their alliegance at any time to another representative who more aligned in voting to how you felt people should vote. Representatives could be cycled in and out at random, taking care of nefarious govt control and campaigning. Then there would just be the task of keeping everyone up to date on how reps voted so they could move their own personal vote behind the person who they wanted to have their support in the actual voting.

Maybe not a good one, but an unconventional thought.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

You may be on to something. Hell, I actually rather like this idea. The internet definitely makes this possible.

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

Yeah, technology could make it possible. The idea of representatives having the flux in the votes would mean that it's possible for an unpopular measure to be passed by the people, or a measure not supported by the people to be put down. I have no doubt that under a system like this, measures like the bailout would have never passed. Seems like it certainly would prevent some evils that are running rampant today (it would make voting for something like term limits, or wage limits on congress possible, all you need is one rep willing to vote for it with all the people behind them).

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

It would also make change lighting fast. There really couldn't be gridlock like we see now.

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

There wouldn't be talk of "partisanship", because any idea could garner any amount of votes. The hope would be for ideas to be voted on because of their merit, not because of party lines or bargaining. I would like to think that this could talk a lot of possible corruption out, but then the onus is on the voters to be at least moderately well informed.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Definitely. What kind of terms would these randomly selected representatives serve?

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

Maybe two years? Not more than that. Only one time ever. Once you serve a position, you can never serve again. We now have enough people to rotate through everyone.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

I really do like this idea. It seems to be the next evolution of democratic/republican government. Instead of talking about government of, for and by the people as some kind of abstraction, it literally is the people actively governing themselves. We have no one to blame but ourselves if there is a problem. This will encourage the public to stay informed because people will finally feel as if they can make a difference.

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

(I mentioned earlier that I'm no fan of democracy) I'd love to actually take it a step further, and just have randomly selected representatives who serve one time for a period of maybe 2 years. Completely random. Then laws would be simplified (because the average person would be making them), we wouldn't have career politicians or people with tons of corporate ties, we wouldn't have all super rich people or anything. We cold have some 7 year old kid from the ghetto selected as president. It would eliminate discrimination, give everyone a shot. It would also be very hard to come to many major decisions about things, with such a random, unconnected group, that anything the government does would be very slow. I think a purposefully random, slothful government is a much better idea than one that can be turned nefarious with ease.

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

For the time being we do need the state to protect us from Corporatism.

I'm just thinking in the long run.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Oh, okay. I could foresee a time where state is unnecessary. We are certainly far from that right now though.

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

Glad we agree :-)

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

As long as greed exists we will need some sort of state. If technology can eliminate want maybe we can defeat greed?

[-] 1 points by gadflydigital (180) from Wantagh, NY 11 years ago

Yes, that's part of the solution.

But I think there's also a spiritual fight that must be undertaken to defeat greed.

[-] -1 points by missmel85 (-1) 11 years ago

Wow somebody seems bitter... I know that there are plenty of people at wall street who want to just complain because they won't do anything with their lives to make it better.Now I wish i could occupy wall street but I have a real set of reasons.I can not occupy wall street...because I do have a job...and I personally would like to keep it.Ok a few things here that occupy wall street should be about... First off has anybody seen Inside Job?The corruption within the wall street/banking world needs to come to an end. These top guys of these places are making crazy amounts of money for jobs ...that they should not be making. Alot of these guys were making money off of everyday people. Making the everyday person even more poor while they reap the benifits. Even some of the business professors or top colleges and even their deans are making huge money on the side by writing up false papers saying the stucture is get and going well while in the mean time it isn't...the companies that benifit are the ones paying them.The other thing is the FED . JFK made sure our money was backed by silver...When LBJ came in he changed it...all of our money and even the money the governmenrt uses is coming from this now corrupted bank that is actually privately owned..This bank was put in place to help the economy in times of need but they now refuse to do so. The FED itself needs to take a step down from being in charge of our money and we need to go back to the old silver and gold backing of our money.