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Forum Post: learn anything yet? I did. don't spill coffee on your laptop.

Posted 2 years ago on Aug. 29, 2012, 11:11 p.m. EST by richardkentgates (3269)
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War in the middle east is picking up and the potential for more war is picking up and the flash point for WW3 is looming larger than anyone is willing to talk about. Which considering the awesomeness of what that means, makes it impossible to believe that it doesn't matter to people so I will assume for now that everyone thinks I'm being dramatic. Thats cool, I was being dramatic about the recovery too. Oh, and they are beating the war drums at the RNC too.

Then there is south america, where we are still providing cash and weapons to militias that kill entire villages at a time, and our DEA is burning crops that are legal in the sovereign countries that we are terrorizing.

The Hague, the EU, and the UN will begin working on the investigations into CIA torture camps, the dozen or so they know about, and I look forward to some accountability on that front.

Then there is the economy, which it turns out that I was right and there was still a lot of fraud going on, thats been uncovered and the true nature of the recovery is rearing it's ugly face. Speaking of the economy, it's doing so well that the fed is about to give Wall Street several hundred billion dollars again in the coming weeks or months. Now thats what I call recovery.

The war on poverty was started over 47 years ago. Take a second. What is the theme of this movement? What is inequality?

Please, continue with the partisan BS. The media couldn't make a dime without you. And while you squabble over nothing, journalists, real journalists, are being detained and intimidated by DHS. Citizens of sovereign countries are being scooped up by US security agencies. The fucking Hague! Do any of you have a clue what that is. Do you know what kind of cases they take on? WAKE THE FUCK UP. The left will support your right to state socialism once the republicans leave your wages to be decided completely by the free markets. And like the self absorbed culture that allowed a madman to destroy civilization, you too can pretend it all away, until you can't pretend it away.

The petty squabbles on this forum are more pathetic than it would be for any other forum. Why? Because most of you work for the system. Some of you are cops, some are politically affiliated, ect. And here you sit, the professionals of our day, hammering it o