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Forum Post: Leaked TPP>Aussie Govt says NO WAY !!!!

Posted 5 years ago on June 17, 2012, 7:48 p.m. EST by Builder (4202)
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Australia says no to investor rights to sue in leaked TPP Thursday, 14 June 2012, 1:43 pm Press Release: Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

14 June 2012

Australia says no to investor rights to sue in leaked Trans-Pacific trade chapter, fair trade groups demand release of all text

“The leaked investment chapter of the Trans- Pacific trade agreement (TPPA) being negotiated between the US Australia, New Zealand and six other Pacific countries contains special rights for foreign investors to sue governments if a law or policy harms their investment," Dr Patricia Ranald, Convenor of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment network said today.

“However, the leaked chapter shows that Australian Government has kept to its policy and is refusing to apply the right of investors to sue governments for damages in Australia. We support the government's policy, but believe it would be more consistent if the government simply opposed the inclusion of this provision in the agreement,” said Dr Ranald.

“The right of investors to sue was excluded from the US Australia Free Trade Agreement, and more recently was not included in the Malaysia-Australian free trade agreement. We have long campaigned against this provision, because its inclusion in other agreements has allowed corporations to sue governments over health and environment legislation. The Australian Government's policy has been reinforced by its battle against the current attempt of Philip Morris tobacco company to sue the Australian government damages over its tobacco plain packaging legislation under the provisions of an obscure 1993 Hong Kong Australia investment agreement,” explained Dr Ranald.

“Overall, the leaked chapter still gives increased rights to foreign investors. It limits the ability of the government to regulate levels of foreign investment, and does not permit governments to require foreign investors to contribute to the local economy by buying local goods or transferring technology. The chapter applies to all forms and areas of investment, unless specifically exempted by each government. These restrictions could tie the hands of government to regulate in areas like foreign investment in farmland, the expansion of the coal seam gas industry, or in some areas of taxation,” explained Dr Ranald .

“These issues should be debated publicly, not secretly negotiated in trade agreements. Currently, the text of trade agreements is kept secret until it is signed by Cabinet, and only then released publicly and to Parliament. We call for the release the negotiating text of the agreement, and the release of the text of the whole agreement for public and Parliamentary debate before it is signed by Cabinet”, said Dr Ranald.

The TPP investment chapter can be found online at:





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[-] 5 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Just say no, to really bad deals.

[-] 2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 5 years ago

let's get control of our country's government


let's not allow banks to sell countries into debt and confiscate their resources

[-] 2 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Agree. The idea of giving extreme control to the worst of the worst people on Earth, is disgusting. And what next?

[-] 1 points by writerconsidered123 (344) 5 years ago

not that I really think this anymore but, I thought trade agreements are supposed to be written up by governments not corporations. no gov. would in their right mind agree to these terms. I guess that's another example of outsourcing, the government says " you write up the trade agreement and we'll negotiate it" No self interest input on the governments behalf. oh that's right the self interest part stopped at bribes.

thank you australia for protecting your own self interest. while america gets sold up the river.

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 5 years ago

Here is the deal; Sign the TPP, or the USA will drone you.

[+] -5 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

Send the drones. We need some target practice.

I really want some of these drones to be seen over Australia.

It will take an actual shoot-down of one of these fuck-up machines to convince the locals of the manic nature of the US admin.

[-] 4 points by writerconsidered123 (344) 5 years ago

drone wall st.

[-] 3 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 5 years ago

Good for you Australia

[+] -5 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

Thankyou Peter. I spread your message far and wide.

I would like to think we both had a hand in this decision by our gov.

[-] 1 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 5 years ago

Are you familiar with Richard Wolff?

[+] -5 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

No, but I haven't googled his name yet.

I will, just gotta get some food on the cooker.

[-] 1 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 5 years ago

Vegimite? LoL

[+] -5 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

Not since vegemite got taken over by a multinational corp, Peter. These days I like MightyMite. All Australian company calle Three Threes.

But that's breakfast food. I'm cooking roast chicken and five veg tonight.

[-] 1 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 5 years ago

Right on.

[-] 1 points by PeterKropotkin (1050) from Oakland, CA 5 years ago

I have a Chilean friend that is currently living in Sydney and I sent her the Democracy Now interview. She had no idea about it. I also told her to tell everyone she knows as well.

[+] -5 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

Networking is the key action of this movement.

More power to the people through networking.