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Forum Post: Launch of Green Tea Coalition Drives a Wedge Through Georgia's Tea Party

Posted 5 years ago on Aug. 11, 2013, 4:25 p.m. EST by LeoYo (5909)
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Launch of Green Tea Coalition Drives a Wedge Through Georgia's Tea Party

Sunday, 11 August 2013 13:12 By Ashton Pittman, Occupy.com | Report


“The Tea Party has formed an unholy alliance with the left,” Debbie Dooley recalls a panicked member of Georgia’s big energy lobby lamenting.

Dooley, a co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots, doesn’t deny the charges. In fact, she is set this Tuesday to celebrate the official launch of the Green Tea Coalition – the same “unholy alliance” of right and left grassroots that has big oil interests reeling.

“It’s an unholy alliance because they see it as a threat to them,” Dooley said, speaking ahead of the launch. “In the past, the elites on both the right and the left got away with it. On the right, they’d say, ‘This person’s on the left. Stay away from them,’ On the left, they’d say, ‘They’re radical, they’re the Tea Party. Stay away from them.’

"But we got through all that bull, got to know each other, and started working together,” she said.

And it’s not the first time. In 2012, the Atlanta Tea Patriot Patriots joined the NAACP and the Sierra Club to successfully defeat a $7.2 billion transit tax referendum. That same year, Tea joined forces with Occupy Atlanta and the AFL-CIO to stop an anti-union bill that would have banned protests at private residences (the bill sought to protect the “right of quiet enjoyment” of CEOs).

The threat of a grassroots movement united across ideological lines manifested itself again last month when the Tea Party Patriots – allied with environmentalists of the Sierra Club – triumphed in a win for solar energy.

Like many other states, Georgia law, through the 1973 Territorial Act, grants a single electric utility supplier the exclusive right to generate electrical power services. The beneficiary in Georgia is Georgia Power, which is owned by the Southern Company. Southern Company is the fourth largest utility in the country, with operations also in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

Even electric co-operatives in the state aren’t allowed to generate their own energy under present law. Instead, they must buy it through Georgia Power, relying on a power grid that operates mainly off coal, gas, and nuclear power.

Such a centralized power grid presents practical dangers, claimed Dooley. For example, a terrorist could theoretically plunge an entire region into darkness with a few well-coordinated attacks.

Southern Company isn’t rushing to jeopardize its lucrative business model by embracing alternative energy. But thanks to Green Tea efforts and a Public Service Commission vote of 4 to 1 in July, the company will be required to obtain 525 megawatts of additional solar power by 2016.

That win didn’t come without fierce opposition from deeply entrenched interests, including the Koch Brothers-funded organization Americans for Prosperity. AFP Georgia sent out a misleading email to some 50,000 members urging them to oppose the solar changes, erroneously claiming that solar would raise prices by as much as 40 percent.

In reality, falling solar prices promise a future of cheaper energy – and perhaps even the opportunity for individuals to someday generate their own energy, independent of companies like Southern Company. For rate payers held captive by a government-imposed utility monopoly, what could be more conservative than achieving self-sufficiency?

Through all this, the clash between Atlanta’s Tea Party and AFP has been raising eyebrows. The Koch Brothers, through organizations like AFP and Freedom Works, have spent millions of dollars to influence Tea Party groups across the country since 2009.

“We agree with AFP on a lot of issues, but when it comes to energy, they’re not exactly unbiased,” said Dooley. And that's putting it mildly. Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States, makes over $100 billion a year on oil, coal, and logging, among other industries.

Critics of the Tea Party have pointed out the substantial role that AFP and Freedom Works played in the initial Tea Party protests of 2009 — not to mention the years of planning and attempts by the Koch Brothers to launch the party as far back as 2002, and even previously. However, the Kochs may have foreseen not only the benefits of jumping on the Tea Party train, but also the dangers of allowing such a movement to grow without a little corporate “direction.”

The danger was that conservatives – whose politics have traditionally aligned with the interests of corporate America – would take some of the ideas brewing in the teapot too far. Conservative Americans had begun to wholly embrace the idea that there was such a thing as "crony capitalism," that certain powerful industries didn’t need to be subsidized for under-performing, or bailed out for failing, and that local and individual autonomy was more important than maintaining the profit structures of big industries.

Those ideas, taken to their logical conclusions, might have led to a conservative revolution that would have severely crippled the power of industries like Koch and Southern Company.

The Koch plan, then, was to jump into the fray: a corporate entity hidden among the throngs of one of the largest political movements in decades. On the fertile ground of an emergent movement, Koch would sow their genetically modified seeds of ideology. The idea was to tweak the message of the Tea Party just enough to reroute the movement’s trajectory in such a way that, far from being the bad guys, industrialists could cast themselves as the victims and even allies of average Americans.

“We don’t need taxpayer funded government subsidies and renewable energy mandates,” AFP Georgia wrote in a statement on the Georgia solar plan. “The government has spent $14 billion since 2009 propping up renewable energy projects. They wouldn’t have to do that if the technology was more market ready.”

See? AFP is on the side of the people, standing up against big government subsidies for technology that may not even be ready for prime time. The fact that solar even requires government subsidies proves it isn’t ready, so they claim.

But just don’t expect AFP to apply the same standard to Koch-style industries. Between 1994 and 2009, U.S. oil and gas industries amassed nearly $450 billion in subsidies, compared to a relatively paltry $6 billion for renewable energy over the same period.

And don’t expect AFP to rail against Southern Company’s $8.3 billion federal loan guarantee for its new nuclear projects, either – despite its being the same type of loan granted to solar power company Solyndra, which AFP spent over $8 million to defame between 2011 to 2012.

But Dooley and the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots saw through the distortions. They didn’t buy AFP’s attempts to cast its campaign against solar energy in Georgia as a “grassroots driven initiative.” “There are lots of Tea Party activists who care deeply about the environment,” Dooley said. “We have grandchildren. Some of us hope to have great grandchildren. I have a four-and-a-half year old grandson that I adore. I want him to have plenty of air and water. I want him to live in a world where green forest parks and mountain streams are not poisoned.

"I want him to live in a world where, maybe, by the time he’s grown, he can just come off the grid and generate his own power that he needs using solar or wind.”

The Green Tea Coalition, set to launch in Georgia on Tuesday, includes activists from the Sierra Club, Georgia Watch, Occupy Atlanta, Tea Party Patriots and the NAACP. Georgia's former Democratic Governor Roy Barnes has also indicated interest in taking part in the Coalition, said Dooley.

To Koch, Southern Company and other energy titans who thought they had the Tea Party in their pockets, it's an unholy alliance indeed. Beyond that, it's a wedge that could grow bigger -- and not only in Georgia.

“The elites like to keep us divided because we have to look to them for power,” Dooley added. “But now grassroots activists are coming together from across the aisle and saying, ‘We’re going to do this and we don’t need to look to elites from either party – we just need each other.’”

This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license.



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[-] 5 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 5 years ago

There are not many politically relivent articles written today that bring a smile to my face, but this one truelly has. It is good to hear about people bucking conventional wisdom in the search for new solutions. This recalculation and re organization of political factions speaks to the power of social media, at least I believe social media played a substAntial part.

[-] 5 points by Shule (2638) 5 years ago

A lot of times, if one skips over philosophical principles, one finds the right and the left can arrive at the same pragmatic solution for a lot of problems.

Two radically differing philosophies coming to the same solution? Yes it can be done, and talk about verifying an answer!

[-] 3 points by LeoYo (5909) 5 years ago

Trans-Partisan Cooperative Voting


It can be done.

[-] 3 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

"‘We’re going to do this and we don’t need to look to elites from either party – we just need each other.’”"

That there is the key to everything.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

And what coalition with teabagge(R)s will save Detroit?

One of, if not the most poisoned city in the nation.


[-] 0 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

Why am I not surprised in the least that

1) Yours is the only negative reaction to this inspiring post

2) You managed to bring DEEtroit into it!!

This is exactly what is needed. Forget the left/right crap and fix the problems. Fight the elite. I have been saying since the beginning of this forum what a kick it would be if occupy and the tea party teamed up on issues they hold in common.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Are you the self proclaimed alpha dog?

The leader?

So what's your plan for "DEEtroit"?

[-] 1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

I'd put Eminem in as Mayor.

[-] 0 points by stevebol (1269) from Milwaukee, WI 5 years ago

Em has skills. He's a player. Can't stand Kid Rock.

[-] 1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Kid Rock took a strange turn in endorsing Republicans. What he was thinking I have no idea. I prefer my musicians view to be more along the lines of RATM.

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago


So that's one of your puppets!

How many others are you using?

Would you like an issue?

No....of course you don't.


There's one for you to ignore anyway.

[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

At least with Em you'd know you are getting a criminal instead of being all shocked when you find the current one is.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Em's a criminal??

Do you have a link?

Do you even know who the current mayor is without google??

[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

I dont have a link.... but I bet uuuuuuuuu do :)

Fire way Captain Linky!!

[-] 3 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Try to stay on topic. This isnt your own personal carnival to run around attacking and switching things up. Did you notice how great the conversations were last night while you were away?

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Oh yes, they spent the evening attacking and insulting.

Just your kind of conversation.

Was one of your puppets there?

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

You mean the ones where you guys blew smoke up each others asses and cried?

[-] 0 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

You are a trip.



[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Teabagge(R)s raised my taxes. Will you help team up to make them stop?

[-] 3 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Someone has got to fund these wars and bailouts and corporate welfare, and guess who it was/is/will always be?

[-] -2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Off topic. and you said you didn't like that kind of thing. tsk.tsk,tsk.

[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Sorry you cant follow it.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

I'll take that for another no and another subject change, as well as YOU pretending to be a newbie............again.

and that's just plain lame.

How long before you call names....again?

How many puppets did you say you'll be using today?

[-] 1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Thats what you took away from an entire page?

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

It's a whole lot more than you've ever taken away from any link I've posted so far.

I answered your question.

Will you answer mine?

Or will you call me names again?

Or find some other way to insult me?

Or sick your dog pack on me?

[-] 1 points by shadz66 (19985) 5 years ago

I wish you lovers would just get on with it and share that first kiss. So where do I sign the petition to hire someone to knock your heads together so you can give in to your inner LGBT selves ? If I piss you both off, will you watch that Koch Doc together (holding hands is optional) and then come after me instead ?

I excerpt from the truth-out link just above : ''This may seem strange to progressives, but it’s actually indicative of a larger shift in the conservative movement. A recent Yale study indicated that more than 60% of Republicans and right-leaning Independents actually believe the United States needs to take more action on climate change, and a whopping 80% would like to see more renewable energy use in the country.'' Now it seems a li'l strange to me but hey let's not get too stuck on labels (et mea culpa!) and try to work towards some love, light and logic here. Further consider :

I generally have NO idea whatsoever what Republicans are talking about but IF they can wake up to The Kochs and accept that we need to try to address AGW, then maybe ... just maybe .. they aren't really Romulan Replicants after all and can still be rehabilitated into homo sapiens sapiens. Today, I've taken a happy pill & I'm mostly feeling optimistic, hence my tuppence here - where angels may fear to tread ;-)

spero meliora ...

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

It's that whole privatize or defund those institutions that are for the people where those jack offs fall short. That whole freemarket shit that worked out well in name your country in Africa.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Thanks for that shadz, but you know it's unlikely.............:)

I've been active in AGW and Koch threads for some time now.

I posted this one for hchc earlier.


He insulted me instead of commenting on the content.

Just like I get insulted for posting on Detroit and Michigan.

You know the truth is, I really don't care that people who are banned come back under new nameplates, it's that they never learn the lesson, and return to their same old ways.

But yes, I believe AGW and the poisoning and draining of potable water are greatest threat to our survival as a species.

Fracking drains a great deal of those aquifers.


[-] 0 points by shadz66 (19985) 5 years ago

@ GF : Free Market ?!!! What ''freemarket'' ?!! No such thing other than in the heads of people who can't see past their own extremely limited & naive dogma into the real world where verily, there be monsters !

Your point re. Africa is very sound. It's ''Shock Doctrine'' all over again but now it's our turn TPTB think :

fiat lux ...

[-] -3 points by PosseOfTheBanned (-5) 5 years ago

It's ok, Eeyore. We all understand how embarrassed you are that GA is fighting so much better than MI.

[-] 3 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

You're not a posse.

You're a soap opera.

[-] 3 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Well lookee here, how you doin', Cockroach?

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Where did you go, Cockroach?

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

How is your lil' ol' right wing fascist self doin'?

[-] 1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

You dont want your taxes raised? Stop endorsing a bunch of proven criminals would be a good start.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

I'll take that for a no and a subject change on your part.


[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

I didnt figure you'd check it out.

Last I knew, you actually DID endorse the Koch Brothers while you were in your libertarian stage of life. That was you, not me.

Honestly, check out that link.

[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

What did you notice on the fb page?

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

I did, but like I said, I don't do facebook.

Thanks for the insult.

I like how you pretend you were never young and foolish. I guess that's why you support the Koch's in the the here and now.

Now will admit to how many times you've been banned and how many puppets you use?

[-] -2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

I noticed this.

"The older I get.

The more I realize no one has any idea what they are actually doing and everyone is just pretending."

and boy did you take that one to the nth degree.

So pretender?

How many times have you been banned and how many puppets have you employed?

[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

Here, read some comments, figure out what type of group you are claiming to support.


FireThemAll is now Don Trump? You are a one sided partisan Machine!! Damn!!

[-] -1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

I don't do facebook, and "you're fired", is a Donald line..

How many times did you say you've been banned?

Here's the guy you endorse, over and over and over, while you drive practically EVERY conversation back to partisanship.


[-] 2 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 5 years ago

If you took that as a no and a subject change then it looks like you are still acting like good ol Shooz.


[-] -1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

OIC. Now you think you're Donald Trump.

How many puppets will you be using today?


[-] -1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

Plan for DEEtroit? Why would I have one and what does it have to do with this thread, other than your attempt to hijack it to talk about DEEtroit? I think the Motor City Madman would be a good fit since you asked, tho.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

We're under attack by the teabagge(R)s, here in Detroit and Michigan and I ask for help based on the thread title and you attack me??

You even poke fun at the name Detroit?


[-] -1 points by FEARLESS (-72) 5 years ago

"Forget the left/right crap and fix the problems."


You are now on the list though, and you will not be getting a cap and gown in the end

Consider last night a reprieve!....lol...

[-] 1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

Yes, I was already walking that green mile. I just get sooooo tired of not only constant republican bashing threads, but being called one and worse just because I am not impressed by peaceprize. Not much in life is "either/or" but everything is around this forum. 8 yrs of Bush proved the Reps don't have the answers and these 4 yrs of O have not proved any different.

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

Don't be silly. Nobody gives a damn that you don't like Obama or care for his policies. He is right of center. He is a moderate republican. You just like to hide behind that shit because you haven't figured out that he isn't up for election. How is your inability to figure that out anyone else's problem? You have had ample opportunity to address the underlying issues. You chose not to.

But, ya, Fuck the Teathuglicans that work towards eroding civil rights and democracy as a whole.

[-] 0 points by stevebol (1269) from Milwaukee, WI 5 years ago

You're bashing too. Obama didn't ask for that stupid peaceprize.

[-] 0 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

He didn't refuse it, either LOL. I have not denied Obama bashing in the least. But it is in a non partisan spirit. As I said, I think he is the lousiest prez in my lifetime, but that neither makes me a racist nor a republican. He is a puppet of the 1%. He not only has not prosecuted anyone from wall st, but he bailed them out without a "haircut". Am sure you've seen the various frontline pieces on the subprime crisis. The Monsanto bill, his healthcare law....I mean, does it make sense to require us to buy insurance from private cos? If he was gonna take on hc, it should have been single payer. It would have required some sort of hc tax, but would not have been more than the insurance premiums we (and our employers) are paying today. For many, it would be less. And foreign policy? I could type for another hour. Bottom line, the dems are not anymore interested in the 99% than the R's.

[-] 0 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 5 years ago

If you've been called a right-winger on here you're in good company. These delusional clowns actually believe we're all Republicans hell-bent on destroying the forum. Now that, sb, is delusional.

[-] 1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

I know gno. I really liked that green tea party concept and also wish we could have some real debate on this forum. If you disagree with the DNC gang, their idea of debate is to call you a repelican fuker, a union hating troll, or a fuckin cockroach. If you are lucky...more often that not they just ban you. Not a good basis for sharing ideas.

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Lets' talk about the UAW.

[-] 0 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 5 years ago

Yep, I thought it was a great concept and exactly what OWS is all about.

But these guys aren't about sharing good ideas. They're self-absorbed narcissists that think we should all just fawn over their brilliance. If it's not an issue THEY brought up, it's not worth discussing.

[-] 1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

Yup, but on the bright side, this forum is NOT occupy. These grassroots actions need to take place locally, anyway, though a big DC to-do would be nice in the future. The only way to get anything done, to really be HEARD, is to have numbers. And numbers are going to require some strange bedfellows :-)

[-] 0 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 5 years ago

Exactly true on all counts. Which is why this forum has pretty much become an anti-OWS forum, with the exception of some excellent information-sharing. First it was alienating all Republicans, not differentiating between politicians and citizens. Then the laughable alienating of entire STATES, first Texas and now Florida. Not to mention completely falling for the classic divide-and-conquer strategy by trying to alienate all states the media has labeled "red."

Which is why some forum members are convinced they're actually being paid by the DNC. Sometimes it sounds like they're reading from the exact same playbook.

[-] 1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

You are right about the info sharing. I have read quite a few things here that I would probably never have stumbled on in my normal web cruising. I had never heard of Noam before this site, though I don't necessarily buy all his rantings, but he does provide food for thought. I just saw an excellent speech he gave back in June (on another site) that I might not have read otherwise. He blasts EVERYONE in it, right/left etc, etc. I cannot believe all the links shadz posts. The guy is like a reference library and Leoyo puts out some good stuff, too.

[-] -1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 5 years ago

Yeah, those are the two people that came to my mind as far as info sharing. Honestly I don't know how shadz has the time to do all that reading and I once joked that he was actually two separate people, heheh. And Leo's a genius, too. Reading his comments it almost seems like he has the answers to most of the pressing issues we cover on here.

I've said many times that I've learned more on this site about what's really going on in the world than I've learned everywhere else combined. A lot of the things I've read on here I never heard of. It's been a great education for me. I've even learned things from shooz and GF, heheh.

[-] -1 points by FEARLESS (-72) 5 years ago

Most reasonable people have come to that same conclusion...that neither party has the answers

To think that either the Democratic or Republican party are the same party that they were 50 years ago (in shooz prime) is ludicrous to most of us, except for..... of course

The Republicans started a sharp turn to the right starting with Goldwater's failed Presidential run, picked up steam with Reagan, and they dragged the Democrats to the right with them

So now, neither party represents the people, but rather corporate and banking interests first and foremost

[-] 1 points by summerbummer (-33) 5 years ago

Yes and is there anybody that spends more than 10 years in the Congress that doesn't come home a very wealthy person? Those few that do just get some cushy k street job or a seat at some corp boards and THEN go home rich.

As I've said before this whole left/right thing in dc is just kabuki theater. They diviied up the social issues to keep the masses split and fighting amongst themselves instead of paying attention to what is going on in elite land.

[-] -3 points by FEAR (-41) 5 years ago

"That win didn’t come without fierce opposition from deeply entrenched interests, including the Koch Brothers-funded organization Americans for Prosperity."

Instead of spending all your time bitching and complaining, maybe you should take some notes and learn about people who stood up to and beat the bad guys you go on and on about.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Silly zilla. You play the fools game.




Answer this, without a search engine, if you can zilla.

Where is the worst inland pipeline disaster in history?

[-] -2 points by FEAR (-41) 5 years ago

Let me guess: It happened in Michigan and instead of anyone DOING anything, they all just sat around complaining about how they knew this was going to happen? Am I right?

You're missing the point, but at least we can all look at you and understand why Detroit went under. Thankfully, the rest of the country can do better. Read the article again and find some inspiration.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 5 years ago

Silly zilla.

You prove again just how little you pay attention.

It's been posted here, several times.

Where in Michigan?

[-] -2 points by FEAR (-41) 5 years ago


Can't you find anything good about this post? Something to celebrate? Or are you so embarrassed that others are doing instead of just complaining that you have to try to be some kind of Super Eeyore?

[-] -3 points by FEAR (-41) 5 years ago

Let's bump this as a reminder of what can be done when people get out from behind a computer screen.