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Forum Post: Latest Front in the Culture Wars by Mike Russo

Posted 6 years ago on March 4, 2012, 6:42 a.m. EST by richardkentgates (3269)
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There’s a war going on as I write this post—a war that will determine precisely what kind of country we will become in the 21st century. And Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown law school, has emerged as the hero of the hour in this war.

Ms. Fluke, former president of the Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice and an editor on the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law, had been engaged in a struggle with Georgetown University over the university’s refusal to provide insurance coverage for contraception. Prevented last week from testifying at the overtly misogynistic hearing Republicans held in the House of Representatives, she was given a forum to speak at a Democratic event, where she reported that students at her university often pay as much as $1000 a year for contraceptives.

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[-] 0 points by Unwashed (-141) 6 years ago

So, contraception bundled into a tuition payment is magically cheaper than buying contraception not bundled into a tuition payment.

Somehow it's government's business to mandate what's in a private healthcare policy.

For some reason, asking others to buy your birth control comes before giving up your cell phone.

Having a cyst is a bigger worry for others than it is for yourself. How else could one explain not bothering to get the meds?

Birth control is apparently her number 1 attribute when it comes to considering school merit, yet she picked a school that doesn't include it in tuition. Is she that dumb or is she just trying to push an agenda on someone else and take away their freedom?

Even law school students attending a $30k per year institution are mystified as to how they'll buy birth control. Sure, that's reasonable.

She has friends with such fragile personalities that they're destroyed by learning about plan coverage from a pharmacist, but worries about coverage for birth control and not for psycho-therapists.

Susan Flake is a left-wing activist with a wildly exaggerated set of sob stories that only a liberal could embrace.

[-] 1 points by SmeggitySpooge (78) 6 years ago

Gee.... I'd almost be all for it IF we could do this and quadrulple the size of the government as well as roll over and give it twenty times the power it already abuses on behalf of those who truly own it.