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Forum Post: Kalle Lasn, Founder of OWS Endorses Gender Parity

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 15, 2012, 8:57 p.m. EST by occupiersboycottelection (3)
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It is our understanding that Kalle Lasn, a Founder to the Occupy Movement and his colleagues have indicated recognition of the central importance of the July 1-4th Gender Parity Declarations of Women of the Occupy Movement, http://www.occupywallst.org/forum/women-of-occupy-declare-gender-parity-an-overdue-h/ that indicate that Gender Parity, 5050 in representation, is overdue for the good of all women and people, and an inalienable human right; that women and all people must have their paid and unpaid work counted in economic paradigms, that women and all people have the right to a balance of family and other work, that all forms of discrimination against women must end everywhere around the world, that all people have the right to peace and a sustainable environment that honors Mother Nature, which Gender Parity will bring about. Although the need and justice for this is self-evident, in that women have gone for thousands of years without equal representation, and a non-domination culture requires the righting of this habitual wrong, he was provided with additional material which explains that, like a fulcrum of a scale, to protect the 99% from 1% error, the 51% must be fully present when decisions are made, and that this must be the understanding of the Occupy Movement if it is to succeed. Kalle indicated no objection to these major ideas, and it is natural that he, as a person dedicated to human liberation, understands their importance to the future of the Occupy Movement, North America and all the world. It is of course the case that he would never dream of not supporting these important activities of women of the Occupy movement on behalf of freedom and peace, that occurred on Canada Day July 1st and July 4th and of course endorsed 5050 for the alleged leading countries of the world especially, both US and Canada, and all countries, since the Occupy Movement is in essentially all countries. Several countries have or essentially have 5050 (Rwanda, Andorra, Wales and Sweden), and 5050 is the central feature of the Panchayat Raj in India that serves 800 million people (far more than the population of the US and Canada combined), all the cities of France, many other cities in Europe, and almost essentially all progressive political parties in Europe and many other countries. With these Declarations which are for all women (but benefit men, too), the US, whose officialdom is currently ranked 78th/92nd in the world if ties are counted.goes from a lagger to a leader and it will help Canada, which already has more than twice the number of women in its Senate than the US, from going backward under Corporate US influence. The upcoming "election" in the US will not substantially increase the number of women in office within the major parties and the already shockingly low number may decrease. So like the women and men in Egypt, who supported the Egyptian's Women's Charter and women candidates for President in the Tahrir Revolution, who were ignored by the major parties and media,.and then embarked on and achieved a 49% boycott, many women, who are supporting third party women Candidates, may eventually join the 90 million Americans have already declared their intention not to vote in November, and instead, hold a Revolutionary Constitutional Convention in 2013 that would implement Gender Parity, and representative government for minorities and all Americans, without the influence of money.

The background facts under the heading Here are the facts at https://5050now.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/why-5050-is-so-important-for-real-elections/ have also been provided to Kalle Lasn and Founding Co-Occupiers, Female and Male:

The Statue of Liberty is a depiction of a Goddess To Gain Her Blessing, the true leaders of Occupy Wall St will not delay this focus on the benefits and overdue timeliness of Gender Parity any longer, and actively highlight the central features of these Declarations, and their most important points in all their public actions and statements.



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