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Forum Post: Kaboodle: Newport International Group Barcelona Clothes

Posted 4 years ago on July 1, 2013, 3:40 a.m. EST by echo3snow (0)
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This page will give you an outline of the Barcelona clothes to wear (and not to wear) if you want to blend in more with the locals and not appear as an obvious tourist. There are clear advantages to following the general local clothing trends here in Barcelona, namely improved safety (not as easy to single you out as a tourist) as well as giving a valid reason to do a little shopping! We also cover the types of clothes to wear that are appropriate for the climate here.

What this article is not about

This page is not about giving you a rundown on fashion trends or about stereotyping how the Catalan and Spanish dress.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with many influences from around Europe. In addition people from different age groups wear different types and styles of clothes.

The seasons also play an important part in determining the types and colours of clothes worn.

How to blend in

Catalunya and Spain in general is a forward thinking nation when it comes to clothes and design and there are a whole variety of different clothes and styles worn here. However it is fair to say that modesty is generally valued here and Catalans tend to dress conservatively.

Middle age and the older generation generally tend to wear clothing with muted and conservative colours. The younger generation tend to wear semi-casual clothes like jeans and a T shirts and comfortable shoes or sandals during summer.

The Catalans care about their personal appearance and image. They wear a wide variety of types of clothes however generally they do not wear overly casual clothes. The Catalans like to look good in a conservative way. They are keen on designer clothes but even more important to them is quality and fitting. It is not hard to find Catalan clothes of good quality at a reasonable price, which is also good news for visitors.

With clothes there are no definitive rules. We have stated that generally the Catalans are conservative however there are also exceptions to this e.g. Custo Barcelona and Disigual are famous brands here in Barcelona and are noted for their vibrant colours.

Fabric type is important

The material type is particularly important especially the weight of the fabric. Since it is generally warm / hot throughout most of the year clothes are manufactured with light weight breathable fabrics that allow the air to circulate easily. The clothes feel light and cool to wear and have the added benefit of protecting your skin from the sun.

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