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Forum Post: Just Pondering

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 24, 2011, 1:36 p.m. EST by dkauffman (0)
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Just sitting here pondering as this Christian holiday season arrives ... It’s a good thing for Christians that the inn keeper in Bethlehem wasn’t as mean spirited as those who call themselves Christians. It’s a good thing the inn keeper didn’t vote to build a fence around Bethlehem to keep the foreigners out.
Just pondering how those who scream the loudest that they are “Christian” violate the first commandment on a regular basis and seem completely oblivious to that fact. “Thou shall not take the lord thy god’s name (call yourself a Christian) in vain” (behave in a manner inconsistent with who you claim to be). Just pondering how closely this mimics the wealthy and the corporations who wish to call themselves “Americans and American” who purport to love America, and wave the flag high, but who have no allegiance whatsoever to Americans or America. Whose only allegiance is to the almighty dollar. Who, in service to their true god, move American jobs to low income countries where people are forced to work for pennies. Who buy politicians to insure that they do not have to pay a penny in taxes to the country they wish to claim as their own and claim to love.
Just pondering why I am surprised that hypocrites support hypocrisy.



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