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Forum Post: Jobs for Occupiers: Fundraising, Legal Activism

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 9, 2012, 10:37 a.m. EST by lkindr (58)
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  • Update: Occupy groups' fundraisers can support themselves and groups' legal activists against corruption. Pro se legal activism can be rather cheap.

  • See http://uslc.lefora.com/ for jobs.

  • Please, feel free to pass on this link on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Original Post: Effective Legal Action against Govt Corruption

Frederick Graves, a conscientious Florida lawyer, who owns the jurisdictionary website and helps people learn and use the law, says it's easy to learn the law and that one of several things that can be done to end abuse of power is to use injunctions. Following is a quotation which should help explain the potential for effective pro-active legal actions.

"[I]njunctions are able to command high officials to answer your questions and concerns about what they're doing with your children, your tax dollars, and the future of your country. There are no limitations on injunctions. You can file a complaint seeking an injunction to require a local school board to tell you why children are being taught non-traditional values. You can file for an injunction to stop chemical dumping, or to fill in dangerous holes left by abandoned excavations. You can even bring an action to enjoin leaders to explain why government doesn't teach its public even the simplest points of how to win in court. ... If you're one of the good guys, you're supposed to use your power to make the world better for all of us. Force government and giant businesses to answer you on the public record (or [they] go to jail). ... Demand justice! Learn your fundamental right to be heard by the court. Move the court. Enforce the official rules in your jurisdiction. Make everyone obey -- the American way."

Graves explains that the law recognizes that everyone has the duty not to harm others, so causes of action for injunctions and law suits are any acts or negligence that can be shown to have caused undue harm, including actions or negligence by public servants. He said that one first needs a good plan, so that's what I want to do first and I'd like anyone's ideas on what plans might be best.

Here is a list of abuses of power that I think are most dangerous to the common people, which I think should be worth taking legal actions against:

  • Racketeering in and out of government;
  • Major media failure to report the worst government wrong-doings;
  • Lawmaking that violates human rights, including unjust war;
  • IRS fraud, with false claims that nearly all citizens and residents are liable for income and employment taxes, and thus including fraudulent prosecutions;
  • Prisoner abuse; prosecution of victimless and trivial crimes; promoting criminal recidivism;
  • Abusive property taxation;
  • ABA licensing of incompetent lawyers;
  • NEA, ATA, School Boards abuse and miseducation of students;
  • CFS unnecessary forced separation of parents and their children;
  • FDA, AMA, ADA, APA et al approval of unsafe health products and of biased health science;
  • NSF, AAAS et al support for biased science;



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[-] 3 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

There is an OWS movement against corruption

We can do what 80% of Americans say they want
We can do what 1,900,000 Americans signed
We can do what 363 local & state resolutions call for
We can do what 1,309 American mayors endorsed

Virtually every OWS goal –
jobs, taxes, government honesty, energy, environment, economy
all go back to EXACTLY one place

And there is EXACTLY one first step:


A constitutional amendment to
Overturn Citizens United and Corporate Personhood


▬► http://corporationsarenotpeople.webuda.com ◄▬


For a complete analysis of the amendment issue,

and the text of all amendments,
and our comparison of all of the amendments,
and the Citizens United case transcript,
and the Citizens United decision,
and the Buckley decision,
and analysis of corporate personhood,
and analysis of Article III,
and the ABC News poll on CU / CP,
and the PFAW poll on CU / CP,
and 70+ videos on CU / CP from

Chomsky, Hedges, Witchcraft, Reich,
Warren, Lessig, Hartmann, Maher, Sanders, Hightower, etc.

and our voting bloc petition & plan.

no password or signup

JOIN our OWS Working Group:

Wednesdays 5:30-7:30PM @ 60 Wall St – The Atrium

[-] 2 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

By learning the law do you mean to become a learned non-lawyer or are you studying for the bar?

I don't know if you've noticed this but there is a growing grassroots movement for citizens to take the law into their own hands and represent themselves in court. It's amazing.

[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 5 years ago

Oct. 13 Update: Occupy groups' fundraisers can support themselves and groups legal activists against corruption. Pro se legal activism can be rather cheap.

See http://uslc.lefora.com/ for jobs.

Please, feel free to pass on this link on Facebook, Twitter etc.

[-] 1 points by LeoYo (5909) 5 years ago

This type of legal direct action would seem to go hand in hand with FreeDA http://occupywallst.org/forum/free-democracy-amendment/

[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 5 years ago

To answer your questions, I'm not intending to be a lawyer, but only to use legal action against govt corruption. I know it's not cheap to be a lawyer, but it's cheap to take legal action ourselves. I successfully took personal (pro se) legal action to defend myself against traffic tickets in 2003. I bought several books for about $400, which greatly helped. I also learned things from the Tips and Tricks yahoogroup. Now I'm learning more from Jurisdictionary.com. I hope to collaborate with others to help end major corruption.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 5 years ago

Those must have been some hefty traffic tickets.

As a member of the ADA, I am curious to know what products were approved by them based on biased sciences?

[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 5 years ago

The ADA approved mercury fillings, the most dangerous of all of the toxic metals that it approved. Nickel and other metals are also toxic to most people. See Dr. Hal Huggins' book, It's All in Your Head. Also http://www.hugginsappliedhealing.com/

See also Dr. George Meinig's book, Root Canal Coverup, which shows the dangers of root canals for heart health etc. Also http://www.healingteethnaturally.com/

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 5 years ago

I agree with you that amalgam fillings should probably be looked at more closely, though the bonding agents used in the composite (white) fillings are very caustic. Obviously good hygiene and preventing cavities in the first place is ideal.

As for that second website, it is far, far from science. They list lots of "cons" of various treatments but often not the "pros." Maybe they just assume that people are better off with dentures, which is a fairly common mindset. Either way, the more people that follow the advice of that website (especially the part about naturally repairing decayed teeth), the more implants I will be placing.

[-] -1 points by podman73 (-652) 5 years ago

The term affordable legal action is an oxymoron. There is no cheap way to learn the law. (My wife is a lawyer is speak from experience on this one).