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Forum Post: JOHN McCAIN attempting to Overthrow Arab and Russian governments

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 11, 2011, 10:14 p.m. EST by theaveng (602)
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"As chairman of the International Republican Institute, an organization dedicated to fomenting extraterritorial sedition and revolution throughout the world, Senator John McCain has become a central figure in the campaign against the Arab world. The IRI was even credited by the New York Times as helping “nurture the Arab uprisings” by funding and training activists from across the Arab world.

"On the IRI’s official website in regards to Russia, the organization confesses to “identifying and supporting leaders” at the local and regional levels of Russian politics to “lay the groundwork for Russia’s next generation of democratic leadership.” The IRI then goes on to explain it has, “created a new network of politicians, NGO activists and elected officials who are interested in the democratic development of municipal governance.”

ARTICLE 1 - http://www.iri.org/countries-and-programs/eurasia/russia

ARTICLE 2 - http://politics.foxnews.mobi/quickPage.html?page=24841&content=48251236&pageNum=-1

ARTICLE 3 - http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/12/bombshell-us-caught-meddling-in-russian.html



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[-] 0 points by theaveng (602) 10 years ago

"As if to immediately head off the skeptics of this unfortunate reality – of the US meddling in an immensely populated, nuclear armed, sovereign nation - McCain himself declared on Twitter, “Dear Vlad [Putin], The ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you.”