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Forum Post: Job I need a job

Posted 11 months ago on Feb. 3, 2014, 12:57 a.m. EST by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA
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Just Applied for a lego teaching job

As I child, I built with Legos meticulously mastering the masonry mechanics. With technic, I learned the gear ratios, universal joints and translating rotation to linear motion.

I am a collector and organizer. I collect Magic, the gathering cards which I order by function and color into binders. I build decks from those cards in which each pieces fits with the other to work as a whole.

I enjoy explaining and demonstrating the concepts of physics. I write poetry to explain physic concepts directly and succinctly as possible to others. I am always look for new ways to clarify concepts.

I enjoy creating puzzles and challenges for build around solution.

I lead gaming groups in activity and am judge and referee for players in a group on a weekly basis. I am pleased when players glean insight and present new concepts or actions.

Students able to continue discovering beyond my presentations is my goal as a teacher.

I spent a summer teaching physics to teachers for classroom activity which included preparing plans and papers for projects. I have tutored physics for 3 years as a graduate student.

I have explained programming projects for lab automation through documentation and presentation to my piers.

My entire family are teachers. my mom, dad and sisters have taught or teach 5th grade in California. My brother directs musicals for schools for children.

My super power would be the creation of materials to bring ideas and concept to invention and fruition.

I would sacrifice my privacy and patents so others may use and extend my work far beyond my individual efforts