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Forum Post: Job Creators My @$$

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 6, 2011, 7:43 p.m. EST by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL
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I do not understand why a man would care more for the plight of millionaires than that of his neighbor, his grandmother, his unemployed son

I do not understand how two percent of the population can successfully portray as evil and wasteful the very expenditures that make life bearable and even possible at some point in the lives of the vast majority of Americans.

I do not understand where that two percent hopes to make its money once it has bankrupted our nation.
Maybe China?

I do not understand who among the millions struggling to get jobs that don’t exist can accuse those who receive support from the state of laziness

I do not understand what induces half the population to support an elite that, having made their fortunes off this nation, refuse to give it a helping hand in its time of need

One of the most notorious capitalists in history, J.P. Morgan, poured out his own capital to keep the economy afloat on more than one occasion. Yet, today’s billionaires expect this whole society to bail them out, thus socializing their losses, yet refuse to pay higher taxes, thus privatizing their gains as much as possible.

How can anyone continue to support this ongoing quest of Republicans to rob millions of people of the support they depend on, rather than raise taxes on the top 2%? I cannot see how anyone can be convinced by an argument to withdraw funding from precious institutions like parks, schools, student loans, medicare, medicaid and unemployment, institutions that benefit over 90% of Americans, rather than ask our wealthiest citizens to pitch in a little more to get us through this crisis.

I can see why that 2% support this notion. Obviously the elite don’t need parks, they have property. They don’t need public schools, they have private ones. They don’t need student loans, they pay cash for college. They don’t need medicare or medicaid, they have the Mayo clinic. They don’t need unemployment, they don’t work for money, their money works for them. But we, the people, need these things. Yet the Republican plan seems to be to take these things from us, just when we need them the most, so that the top 2% can continue to enjoy tax breaks that should never have been given to them in the first place.

And please, Republicans, don’t feed me the old line about these people creating jobs. It makes a bunch of entitled trust fund babies sound like they’re all Henry Ford. In truth the Henry Fords are now corporations, entities legally distinct from their owners or shareholders. The role of the super rich largely has been reduced to investment. Most new jobs are created by nobodies (aka small business owners, who are currently being crushed!). Did those small businesses require investors and financiers? Of course! But investors would not have anything to invest in if it weren’t for those nobodies who open their own businesses, and the nobodies who buy their products.

The process of making a new job involves so many factors. I find it ridiculous that the wealthy take so much credit for something in which they have only the most basic interest. The small business owner invests all her money, her time, her energy, her life into her business. Her customers invest a sizable portion of the pittance they take home in her product. By comparison the billionaire has invested only a small portion of his money, which he comes by easily simply because he already has so much of it. Most have only a passing knowledge of what they’re even invested in. They leave such questions for experts to manage. Thus the argument that these people have earned the title of “job creators” is not only preposterous, it is obscene. Its like the cherry taking credit for the sundae just because it happens to be on top.



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[-] 1 points by LoremIpsum (31) 11 years ago

Dude, the wealthy could not care less about this. Raise their taxes, don't raise their taxes - they're mobile, and they'll just GTFO if they don't like it. Republicans don't need to defend tax breaks for the wealthy, and Democrats shouldn't be riling people up about "class warfare". Everyone knows the solution is to broaden the tax base and eliminate personal and corporate loopholes - except that doesn't get people excited enough to vote for you.

[-] 1 points by rbe (687) 11 years ago

There are very few jobs that need creating. Check out my thread: http://occupywallst.org/forum/our-current-system-is-obsolete/

[-] 1 points by doingsomething (50) from Raeford, NC 11 years ago

If you really want to know the answer to why so many vote against their own interest. Read "Deer Hunting With Jesus, Dispatches from america's class war" A liberal with an education that came from the rednecks goes back to find out why they vote against themselves.

[-] 1 points by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

Thank you! Just ordered it from abebooks. It'll give me some new arguments for my brother down in Louisiana.

[-] 1 points by doingsomething (50) from Raeford, NC 11 years ago

If after you read it you don't think it is worth what you paid for it. I will send you a check for the amount you paid. :)

[-] 1 points by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

You can keep your five bucks, Im sure I'll love it

[-] 1 points by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

The moneyed class needs to understand that by attacking “spending” they are hacking at the roots that support their lofty vantage. It is unlikely they will come to this conclusion on their own. Americans need to stop being fooled by demagoguery or religion into sympathizing with the cause of the elite rather than that of their peers. We need to stop electing people who immediately betray us to the highest bidder. We need to reform our election process so that it doesn’t cost millions of dollars to run for office. But most of all, we need our wealthy to man up and pick up their fair share of the burden we are all under (after all, we did just collectively bail them out). What we do not need is for our politicians to hold the economy hostage while they strip us of our hard-won social services. After all, first class or the bilges, if the ship sinks, we all go down.

At least half of the country, having read this, would call me a socialist. I would counter that the people who shout “socialist” the loudest are those who have forgotten how to share. Sharing is one of the first lessons we teach children. We are constantly insisting on children sharing. If a little boy refuses to share, we say that’s a selfish little boy, or even a bad little boy, who raised him that way? I do not understand how a lesson so fundamental in our upbringing is all but forgotten when it comes to politics.

What is even more mind boggling is that, unlike the child who gains little more from sharing than gratitude, praise, and perhaps a warm fuzzy feeling, the ultra rich have so much more to gain than our collective esteem. By sharing their wealth, they make us all wealthier. When Americans get more money, they spend more money. When Americans spend money, the rich make money off the investments they’ve made. Inversely, when the rich refuse to share, when we run out of money, businesses shut down, investments are lost. Yet this is not the worst.

How many people, unemployed and deprived of benefits, hungry and without access to food stamps, sick and unable to receive care, are just going to sit and wait to die? Starving people are angry people. Desperate people will do almost anything, for they have nothing to lose. In the face of a massive mob of malcontents, the only way to protect private property will be a police state. And then, my fellow citizens, the United States of America, that last great hope, that beacon for the world, will flicker and die.

[-] 1 points by AlanO (52) 11 years ago

So many miss the obvious which you have stated here.

I could only add to this with the following:

Back in 2004, we allowed for the "repatriation" of offshore profits sitting in tax havens like the Cayman Islands, because these "job creators" were at that time doing exactly what they are doing right now.

The republican promise back then, was that giving these people that "tax holiday" would get them to invest that money into the economy through job creation, and economic growth. Except that never happened.

And now they want us to do it again:


How many times will we be expected to allow this to happen? Every time they threaten to hold the economy hostage? Every time they promise to "create jobs" during economic hard times?

Bullshit. This should NEVER be allowed again. They either pay the 35% they're obligated to pay, or let it sit and rot forever in their offshore paradise. If 8.75% can create jobs and spur economic growth, just imagine what the 35% they're supposed to pay could create.

Just for perspective, they were sitting on $362billion in 2004, for which they paid 5.25%, and didn't create a single job. Not one. This time, the figure is over 4 times that amount. Currently standing at $1.5trillion.

Screw that. Don't let them bring it in at anything less than the 35% they're supposed to pay.

[-] 1 points by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

Hear hear! The crimes done by statistical manipulation are mind boggling at times!

[-] 1 points by doingsomething (50) from Raeford, NC 11 years ago

Very well said, thank you for taking the time to write and post it.

[-] 1 points by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL 11 years ago

Thank you very much! I'd be delighted if you'd join my facebook group Common Nonsense. Its a disparate group, so we've got a variety of perspectives looking at a variety of issues with a common desire to make sense of the situations we're now facing.