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Forum Post: Jennifer Fox Seattle Washington

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 22, 2011, 9:32 p.m. EST by Violetarojo (119) from Washington, DC
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To anyone who thinks that Jennifer Fox is somehow responsible for the death of her unborn child because she was marching in Seattle and standing up for what she believes in while pregnant.

One is in harms way even within the safety of their own home. How dare you act as if because she is pregnant she has no right to live, shame on her for not staying home and knitting until the birth of her child. Jennifer was participating in a peaceful assembly as is her right to do and guaranteed by The Charters of Freedom, Amendment One. I just re-read to be sure that it did not state, ‘except pregnant women’. It is the police that are acting unlawfully and using blunt force and mace as weapons against nonviolent protesters. I was abducted when I was sixteen years old as I was getting off of a bus. I endured unspeakable horrors things that even your mind can not begin to imagine, by Gods grace I am here today. Oh wait a minute, I recall I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and converse high-tops at the time, oh to make it worse I was in San Francisco. I get it, it was my fault for being an under aged teenage girl, running wild on the streets of San Francisco. I asked for it.



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