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Forum Post: I've said it before and I'll keep saying it

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 6:18 p.m. EST by Jaxter (4)
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It is foolish to take to the streets, voice your grievances and yet not articulate any unified demands with real consequences if those demands aren't met. Basically it's shouting, "We're angry over a bunch of wrong stuff these guys are doing and we want change but we refuse to agree on what change we want". WTF?!

If anyone thinks that someone in congress or the senate will reign in these thieves because we've taken to the streets they're living in a fantasy world. Our so-called “representatives” are nothing more than meat-puppets who dance at the ends of their corporate masters purse strings and both parties are equally as culpable for handing over control of the economy to their benefactors. Even the Obama Administration through the Justice Department (DOJ) is pressuring all fifty states attorneys general (AGs) to give the banksters blanket immunity for any and all crimes in exchange for a $20B federal civil settlement. Again it begs the question, “WTF”?!

Robo-signing, one crime of which we are currently aware is felony forgery to take real property. When it’s done across state lines it’s interstate wire fraud which is a federal felony. When it’s done in multiple boiler rooms it qualifies as a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO). The DOJ and all of the state AGs are aware of these crimes and there is not a single investigation. It is ludicrous to believe that any of these criminals in $10,000 suits will EVER be prosecuted.

So if we want justice it can only come as “just us”. We can show these crooks and their enablers in public office that we actually have the real power but it means getting a collective spine, standing up as one and hitting these guys where it hurts the most – their wallets.

We, the 99%, should demand that by 28 Oct 2012, the anniversary of Black Friday, the crash of 1929 that the banks do the following or we will simply stop paying our mortgages, credit cards and loans:

  1. BANKING: Free personal checking accounts with deposits and debits credited the day they occur rather than sit on deposits to make someone overdrawn so as to stick them with fees and penalties and the elimination of all ATM / debit card related fees.

  2. CREDIT CARDS: Permanently lower credit card interest rates to 7% and eliminate all fees.

  3. STUDENT LOANS: Reduce all student loan interest permanently to 3.25% and extend them by ten years.

  4. FIRST MORTGAGES: Reduce all first mortgage principals to actual current market values, extend the loan by ten years and permanently drop the interest rate to 3.25%.

  5. SUBORDINATE MORTGAGES: Strip any and all subordinate mortgages if they, combined with the first mortgage, exceed the true market value of the home.

What can they do? Foreclose on every house in the country? Call and harass every one with a credit card or loan? India could never stand-up that many call centers. They'd be completely powerless for once and would go into full panic mode and do so quickly as their friends in congress and the senate could do absolutely nothing to turn the cash spigot back on. They'd know the fear of the impending loss of everything just as they caused countless millions.

Exposed breasts, costumes, strumming guitars and a general party atmosphere only serve to entertain the 1% and give their media mouthpieces ammunition to demean and belittle the occupation and its participants. Direct, non-violent economic warfare is all the 1% understands as money is their lives, their world and their god. Take away the money and they will capitulate to our demands in short order.

Until we, the 99%, are willing to unite and collectively turn off the cash spigot that flows from the bottom up they will continue to laugh from their penthouse offices, limousines, mansions and country clubs viewing us as nothing more as willing sheep to be slaughtered.



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