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Forum Post: It's Your Job To Consider ALL The Evidence... Funny, Absurd And Horrifying Truth.

Posted 8 years ago on July 25, 2012, 9:38 a.m. EST by Koivenen (5)
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Pawns in the game. Have a listen to William Guy Carr ~ you'll be glad you did....

The rabbit hole is deep.

Magic is not magick.

It is manipulation.

It is illusion.

Your participation is delusion.

Evil paints with lies.

Lies made to glow like televisions and fire.

We sleep through the nightmare in the making.

We laugh at our own demise.

Our evolution mutated by lies.

Fooled time and time again like a dog and a fake stick toss. Black, white, grey or rainbow we are imprisoned in this prism, spectators of this spectrum.

Children in awe of this spectacle.

Time to grow up and be the individual greatness that God made you to be.

The collective sucks off your life force as vampire and parasites do.

The magic is in your own empowerment.

Quit the club, be the club.

A club of one.


If the TV asks you to feel… to react… Do not.




Look for the strings.

Look behind the curtain.




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