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Forum Post: It's the Congress Stupid!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 11, 2011, 7 p.m. EST by trickledownsucks (2) from Festus, MO
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Money in politics. Solve that issue and everything else takes care of itself. Imagine...Congress and the White House working together, having the freedom to solve problems without having to worry about their next campaign contribution...working only for the satisfaction of serving the American people.



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[-] 1 points by Publius (21) from Washington, DC 12 years ago

I think you are right, money in politics is a huge problem. I live in D.C. and the problem is only getting worse. Politicians can't focus on serving the public when they must raise endless amounts of money every couple years to fight for their jobs.

[-] 1 points by NintyNiner (93) 12 years ago

Amen trickle!!! Politicians need better rules to follow to prevent lobbying! We tax payers should also fund important elections, so the best person wins and not the one with the most money!!! The movement needs at least these 2 demands!!! Politicians need to be fair and keep it BALANCED for all and not start class warfare! Unlikely but they all need fired so we can start over, but next time they work for everyone and not favor one group over another. Write it down and pass the word!!!

This is what I want first then I want the Politicians to fix it! Plane and simple!

[-] 1 points by bhogue (7) 12 years ago

You are so right! If campaign contributions are pooled and split between candidates then there won't be any contributions. Each candidate should be allowed equal time in the media to state their platform. It's the least the media could do for the people.

[-] 1 points by WhyIsTheCouchAlwaysWet (316) from Lexington, KY 12 years ago

Seconded. Get private money out of government.