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Forum Post: It's all falling apart ...

Posted 2 years ago on July 12, 2012, 8:41 p.m. EST by elf3 (3206)
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Will the captains of industry go down with the ship ? The average American family struggles, works, plays by Wall Street rules, adheres to FICO, and the Credit Bureaus (almost sounds like a government agency doesn't it?), pays their taxes, and interest on loans, works ten times as hard for half the pay they made 10 years ago, puts off having children, tries to get educated, balances their checkbooks, reigns in spending, utilities, cars, and rent or mortgage, watches jobs go overseas, watches unions go the way of the dodo, pays EXORBITANT costs for groceries and oil/ gas, and shells out even more for cable and telecom (our forms of modern communication). Watches all our money go to large connected companies, watches monopolies reap the benefits of food stamps while they berate Americans who can't get jobs or good pay even as they are the ones laying them all off. Why are we putting up with this - why are we letting a few monopolies rule American life and ruin the quality and standard of living in this once great nation? We can change this - we do not have to accept it - do you want to wait on hold for hours to negotiate your life with someone who hangs up on you? Do you want to pay all of your money on things that simply cost what they do because they are operated by a few huge conglomerates who can charge whatever they want to. Do we want to accept supreme court rulings that mandate fines on working citizens who pool their money so it can be filtered through a private and one of the most profitable industries who thinks it's better if you die then to treat you and who dictates to your doctor how they can choose to treat you? Do we want a private corporation to track how our corporate lords will determine our value and worthiness so they can still lend to us but charge us a higher rate for our so called "sins" (at least we have knowledge of the ten commandment while FICO remains locked away like a scroll. The course of human history has not lead us this far so we can bow down to a clown in a striped suit that slaughters animals in grotesque ways - fills up the meat with fillers and chemicals and hides all the ugliness and pollution away behind some meaningless slogan. We are smarter than this. Life, evolution, god - whatever it is out there has not taken us this far to watch us wither away under the heel of a golf shoe or penny loafer on a putz who values prostitutes wearing fake tits, yachts, and Mercedes, more than human life more than the American way of life. We look at Saudi princes