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Forum Post: "ism"s create Schisms

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 12, 2011, 7:39 p.m. EST by riethc (1149)
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I'm tired of hearing people talk about Capitalism vs. Socialism. As far as I am concerned, Socialism fully implemented, leads to oppression by the state and Capitalism, fully implemented, leads to oppression by the rich. Truth is, these theoretical states of Capitalism and Socialism have never fully existed in any system, and will never fully exist. Saying these "ism"s are like saying Upism vs. Downism: you never fully are "up" and you never fully are "down", it's only in relation to where you are at the moment.

So rather that waste our time with "ism"s, why don't we focus on American solutions, which means digging through our past, seeing what works and what can be applied to our current situation, shall we?



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[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 6 years ago


and i have posted assorted threads saying the same thing.

please check them out.




According to a 2008 article by David Rothkopf, the world’s 1,100 richest people have almost twice the assets of the poorest 2.5 billion (Rothkopf, 2008). Aside from the obvious problem – that this global elite has their hands in everything from politics to financial institutions – …





To the extent that we, the people, are removed from control over our lands, marketplaces, central banks, and media we are no longer empowered. In practice, those few who do control the land, central bank, media and "free market" are the real rulers of our corrupt and declining "democracy."

Due to propaganda from a corporate-owned and edited media we are kept from knowing, much less debating, the nature of our system. Due to a central bank owned by bankers, media owned by a few global concerns, and trade regime controlled by global corporations (i.e., one designed to remove the people from control over their markets and environments) the vast majority have become little more than latter-day serfs and neo-slaves upon a corporate latifundia.

To restore a semblance of effective democracy and true freedom Americans, and people around the world, need to re-educate themselves as to the true nature of their political and economic systems. Toward this end, OligarchyUSA.com is dedicated to providing old and new information, books, links, reform ideas and debates not easily found or accessed today in establishment media.

OligarchyUSA.com is but one more site and sign of the times as ground-up counter-revolutions arise around the world... all in response to a forced and freedomless globalization of a ruling global elite perfecting their top-down plutocracy and revolutions of the rich against the poor. In short, democracy is no longer effective today. For this reason, it is toward a restoration of truly effective and representative democracies, and natural freedom, that this site is dedicated.