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Forum Post: Is this what the protest is made of?

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 4:33 p.m. EST by OLLAG (84)
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I found a typical protestor...are you all like this?

(after i posted about getting money by business)

[-] LaughinWillow 1 points 1 week ago OHHHHH - you can just "get money!" Wow. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that I could just go "get money" - this will solve all my problems! ↥like ↧dislike reply permalink

[-] OLLAG 1 points 1 week ago yeah. If you got good grades and got into college you would now you could. And you know how to spell! :-) ↥like ↧dislike reply edit delete permalink

[-] LaughinWillow 1 points 5 days ago Strange. I have a master's degree, but have never found that it allowed me to simply "get money." ↥like ↧dislike reply permalink

[-] OLLAG 1 points 0 minutes ago A master's degree from were a community college? Don't criticize what i said because you have never tried it and i have and it worked so come back and comment when you have tried it. This is a typical protestor trashing people who make suggestions because they don't want to work.



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