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Forum Post: Is the US Fed and Treasury and the Bank of England virus going to infect Europe or has the process already advanced?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 1:30 p.m. EST by ohmygoodness (158)
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Tim Geithner is in Europe and will be attending the top European summit this Friday.

Please recall the unelected interim leaders of Italy and Greece and the incoming president of the European Central Bank or ECB are like Tim Geithner all ex-Goldman Sachs.

The virus is contagious with regards to lack of transparency, sovereign debt money, big bank bailouts and bank executive bonuses, social injustices.....



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[-] 1 points by ubercaput (175) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

You have no idea how this works over there. Of course the persons elected are loyal to their oath. This is not America. When you quit Goldman Sachs and then join the government you are not loyal to them anymore.

It is true that Greece and Italy are now governed by well-respected specialists from their nations. There were no new elections yet but they were voted by a parliament majority, and they are the right persons for it. When your ship sails into the harbour you take a pilot on board. I don't doubt a second that these persons are the right ones in the current situation.

[-] 1 points by ohmygoodness (158) 12 years ago

Remember there are "distinguished" people all over the world who are held in respect for the wrong reasons; it is known that good and competent people have been corrupted too.

I do hope you are right, time will tell. This time the ship is on stormy seas and we hope they will bring the ship back to anchor in peace, stability and social justice.

[-] 1 points by ubercaput (175) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

Mario Monti has a great track record as a EU-Antitrust Commissioner. I trust him 300 times more than Bunga-Bunga-Berlusconi and his party. He is one of the persons very much respected outside Italian politics and a professor in economics. He is the right person.

And Greece, watch their political class, look how irresponsible they reacted.